Enter Graves Meaning in Qi Men Dun Jia

Enter graves whereby the situation of a particular stems is actually entering into a situation of the lowest form of the energy.

This entergraves is always happening at the corner of the respective palace within the night palaces. So it will not be happening in the centre or at the side of it, it’s only at the very corner. All the stems itself will be happening in the top right hand corner or bottom hand corner or whichever respective corner it is.

So what does it really mean?

Entergraves and the graves is a situation whereby it represents something called mystery and it also represents something which struggling people are struggling inside. So in any event of this definition whereby you see that particular stem is entering a grave.

Is telling us that this situation that we are entering into, it could be mysterious struggling, it could be unknown.

So there will be a big question mark regarding this situation, this enter grave also happens on the heavenly stems and the earthly stems that mean either one of them being triggered is telling us there is something mysterious there.

There is something unknown going on or struggling going on. So we need to be very careful so what does it really mean if we have this room or integrate so it just gives us another layer of the information about this question that you asked.

And because of that this layer of information gives us more details about this situation but of course we can not be judgmental to say that once you solve the graves that means the whole situation is back.

No it’s not going to be like this so it’s going to be one of the reference factors that the question is asked and then from there we based on this enterprise to see that it will be under a situation of an unknown mysterious or even struggling situation. Never be so judgmental on that.

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