The 20 Seconds Courage that Makes The Difference.

This afternoon I had the privilege to watch the movie We Bought a Zoo by Matt Damon together with my wife and two lovely boys, Teddy and Scott.

After watching the show, it made me think about the things I have done previously that made the difference as to where I am now and the richness I have acquired during the last 20 years.

I was a shy and quiet boy by nature when I was young, but I did have plenty of aspirations and big dreams like many others: dreaming to get married to a stunning wife, becoming a millionaire, and traveling to countries I would love to visit.

It is a beautiful dream, and many people desire to have these things. Sad to say, most people will live their lives in quiet desperation and never reach their dreams entirely.

After watching the movie, it inspired me to share some of the secrets that really make a difference between whether you will be moving towards your dreams or live in desperation your whole life. (Do watch the movie if you have not done so!)

The Courage To Do the Outrageous

In every business and industry, I have been a part of, I have never engaged in NORMAL business or have done NORMAL activities that are generally considered NORMAL.

You see, the reason is very simple: if you are doing something NORMAL, you will be perceived to be just another one of those in the market who is NORMAL, potential clients will never give their business to you.

can have better prices and services and many other things you can think of, but when you are just another one of the same, potential clients will NOT buy from you. PERIOD.

You really have to innovate, create, and do something that nobody DARES to do.

A very good example is that in Singapore, basically, NOBODY would have thought to share their secrets in the recruitment agency business.

I saw the “PROBLEM” and decided to share the secrets openly, so that it actually caught the market by surprise and shocked many big players, catching them off guard. What happened was that I become famous and infamous almost overnight.

People who understood the concepts in my manuals told me that their jaws dropped when they saw the secrets. Those who I trained personally said that the information and training that I shared with them within one month was much more than they learned from another company in 12 months!

Bosses who followed my strategies went from quiet desperation to insane exploration!

Insane Exploration

You see, when I trained people, there was a technique that is extremely potent. I used a very simple technique taught by Brian Tracy, which is called the 20/20 technique.

People who have learned from Brian Tracy before will more or less know what this 20/20 technique is, the idea is to ask a question on a problem and come up with 20 solutions every single day for 30 days, so in 30 days, you will have 600 potential solutions for a problem.

However, what I did was to dis-integrate the 20/20 in LENGTH and BREADTH. Brian Tracy’s 20/20 is good…err excuse me, it was good.

I turned it into a 20 CUBE technique, and with this 20 CUBE, the following happened:

  • I took 3 full days to train people on the 20 CUBE techniques.
  • People with self-limiting beliefs had to break out of this cycle entirely.
  • People had to raise their standard at least 300-500% higher than their current level.
  • They were able to generate more ideas, be more creative, and come up with things that they have never thought of before.
  • People realized and appreciated the power of teamwork within 1-2 hours.
  • They became more productive instantly
  • They were able to get an idea and go straight to the DEPTH by at least another 2 levels, whereas BRIAN TRACY had only covered the first level

Recharging every 3-4 hours

You see, most people out there are not motivated in what they are doing; they just follow the routines, make a living, and live life normally.

Hence, when you are surrounded by people on such a level, you will not be motivated to do things.

You will have to put a POSITIVE battery in YOU every few hours so that you can stay POSITIVE and CHARGED.

How to recharge every 3-4 hours:

  • Read some motivational quotes or stories
  • Watch motivating movies or clips
  • Listen to motivating sounds or audio CDs

You will need to do it in the morning, at lunchtime, and after your work. This will keep you HIGHLY charged, so that you will be able to accomplish more towards your GOALS and DREAMS!

Wishing you SUCCESS in everything that you do. Cheers! Be different….


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