5 Elements Career, Jobs & Business in (Feng Shui)

Looking for a suitable career element, whether you are looking for wood, metal, water, earth of fire elements, belong are some recommended jobs, career and business for you.

Career, Jobs and Business for 5 Elements, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth & Metal.

Wood Element Career, Jobs, Business & Industries

Timber, forestry, plastics, interior design, furniture’s, woodwork, paper, florists, textile, fashion, tailor, rubber, pale oil, culture, artist, publishers, writing, copywriting, editor, teacher, police force, principal, bookstores, agriculture, civil servants, healthcare, plantation, fruits. Planting, Farming, Gardening Business, Landscaping, woodcraft, wood furniture, Medical, Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, Herbal Food, Healer, Herbalist. Books Paper Industry, Bookstore, and Librarian. Teacher, Lecturer, and Professor. Arts and Artistic industry.

Other wood industry career can be involved in raw natural material (lumber, cotton, leather, etc.), biology, herbal medicine, natural food, nursery, office supplies, design (interior, exterior, fashion, art, illustration, software, web, cartoon, animation, etc.), photography, astrology, charity, religion, culture and education, mentoring, psychiatry, wooden tools, wooden furniture, garment, paper craft, books and newspapers, handicrafts, bamboo and rattan, medicinal ingredients, medical therapy.

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Water Element Career, Jobs, Business & Industries

Tea house, wine, beverages, chemical, pharmacy, fish farming, fishing equipment, aquarium, plumbing, laundry, marine, clean water, aquaculture, water sports, tourism, transport, travel, hotel, logistics, sports, magic, detectives, reporter, trading, import and export, all service line, including lawyers, agents, consultation, accounting, art and dance, show businesses, singing. Tour Guide, Travel Agency, diplomat. Shipping Plumber, Aquarium Business, Water Filter Business, Pub, Maid Agency, manpower Supply, recruitment agencies. Media related career or industry, Reporter, Newscaster.

Some other water industry business you can go into are semi-conductor, laser, fuel, gas or oil company, firearm, firework, cigarette, photography, movie production, beauty maker, light manipulator, stove, oven, baker, charcoal, barber, makeup, cosmetology, technology art, machining.

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Fire Element Career, Jobs, Business & Industries

Lighting, LED lights, electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, computer, IT, videos, advertising, marketing, videos, chef, cooking, hair salon, cooking gas suppliers, welding engineering, optical, arts, glass, general merchandise, shopping, retailers, online shopping, ecommerce website, psychologists, orator, manufacturing, factories, military, designing. Electrical and Electronic related career or industry: Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Electronic Shops and Mobile Phone Shop, Computer Programmer, Network and Multimedia, Information Technology, Graphic Designer. Fashion and Beauty related career or industry: Fashion Designer, Departmental Store. Food, Restaurant, Café, Canteen.

Other fire industries jobs and career you can get involved are, glass/crystal manufacture, medicine and health care, cashier, human resources, professional consulting (such as an attorney), and personal services (such as moving, cleaning), irrigation, aquatic products, fishing gear (fishing gear), swimmers, motels, frozen, salvage, fireman.

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Metal Element Career, Jobs, Business & Industries

Jewelry industry, such as gold, silver. Aluminum, steels, metal processing, steel product, tin, finance, banking, insurance, wealth planning, future trading, hardware supplies, supply of machinery, selling or manufacturing of watches, keys, automobile, car sales or rental. Judge, legal professional such as lawyer, litigation, scientist.

Some other interesting industries for metals are mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, transportation equipment (automobile, ship, bike, etc.), health care equipment, police, guard, martial art, surgeon, technicians, appliances, military, security, internet network, the financial industry, music instruments, TV, video games, watches, cutlery, molds, casting, vehicles, jewelry stores, pawn shops, securities, banking, insurance, martial arts.

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Earth Element Career, Jobs, Business & Industries

Property agent, land, civil engineering, building materials, marble, tiles, animal farming, farming, horticulture, fertilizer, natural resources, ceramics, mining ,antiques, archaeologists, waterproof materials, secretaries, minimart, constructions. Gardener, Mining business, Archeologist, Gemstone Trading, Marble Business, and Pottery.. Land and Estate Development, Architect, Civil Engineer, Developer, Real Estate, Land Banking, Contractor, Building firm, Renovator. Farming, Recycling and metaphysics.

Other Earth related industries and jobs are landscaping, nursery/gardening, demolition, warehousing, sports like track racing and rock climbing, burial, funeral services, minerals, cegment, agriculture and livestock, architecture, earthworks work, fodder production. Relatively stable occupations such as opening shops, sand warehouses.

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The Five Element, in-depth Details

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, all things on earth are born from the five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In this article of the Definition of Five Elements & the Five States of Change in Qi Men Dun Jia “The Five Elements in Qi Men Dun Jia“, you will have a better understanding of the concept, personality, characteristics, and meaning of each element in the Five Elements.

A General Overview of The Five Elements

1. Metal Meaning & Definition

Metal represents autumn. Metal color represented by white color and other representation, rounded fonts, round shape, metallic display, metallic sound (wind chimes).

This element symbolizes power, and solid objects have the ability to contain, things that are pure, collected, and brought down. On the other hand, Metal is also a conductor. When Metal is positive, it can be a good source of information, shrewd ideas, and justice. When Metal is negative, it can be destructive, dangerous, and distressing.It can be said that Metal is both a beautiful and precious item, but it can also be a sword.

Metal personality: This is an extremely domineering and determined person. They dedicate themselves to pursuing money and ambition. People with Metal destiny are good organizers, they are independent and happy with their own achievements. Because of their belief in their own abilities, they are less flexible even though they are promoted because of change. This is the kind of person who is serious and does not accept help easily. Metal people, like everyone else, have a positive and negative side. When positive, they are strong, intuitive, and charismatic; when negative, they are rigid, melancholy, and serious.

