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Bazi Reading by Master Dougles Chan

Bazi reading by Dougles Chan – Using Qimen Dunjia(奇門遁甲)

Qi Men Dun Jia (奇門遁甲) is one of the most powerful and respected Chinese metaphysic with over 5,000 years of history. Used by Zhugu Liang 諸葛亮 and many famous people in history. It is used for predictions of events and questions and at the same time, it is also used for Bazi reading and bazi analysis with up to 99% accuracy. (Excluding human factors)

Why Choose Dougles Chan for Bazi Reading & Bazi Analysis?

  • Up to 99% accuracy (See reviews below)
  • Practical and logical solutions for your problems and challenges
  • No buying of Feng Shui Items. (We don’t believe you need to buy Feng Shui items too!)
  • 1-to-1 zoom consultations
  • Free follow-up via whatapps

With Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi reading and bazi analysis, we are able to discover your life in the following ways:

Discover your Real characters and your hidden characters

Sometimes you do not know why you are doing certain things, sometimes unlucky events seems to be happening without any reasons, there could be some things that is already in-build in your bazi character that flows and changes according to different years, once we are able to identify the weakness and the strong areas, we are able to improve ourselves and things in life will be much better. When you know, you know how to plan for the future.

Discover your Academic Potential

Some people are born to be a scholar, some people are not so lucky. How true it is? From your bazi, we are able to see the relationship very crystal clear in such a way you will know where are your potential in your Academic level. You will fully understand the chemistry between yourself and the academic star.

Discover your Relationship & Marriage Life

Will you get married? How come my boyfriends/girlfriend keep changing? How come my relationship with the spouse is always having problems. There are always a good answer for it. We are able to find the root of the answers basing on using Qi Men Dun Jia. We can also see the inter-relationship between your spouse, your love ones and see how compatible they can be.

Discover your Career Star

Which job should you go for that will be the best for you? Which industry should you go for? Or, are you really suitable to be working for people? Is it better that I were to start my own business instead? In the career star of your bazi chart, we are able to pin point are are the possible types of jobs you should be applying so that you will yield better results and salary.

Discover your Business Potential

Not everyone can become a good businessmen, some will make money, some will not, some have the potential to make alot of money in business but they do not know about it, their hidden potential is never been discovered. We will help you to find the Profit star and see what business you could excel in if you are destined to be your own boss.

Discover Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth

Do you make more money easily when you do a business, invest in properties, or you always have the luck when you buy lottery such as 4D and big sweep. Some people have this “luck”, which we called is energy that will happen to you if you have that energy in your bazi chart.

Understands Your Potential Health Issues

It is always good to know your potential health issues, in this way, you can be prepared or even reduce the chances for them to happen. Certain health issues can be prevented, when you know and discover the potential it will happen.

Bazi Reading Price

1 – Bazi Reading and Analysis, with consultation – US$2,500.00 (Zoom), approximately 1 hour.. Translations maybe available for clients who are in different countries, will be subjected to additional translation cost.

How to Book a Bazi Consultation

To book an appointment, please whatapps or msg to Dougles Chan at +65-93880851 with your birth date, birth time and city of birth. He will revert back to you to arrange a date of bazi consultation.

Bazi Reading and Bazi Analysis Reviews:

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Thank you to Dougles shifu. He did Qi Men dun jia reading for me and it is really accurate. I learn a lot from him and also all the advises he gives me, do help me a lot too. Now I know the path that I should take and more clarity in life. If I have not known him, I might still be lost in life. I really hope I can be better. Like what he said, to network and get out of my comfort zone. I hope I can do it. If anyone wants to have a reading, you should find him. Highly recommended. 👍👍👍

Chloeingelical Peh

Accurate and detailed analysis of my Personality & Character thru Qi Men Dun Jia calculations. Has also shared alternative options / recommendation of how to improve current / future circumstances.

Lim Teck Boon Kelvin

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value. Douglas shared with me about Qi Men Dun Jia and I curiously asked him about an area where I was seeking direction which would impact my life greatly at that moment. To my surprise, what he forecast was indeed true when I reflected and accessed the experiences and outcomes in life. I took his advice confidently after knowing the best course of action. Thankful for his ability to forecast and willingness to share and help.

Cheryl Soh