Bazi Elements 101

Wood Element Career And Jobs

Timber, forestry, plastics, interior design, furniture’s, woodwork, paper, florists, textile, fashion, tailor, rubber, pale oil, culture, artist, publishers, writing, copywriting, editor, teacher, police force, principal, bookstores, agriculture, civil servants, healthcare, plantation, fruits.

Water Element Career And Jobs

Tea house, wine, beverages, chemical, pharmacy, fish farming, fishing equipment, aquarium, plumbing, laundry, marine, clean water, aquaculture, water sports, tourism, transport, travel, hotel, logistics, sports, magic, detectives, reporter, trading, import and export, all service line, including lawyers, agents, consultation, accounting, art and dance, show businesses, singing.

Earth Element Career And Jobs

Property agent, land, civil engineering, building materials, marble, tiles, animal farming, farming, horticulture, fertilizer, natural resources, ceramics, mining ,antiques, archaeologists, waterproof materials, secretaries, minimart, constructions.

Fire Element Career And Jobs

Lighting, LED lights, electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, computer, IT, videos, advertising, marketing, videos, chef, cooking, food, hair salon, cooking gas suppliers, welding engineering, optical, arts, glass, general merchandise, shopping, retailers, online shopping, ecommerce website, psychologists, orator, manufacturing, factories, military, designing.

Metal Element Career And Jobs

Jewelry industry, such as gold, silver. Aluminum, steels, metal processing, steel product, tin, finance, banking, insurance, wealth planning, future trading, hardware supplies, supply of machinery, selling or manufacturing of watches, keys, automobile, car sales or rental. Judge, legal professional such as lawyer, litigation, scientist.