Voicebot and Chatbot Design

Flexible conversational interfaces with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger

Create conversational UIs using cutting-edge frameworks

Key Features

  • Build AI chatbots and voicebots using practical and accessible toolkits
  • Design and create voicebots that really shine in front of humans
  • Work with familiar appliances like Alexa, Google Home, and FB Messenger
  • Design for UI success across different industries and use cases

Book Description

We are entering the age of conversational interfaces, where we will interact with AI bots using chat and voice. But how do we create a good conversation? How do we design and build voicebots and chatbots that can carry successful conversations in in the real world?

In this book, Rachel Batish introduces us to the world of conversational applications, bots and AI. You’ll discover how – with little technical knowledge – you can build successful and meaningful conversational UIs. You’ll find detailed guidance on how to build and deploy bots on the leading conversational platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger.

You’ll then learn key design aspects for building conversational UIs that will really succeed and shine in front of humans. You’ll discover how your AI bots can become part of a meaningful conversation with humans, using techniques such as persona shaping, and tone analysis.

For successful bots in the real world, you’ll explore important use-cases and examples where humans interact with bots. With examples across finance, travel, and e-commerce, you’ll see how you can create successful conversational UIs in any sector.

Expand your horizons further as Rachel shares with you her insights into cutting-edge voicebot and chatbot technologies, and how the future might unfold. Join in right now and start building successful, high impact bots!

What you will learn

  • Build your own AI voicebots and chatbots
  • Use familiar appliances like Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger
  • Master the elements of conversational user interfaces
  • Key design techniques to make your bots successful
  • Use tone analysis to deepen UI conversation for humans
  • Create voicebots and UIs designed for real-world situations
  • Insightful case studies in finance, travel, and e-commerce
  • Cutting-edge technology and insight into the future of AI bots

Who this book is for

This book is for you, if you want to deepen your appreciation of UI and how conversational UIs – driven by artificial intelligence – are transforming the way humans interact with computers, appliances, and the everyday world around us. This book works with the major UI toolkits available today, so you do not need a deep programming knowledge to build the bots in this book: a basic familiarity with markup languages and JavaScript will give you everything you need to start building cutting-edge conversational UIs.

Table of Contents

  1. Conversational UI is our Future
  2. How Not to Build Your Next Chat and Voicebots
  3. Building a Killer Conversational App
  4. Designing for Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  5. Designing a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  6. Contextual Design – Can We Make a Bot Feel More Human?
  7. Building Personalities – Your Bot Can Be a Better Human
  8. A View into Vertical-Specific Bots – Financial Institutions
  9. Travel and E-Commerce Bots – Use Cases and Implementation
  10. Conversational Design Project – A Step-By-Step Guide
  11. Summary

About the Author

Rachel Batish is the co-founder and CRO of Conversation.one, the build-once deploy-everywhere platform for conversational apps, which leverages machine learning to maximize the interaction between people and devices. Rachel is responsible for the company’s sales and marketing strategies, and is actively involved in the product’s roadmap and in the growing voice community.

Prior to founding Conversation.one, Rachel founded Zuznow, an AI platform for building mobile apps, and led the company from $0 to $1 M in revenue.

Rachel has a BA in political science and an MA in international relations.

In this voice-first world, technology is changing so fast… and Rachel covers it all! She covers everything from definitions of basic voice user interface terms to tutorials on how to design effective conversation experiences. This is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to learn about the latest technology of conversational design.

Rachel is a preiminent thought leader in the conversational interface space. Rachel leverages her real world experience consulting enterprise companies at Conversation One and injects her actionable insights into this book. She expertly articulates easy to understand strategies, best practices, and methodologies. I highly recommend this book for novices and experts alike working in the chatbot/voice space.

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