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Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. I am a Qimen teacher. Today, I am going to share with you how to find a nobleman. What is a nobleman? That means something called the 贵人. A lot of people have this misconception that 贵人 is actually somebody who is very rich or very powerful. In this context, a nobleman is somebody who may give you good advice or maybe push you to be better. They can also be children or noblemen. At the end of the day, do not assume that a nobleman is somebody who is rich and powerful. At the same time, in a person’s life, you can have a multiple of noblemen. It’s not just one person. There can be a lot of people around you. 

Based on a Qi Men Dun Jia chart for destiny reading, we are able to see where your noblemen are. From there, we can choose, select, and support the people that could be your noblemen in life, and maybe from there you’ll be able to make more friends who are in this category.

I will share with you a case study related to one of the people’s charts. From there, you will learn how to find a nobleman based on a Qimen chart.

To identify where the person is, we have to look at the Day Stem which is Ren.

We need to identify where Ren is in the nine palaces. Ren is in box 5 and box 8. But in Qimen (QMDJ) rules, anything in box 5 automatically goes to box 2.

So, in box 2, there is an invisible Ren. This case was in 1984, and this year is in 2022. It’s actually been over 40 years already. After 40 years old, he will be in box 8. We have to understand that we only need to take reference in box 8 as a form.

So, box 8 is about him. In this case, where is the nobleman? A lot of people have this conception that Zhi Fu, who is the Leader is actually a nobleman. Technically, it’s not wrong because this is what a lot of people are preaching. But the thing is that sometimes as a Leader (Zhi Fu),  he or she may not be able to produce you. Based on the five elements, if it’s able to produce you or even in harmony with you, it will be fine. But in this case, box 8 is Earth, the Leader (box 6) is Metal, and the person produces the Leader. That means he’s always making an effort to look for the leader. That means the leader is actually not coming to him. He will make a lot of effort to get the noblemen to be with them. It’s actually not a really fantastic case in this aspect. As a whole, the person is an Earth person, so I am looking for an element that is able to produce the person. So, we are looking at Fire which is in box 9.

Technically speaking, we should be looking at somebody who belongs to the category of Wu and Yi. Then he or she will likely be able to produce the person. This is based on a first level of understanding of finding the potential noblemen that are likely to help you.

We also have to see who the people that will not help you are. That means they will clash with you. Based on the Earth concept, what are the elements that are going to clash with Earth? So, we have to find Wood which is in box 3 and box 4.

In this case, we have Gui, Xin, Ding, and Geng. These four different categories of people will actually clash with this person. In this case, we have to be a bit more careful. That means people who are Gui, Xin, Ding, and Geng will actually clash with the person and will not technically help this person based on our first level of understanding. Of course, having said that, we also have to say the group of people who are Wu and Yi are actually pretty good in this aspect. And because this person is an Earth person, we can look at these three groups of people, who are Ren, Ji, and Bing. They are in harmony with this person. So, Ren, Ji, and Bing are also pretty good in this aspect. There are four out of ten different stems, or around 40% of the people that are going to clash with him, and about 20% of the people that are going to help him. That means he has to be very selective about who he is going to be friends with and who he is going to be associated with. 

So, choosing your friends or your partner will actually help you very carefully in your life because it will make a lot of difference by selecting which people that you want to be with. This is the first level of looking at this nobleman. I hope you understand and learn a little bit more about Qi Men Dun Jia. Thanks for reading.