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Bazi Reading Example 4

This is a sample Bazi reading and Bazi Analysis using Qi Men Dun Jia by Dougles Chan.

Adjusted DOB 20/2/1972. 16:52.* (Due to changes in time zone adjusted by Gov of Singapore)

Box 3 Energy – Younger days

Someone cheerful, extrovert and Open to new ideas. Someone able to overcome obstacles and challenges. Always in the forefront, directing and leading others, independent and ambitious self-starters, when you are opening up to your potential, you can be very creative. Strong, determine, when you have a goal in mind, it is very tough to stop you. Prefer not to take instruction from the top. Can be a great company, friendly, respectable, honourable and someone who can be great to talk to. May not like to take criticism well as they already have a set of rules well. Likes to compete, can be very fierce, ferocious and aggressive, bad in temper and pretty impatient in nature. On the flip side, this person is very capable and can do big things, especially in business. With power and influence, with strong character. Able to argue well. decisive, disruptive in nature. Meaning can be uncontrollable, uncooperative, someone who is likely to attracts dispute.

Box 7 Energy – Middle age up/Current

Things will keep to yourself, seldom will share with people. Introvert. Deep thinker, high standard of excellence and expect no less from others. Able to see other peoples character very easily.  You are open to more sincere and worthy friends. When situation is needed, you can be refined and very charming. Can be secretive and reserved. Can be a tough person to live with as somewhat you shown less concern towards others. Someone with exceptional leadership qualities with authorities. Someone who is steady confident and determined.straight forward, direct, make decision fast, will not drag too long.  Rough, careless, can be immature.  Ambitious and reckless. Represents someone active, agile, athlete, impulsive, sentimental and emotional. Does things in a flash,impatient.  

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** This is a fanyin chart, indicates a duo personality.

Career –  When you are younger, the career star is always with you, making it smooth and with very few challenges. However with your “destroyer” character, some decision made will create some disruptions. As you grow older and move to the box 7, your personality/element will clash with you career, resulting in more problems and feeling bored and tired about the jobs. With your “impulse” symbol with you, it will make some decision that will create some disruptions. Eventually you will raise your white flag and give up on working for other people. 

Direct Wealth (Business) –  When younger days, if you were to do business, you will need to put in some efforts to generate sales and profits, with your friendly and approachable personality plus your aggression, you will be able to generate fairly okay profits. As you grow older, if you were to enter business, the profit star will CLASH with you, which located in box 9 that is CLASHING yourself in box 7. Meaning you will find very tough to make money and if you were to be in business, eventually what you have invested and make (profits) you will lose everything away (Big time), highly not recommended to engage into business. 

Indirect Wealth – You do not have indirect wealth when you are young. However, when you are older, you will find the indirect wealth star is producing you (Box 2 to box 7), you will constantly have good luck in the indirect wealth sector if you are looking in that direction. Indirect wealth will be related to buying lottery, stock market, Forex, collaborate with partner, inherit wealth, picking up money from the floor.      

Health – Lungs, right ribs, throat, mouth, right breast, skin, left leg, digestive system, these are more sensitive areas that may have some issues and possible blockages, however, not much big issues on this part and no great concerns.

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Marriage/Relationship –  If you were to get married when you are younger, you will be able to manage the marriage although yourself clashes with the marriage box in box 8 from box 3. In your marriage box there seems to be disputes and arguments, but it seems that it gets better and lesser when your energy moves to box 7. In that situation, the marriage will actually gets much better compared when you are younger. Take note of the “Geng” factor as there are men around you in your life. As long as you are able to manage it, it should be peaceful.     


Your career star is limited and will posed challenges and worries for you, highly not recommended to work for other people as your element in box 7 has a direct clash with box 3 (Career star). However, in order to change the situation, you will have to be change on your “character.” You will need to reduce your “leadership” role as it is taking a toll on yourself, change your role into more engaging, cheerful, meeting new people roles, this will allow you to be more motivating and excel in your career and be happy. 

Take note that when you are at home, you will need to take more leadership role, in short, when working, avoid leadership, at home, take lead, then it will be harmony in work and home.  

There are a few symbols of character which you will need to pay careful attention to.

Your “impulse” character (box 7) will also create more issues and challenges for your marriage, relationship, work and career. Try not to make any decision when you are upset or angry, as your rush decision will somewhat create more problems ahead which you may not want to have at the very beginning.

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Your “destroyer” character will create many issues for yourself in many areas, with the combinations of “impulse” and “wtiger the combination cannot be imagine. Every single one of them will have to be soften alot as this will create many issues along the way.

Your “obstruct ” character in box 7 and “open” character in box 3 are conflicting one another, due to the “fanyin” chart, it will also means you will behave differently, be very mindful about this conflicts in character, you may want to decide on focus more to one side so that things will be less volatile. 

Once you are able to manage your not so great character, your overall situation in career, relationships, wealth, health will have a notable improvement in time to come. At the same time, focus on a selective character in different situations.

Relations with Children

Son 1 – From your chart, the child will produce you when young and older. In his/her chart, you are with his/her when young, however, when grows old, will have direct clash/control with you.

Son 2 – In your chart, the child will produce you when young and older. In his/her chart, when young, you are control him/her alot and when he/she grows older, will have direct clash/control with you.

Producing – Creating joy, happiness and brings values

Direct clash/control – Tightness, control situation, argument, unhappiness. 

In order for you to solve the potential issue that might be coming next time, when they gets older you will need to reduce the “leading” as a parent and treat them like a good friend, there is a “alone” factor in you that will be create that barrier, thankfully you have a fanyin chart, meaning that you able to change to a very friendly, approachable person which you will be able to do so. In this way, the children will feel that they not just have a good mother, but also a good friend.

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