Chee Soon Juan Vs Murali -Bukit Batok SME election 2020 Prediction using 奇门遁甲

Bukit Batok SME election 2020 Prediction using 奇门遁甲

Question asked: With Chee Soon Juan win Bukit Batok election 2020

Based on the chart, an indepth analysis what likely to happen.

Box 4 is the answer – 天芮加景门:才情卓越,大智若愚小吉(Slight positive)

Looking further on CSJ and Murali birthdate, CSJ is at box 4 and i have circled it under (CSJ), the sign is the same box with box 4, indicate a good indication.

Murali is in box 2

Box 4 is wood
Box 2 is earth

According to the 5 elements, wood controls earth, meaning that outcome is able to “control” murali in this case. Although CSJ is also earth (己), palace 4 (The outcome) is together with him.

On palace 4, looking at the 十干克应 – 壬加辛 = 因辛金入辰水之墓,故名为腾蛇相缠,纵得吉门,亦不能安宁,若有谋望,被人欺瞒。There could be an element of “deception in this box 4”

In order for Chee Soon Juan to win this Bukit Batok Election, (The answer is also in box 4) he will need to do strategic planning, meaning that he will need to look at a bigger picture, controls his temper{景门), not be impulsive in this election and decision making, if he acts towards this direction, he will likely to have very marginal win for Bukit Batok SMC. If not Murali will win.

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