5 Elements Career & Jobs in (Feng Shui) 2022,2023,2024,2025 & 2026

Looking for a suitable career element in 2022,2023,2024,2025 & 2026, whether you are looking for wood, metal, water, earth of fire elements, belong are some recommended jobs and career for you.

Career for 5 Elements, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth & Metal.

Wood Element Career, Jobs & Industries

Timber, forestry, plastics, interior design, furniture’s, woodwork, paper, florists, textile, fashion, tailor, rubber, pale oil, culture, artist, publishers, writing, copywriting, editor, teacher, police force, principal, bookstores, agriculture, civil servants, healthcare, plantation, fruits.

Water Element Career, Jobs & Industries

Tea house, wine, beverages, chemical, pharmacy, fish farming, fishing equipment, aquarium, plumbing, laundry, marine, clean water, aquaculture, water sports, tourism, transport, travel, hotel, logistics, sports, magic, detectives, reporter, trading, import and export, all service line, including lawyers, agents, consultation, accounting, art and dance, show businesses, singing.

Fire Element Career, Jobs & Industries

Lighting, LED lights, electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, computer, IT, videos, advertising, marketing, videos, chef, cooking, food, hair salon, cooking gas suppliers, welding engineering, optical, arts, glass, general merchandise, shopping, retailers, online shopping, ecommerce website, psychologists, orator, manufacturing, factories, military, designing.

Metal Element Career, Jobs & Industries

Jewelry industry, such as gold, silver. Aluminum, steels, metal processing, steel product, tin, finance, banking, insurance, wealth planning, future trading, hardware supplies, supply of machinery, selling or manufacturing of watches, keys, automobile, car sales or rental. Judge, legal professional such as lawyer, litigation, scientist.

Earth Element Career, Jobs & Industries

Property agent, land, civil engineering, building materials, marble, tiles, animal farming, farming, horticulture, fertilizer, natural resources, ceramics, mining ,antiques, archaeologists, waterproof materials, secretaries, minimart, constructions.

Many people believes that the 5 elements Feng Shui, when used correctly, will bring better wealth, health and harmony to themselves and the families. However, Feng Shui and 5 elements is 2 different subject all together and it can be pretty confusing as different school of Feng Shui, Bazi and Qimen Dunjia masters who learn different Chinese metaphysics gets the basic wrong the in 5 elements Feng Shui.

The 5 types of Elements in Feng Shui

In fact, the 5 elements applies to health, bazi, Feng Shui and Qimen Dun Jia, where the 5 elements are: Wood, Fire, Water, Earth and metal.






The Concept of 5 Elements Feng Shui

As long as the different elements are in HARMONY, it will generate better energy. Every PERSON belongs to one ELEMENT out of the 5 elements.

The Feng Shui five different elements are : Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.

You can only belong to ONE element.

You need to have a BALANCED in the energy.

Once you identify your element, you will be able to determine how strong or how weak your element is:

If your main element of the 5 element in feng shui is weak, you will need to same element to help and “produce” you. For example, if you are a weak earth, you will need more earth element to make your earth more balanced.

If your main element of the 5 elements in feng shui strong, you will need a element that you are able to produce to make your energy balanced (lesser). For example, if you are a strong earth, you will need metal elements that you will be producing so that to reduce your strong energy in earth. I it is about balancing.

If you have a balanced SINGLE element, you will need a producing element to make your element more energy. For example, if you are a balanced earth in the 5 elements of Feng Shui, you will need fire element to help you.

The word is called balanced of energy.

The Relationship between the 5 elements Feng Shui

A producing cycle

Wood – Produce Fire, controls earth

Water – Produce Wood, controls Fire

Fire – Produce earth, controls metal

Earth – Produce metal, controls water

Metal – Produce Water, controls wood

A controlled cycle

Trivial Matters!

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