The Truth About Bazi Calculator

Are you using Bazi Calculator to read your Bazi? If you are, you ought to read this article related to Bazi reading using Bazi Calculator as I will cover a few important points on it as it will determine the accuracy and the bigger picture of the reading from the Bazi Calculator.

Bazi calculator is a great invention, to be very honest. But the objective is to speed up the process so that it can help to decipher and to read more peoples Bazi at a lighting speed and obviously for commercial reasons.

There are so many of such available platforms apps and tools available online related to Bazi reading using Bazi Calculator.

Basically, many of them are the same thing again using similar technology and idea, which many of the providers “copy” from one another or develop them from the same source or idea.

Here are some of the online Bazi Calculator that are available online:

  1. Bazi Calculator
  2. Free Bazi Calculator with Symbolic Stars by Janet Yung
  3. Bazi Calculator by Your Chinese Astrology
  4. Bazi Calculator by House of Feng Shui
  5. Bazi Calculaotr by FengShui Geomancy Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

Quick Bazi Reading using Bazi Calculator

For beginners who would like to have a very basic bazi reading, using a bazi calculator can satisfy your curiosity about who you are and what are, your luck and fortune.

It is interesting to read about what the bazi calculator can “chun” out, personally, I do used so of the bazi calculator and bazi apps to try them out and for the fun of it.

However, after a few rounds of trying them out, most of them are very “surface” and do not really add values to the users.

It a fun website, it is a fun app. That is all.

As there are many “types” of bazi reading from different school, it will also resulting in many confusing and contradict one another .

If you were to enter your birth date and time, you will likely get somewhat different type of answers from different websites and apps.

However, using bazi calculator The main problem of Bazi calculator is not read by a master that has the real experience on practical bazi readings.

Even an admin clerk can just click on the software and generate out any bazi of the person basing on the time and date of birth.

So let me be very honest and direct about it:

Bazi Calculator likely will not be very beneficial for people who are really using Bazi reading to change their life fot the better

For entertainment, probably it can serve the purposes.

Here are some insights I have researched and discovered and my personal experience about Bazi Reading online using Bazi Calculator.

1. Commercial Reasons 

Here is a secret some of my friends and clients will know, I used to came from the industry of IT and Marketing, which I am very good in the field. I also met with many people from different industries and one of them is the Feng Shui industry, yes, in the industry, they also help people to read Bazi for their client.

One of the things they would like me to do is to create a software – Bazi Calculator to allow users to key in their birth date and time so that it can generate a report from it within 2 seconds which is FREE.

And to have a more detailed report, the users need to pay a fee to get them. Basically, it is a set of formula based on time and date of birth and generate a report. Which is pretty easy to do as many of the data are available in the public domain. The interesting part of the game is that there will be always an “up-selling” elements to sell other items or services that will “help” the customers. And yes, it is all about money.

Nothing fancy, to earn morning from the users, which could be YOU.

Well, my point is, if the entire intention is about money, is the Feng Shui master really wanting to help you or help themselves? I am sure you know the answer. But of course, if you are willing to exchange the report of the bazi reading just from a computer bazi calculator, it will be your choice.

2. Did not Adjust the Birth Timing

Most of the Feng Shui Master actually do not know this about the wrong timing issue. Many Feng Shui masters who learned from their masters whether from China, Taiwan, Malaysia or Singapore, take it for granted that they ought to key in the date and time of the birth in their own country. In theory, in is correct, but practically, there is a major flaw in this. There is a need to calibrate the timing and adjust them accordingly basing on the country.

Take for example, in the year of 1901-2000 in Singapore, do you have any idea how many times the the clock had been adjusted due to war and political events? Do you know that if you are born on or after 1st Jan 1982, the actual birth timing needs to MINUS 1 hour 4 minutes 35 seconds?

This will likely change the entire reading of the report from the Bazi calculator!

As Bazi reading is always based on every 2 hours slot. That is one of the main problem about Bazi reading, if the Feng Shui master do not know about this, I believe many people, including yourself will not know about it.

3. No Exact Direction on What to Do

Everybody has their own uniqueness in terms of character. So by keying in your birthdate into the Bazi calculator and generate a bazi report automatically.

This bazi reading from the report that likely will not be very useful to you. These are just tools that’s not really give you a sense of direction or what to do how to do and when to do.

A Bazi Reading with a Bazi Calculator without a recommendation of what to do is consider to be pretty useless

In a Bazi reading, we will need to see the main characters of the person, be it good or bad and based on it to make recommendations to how to create a better life. That will be the most useful for a bazi reading, it is like a routemap of life, what to do, how to do and when to do.

4. Bazi Reading without a Bazi Master can be dangerous

Yes, it can be pretty dangerous, simply because you read the bazi report from the Bazi calculator may not mean you really understand what the report is telling you, in a actual bazi reading, a misinteperation can harm you more than to help you.

I can take 2-3 hours to read a person entire life in-depth using 奇门遁甲 Bazi and give recommendations on what are the things they need to do in life to make their life better and it needs to see many layers and directions. It is not so simple as a bazi calculator.

When reading a bazi report without a bazi master, you are not able to get the enlightenment from the bazi masters real experiences and sometimes those experience will actually be more useful than the textbook based answer.

My Recommendation

When you need a bazi reading, please ensure you look for someone who has some years of experiences, there are many free bazi reading available in the public, but most of them are not really useful, a real bazi reading can take some time to do and always remember this, the cheaper it goes and faster it generated, the lesser quality it likely will be.

Fast, cheap, good, seriously, you can only choose TWO

I wish you the best in LIFE and be happy always.

Dougles Chan