The colors representing the element of Metal are white and gray. All metals, round shapes, domes, metal utensils, doors and steps, kitchen utensils, white, gray, silver, and gold, copper coins, and clocks belong to the element of Metal.

2. Wood Metal Meaning & Definition

Wood is the representative form of spring, the growth of trees and plant life. They develop upward and outward. Wood are representation of growing, upward, progress. Color representation will be Green color. Other representation will be rectangle, thin narrow font, long and vertical objects, plant with leaves and stem.

Because it is viewed under the image of a tree, Wood’s energy is prolific, nurturing, and flexible.

Wood personality: This is an altruistic and energetic person. People with many ideas and an outgoing personality are loved and supported by many people. They have imaginations that are sometimes far from reality. The positive sides of this person are that they have an artistic nature and work enthusiastically. On the contrary, the negative side is impatient people, easily angered, often abandoning work.

Wood represents green, herbs, wooden furniture, paper, pillars, decorations, and landscape paintings.

3. Water Meaning & Definition

Water is a characteristic of winter, means movements, intelligence with creativity; always moving; deep and powerful; cleansing. Colors are Blue or black,. Other represents for water elements are wavy, cursive fonts, curve object, water feature, fish tank

Water personality: This is a person with diplomatic talent, good communication skills, and a talent for persuading others. They are people who are open to hearing what others have to say.People with Water destiny also have good intuition and are good at negotiation. Flexibility and adaptability, seeing things as a whole, are also characteristics of them.

The colors representing the element Water are black and blue. Rivers, streams, ponds, mirrors, glass, meandering lines, fountains, are all things that belong to this element.

4. Fire Meaning & Definition

Fire represents summer, fire and heat.

Fire is directed upwards. Things that have a thermogenic property. On the positive side, Fire represents honor and justice; on the negative side, Fire symbolizes aggression and war.

Fire personality: This is a person who loves action and often takes leadership roles. They manipulate others and often get into trouble because they don’t like the rules and ignore the consequences. The positive side of this person is that he has a sense of humor and passion. On the contrary, they are easily hasty, take advantage of others, and do not care much about emotions. This will be the negative side of Fire people.

Representing the element Fire has four colors, respectively: red, orange, purple, and pink. In addition, there are images of the sun, candles and triangles, handicrafts, and pictures of the sun and fire. Fire represent heat; warmth; illumination; exuberance; beauty. Other representation are triangle shape, lighting, electrical appliances, burning candle and angular fonts.

5. Earth Meaning & Definition

Earth is a biochemical thing that has the effect of transmitting and absorbing. It is only about the environment that nurtures, nurtures and develops, where all living things live. Earth nurtures, supports, and interacts with other planets. When positive, the Earth signifies fairness, wisdom, and instinct, while negative, the Earth creates suffocation or preoccupation with non-existent difficulties.

Earth can represent: steadfastness, solid, firm, dependability, nurturing, trustworthiness and reliable. Color representation are Khaki brown, yellow, brown. Other representation for earth are square, rectangle shape, porcelain objects, soil, square fonts.

Earth personality: This is a supportive and loyal person. They are also a strong support for the people around them because they are very persistent when helping others. Furthermore, by being patient and steadfast, they develop inner strength. The positive side is that they are very loyal, patient, and dependable. And the negative is that they will be prejudiced and have a tendency to “find the hair”.

Earth is represented by the colors brown and yellow. Besides, clay, brick, crockery, concrete, stone, and square also belong to this element.

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The Five Element Relationships

What is a Producing relationship?

A Producing relationship is one in which this mutualistic process repeats endlessly.

The relationship begins with the water nourishing and growing the plants (Water produces Wood). Wood helps to create fire (Wood produces Fire) and fire burns to ashes and becomes earth (Fire produces Earth). Next is the metal that will be found in the soil when excavated (Earth produces Metal). Finally, during condensation, the metal will absorb water (Metal produces Water). However, the energy of the receiver will be increased while the energy of the giver will decrease.

In conclusion. 

  • Water produces Wood.
  • Wood produces Fire.
  • Fire produces Earth.
  • Earth produces Metal.
  • Metal produces Water.
A producing cycle

What is a clashing relationship?

The relationship of incompatibility will be similar to the law of compatibility. The process of incompatibility is also cyclical, again and again.

The relationship begins with water putting out fire (Water clashes with Fire). The second is the fire that melts metal (Fire clashes with Metal) and metal cuts wood (Metal clashes with Wood). Next, the tree crosses the earth (Wood clashes with Earth). Finally, soil holds water in a dam or natural reservoir (Earth clashes with Water). Note that in this relationship, the receiver will lose a lot of energy.

In conclusion.

  • Water clashes with Fire.
  • Fire clashes with Metal.
  • Metal clashes with Wood.
  • Wood clashes with Earth.
  • Earth clashes with Water.
A clashing cycle

It is very important to understand the relationship, or in other words, the interaction between factors. What factors are compatible and support each other? What factors are incompatible, even hindering each other’s development? This is the foundational knowledge for learners to apply to the Qi Men Dun Jia chart, thereby finding suitable solutions to develop their Five Elements in issues such as health, wealth, and health, finance, career, relationships, etc.

Many people believes that the 5 elements Feng Shui, when used correctly, will bring better wealth, health and harmony to themselves and the families. However, Feng Shui and 5 elements is 2 different subject all together and it can be pretty confusing as different school of Feng Shui, Bazi and Qi men Dun jia masters who learn different Chinese metaphysics could gets the basic concept wrong the in 5 elements.

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