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Bazi Compatibility Analysis

Which is more powerful? Love at first sight, or compatibility?

Compatibility, obviously

Love at first sight might be fleeting but compatibility is forever.

Would you like to know you and your partner’s compatibility through Bazi? Understand your relationship better. Discover both your compatibility and understand the events unfolding in both your lives.

Why do things happen to both of you?

Nothing is coincident. Everything happens for a reason at the right opportune time.  Welcome the concept of Bazi and understand why things happen. 

With Bazi reading, you get the leverage of knowing your future spouse’s hidden trains. It’s up to you if you go ahead in life with him or not. It’s never too late. If you decide to pursue, you can adjust your bazi marriage compatibility chart. In so doing, you get to alter certain behavior with your partner.

Make bazi reading real. It is important to discover it only with a real Master Shifu; never from an online Bazi calculator or report.

Introducing Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi Compatibility Analysis

Many Bazi masters and Feng Shui masters fall into a common mistake. They base their readings on the elements of STEMS alone. This is their common mistake when calculating the relationships between two parties. This is contrary to Qi Men Dun Jia which analyzes the character in the palace and match it with Bazi. This is how calculation works when using Qi Men to determine compatibility. It can also foresee potential issues that will arise.

Wanna hear a good news?

Master Shifu Dougles Chan is here to review your Bazi and analyze your compatibility. Compatibility analysis using Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi may sound new. But the Master has learned his craft for quite a time.  Tested with over hundreds of cases for relationships, marriages, employers, employees, and friends. Master Shifu Dougles Chan mastered Qi Men Dun Jia. He as gained a surmountable knowledge and experience of the subject. With this, he can easily give you a detailed and in-depth compatibility analysis. This will give you the advantage of knowing ahead how you will fare in a relationship.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea whether a potential relationship is worth fighting for?

Through Qi Men Dun Jia compatibility analysis, you get to understand the Why’s.

Why is this happening?

When you know the answer to the question above, you can adjust your bazi compatibility chart. You can alter your behaviors accordingly to improve your interpersonal relationships. This is especially true with your special relationship with someone.

Listen to a real Master Shifu and never relyyour compatibility to an online calculator only. Or you will never get the answers to your Why’s.

Are you really willing to take that risk?

Wise advice: your answer should be NO.

How To Have Your Bazi Compatibility Analysis

To achieve very high accuracy of your Bazi compatibility analysis and report, you need to provide three things:

  1. Both (you and your partner) your dates of birth.
  2. Both your time of birth.
  3. Both your city of birth.

If you notice, both information about you and your partner is needed to conduct a Qimen Bazi analysis. (Check the meaning of Qimen) It is done by two’s or per partner.

The answers from these three data you will provide will identify the core character of a person. It likewise establishes both relationship and inter-link relationships.

What can you expect after every Bazi compatibility analysis?

The Master Shifu himself will generate an analysis report. He will provide his recommendations to you on how and what to do to improve your relationship.

You know what the real deal is?               

Having your Bazi compatibility analysis through a Master Shifu has its biggest benefit. You can request for a report to be done, a personal consultation via zoom session, or in person upon request.

Feel free to message Master Dougles Chan at +65-93880851 with your birth date, birth time and location of birth. Or you can email to admin