Aircon not cold? Aircon servicing [$20 Only! No Kidding]

Is your aircon not cold and need cheap aircon servicing in Singapore, you come to the right place. At first, when I got this lobang, I could not believe myself also. This lobang was introduced to me after I had joined BNI Singapore Pinnicle chapter in the month of Oct 2018.

You see, the offer for aircon servicing was only $20 per unit, apparently my house has 4 units, so the total cost is only S$80.00 for 1 aircon servicing. Where can you find such lobang in Singapore? Outside charged for at least around $30-40 per unit though…

Of course, if your aircon servicing is only 1 unit, I don’t think it is possible to get $20 only ah. Transport and labor fee will not even cover…~~~

So if you are keen to get this best aircon servicing Singapore lobang at $20, do not hesitate to text me ah…Text me this message “Aircon servicing lobang needed” with your name, and I will send you the person in charge contact and arrange the service guys to connect with you. [Either way is okay]

Anyway, just to confirm that the price I know is $20 per unit (basing on 4 units) if the units is lesser, the price could be more though, please check with them again on this.

As for the services, rest assured that it is professional, the service staff are friendly and helps you to clean the aircon nice nice swee swee one ah, not to worry.

Okay, my number is 93880851, text me “Aircon servicing lobang needed” with your name, try not to call me please, usually, I am quite busy attending to my SEO services client or doing SEO coaching. Tks!


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