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Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. (QMDJ) This is Dougles Chan again.

Today, we will talk about a person who is looking to ask me what, why, and how to solve her problem in her life. Because she has been making money and losing money, and making money and losing it for the last 15 years. She is very sick of the so-called roller coaster. Then, she wants me to decipher the birth chart and advise on what to do.

This is the birth chart of this person.

Apparently, how do we see the character of the person?

Let’s look at the character first, and then step by step in exploring this person’s specifics in terms of wealth and any other things that are related to her problem.

So, what happened?

We need to look at the specific character first. To look at the character, we need to look at the day stem. It is over here:

It is called “Bing”. To understand the character of this person, we need to go to the “Bing” in the 9 boxes. We will have to look at where “Bing” is. It is in box number 3 and number 7.

In box number 3:

There is an “Open” over there. It means that this person is able to create a lot of opportunities. If she wants to work, she will have a lot of opportunities.

There is also a “WTiger” called Bai Hu, which stands for White Tiger. We can deduce that this person can be very fierce.

Apparently, let’s look at another interesting character in box number 7.

There is a “Leader” which means that she can be a leader.

And also, because there is an “Impulse”, she sometimes makes a lot of impulsive decisions.

I am actually providing a piece of brief information about this person. Of course, there are a lot of others in-depth. We just get the gist of it.

From there, if you see box number 3 and box number 7, they are actually the opposite boxes. In simple deduction, when you have these opposite characteristics, I can always deduce that this person is always flip-flopping. That means she changes her mind often. When she wants to do this, sometimes she will do it another way, and then she will change her mind. She will change her mind again and again.

So, these are some of the characteristics of this lady.

Back to the question, she is complaining that her business is always ups and downs, making a lot of money and then losing a lot of money. How do we decipher it? Let’s look at whether this person is able to be profitable.

With profit, we always look at “Life”, which is called “Sheng Men.”

That means her ability is to create a profit.

In box number 9, we also have “9Earth”, which is called “Jiu Di” in Chinese. It is at a low level and it is not going to be very much. So, if she were able to create a profit, she would not earn a lot of money.

And if you look at the corresponding “Bandit”, it is a dangerous sign. It means that she will need to spend a lot of money, whatever the amount she earns. She will spend it on certain activities like big dinners, big items, etc.

We need to look inside boxes 3 and 9 to see what the element is.

Box number 3 is actually a Wood and box number 9 is actually a Fire.

So, I can deduce that, based on these elements of box number 3 (Wood) and box number 9 (Fire), Wood produces Fire. Box number 3 actually helps and produces box number 9. It means the lady has a lot of opportunities and creates profits in this case. She is very active in business, like sales, meeting up with people, doing networking, and opening up more doors. So, if she is not active, then, there will be no profit. Of course, based on the chart, this person is always making a profit, but it is a small one. The profit, whatever she earns, is going back to the ground or into anywhere else where she will have to spend it.

Therefore, how do I advise her in this situation?

She has to be active and create opportunities. From there, she can create a limited profit, and the profit will be spent on other things.

How do we actually mitigate this problem?

There are a few things we can do.

First, focus on things that are much more profitable. It means the cost of operating, goods, and surveys should be lower for an industry. If you see, there is a “9Earth” in box number 9, which means that the profit is going to be very small. The value will be higher, and the profit will likely be higher too.

Next, I advise her to actually put the profit diligently into fixed investment, fixed insurance, or a fixed deposit from which she is not able to access the funds. For example, for every ten thousand dollars she earns for the company, she allocates five thousand dollars to the fixed deposit or divides them into insurance policies from which she is not able to withdraw the money immediately. Hence, this will be able to mitigate the problem of her spending more because in her life she will always spend regardless of what happens.

These are the few things I advise her to do in terms of mitigating her problem. Of course, in terms of the Bazi reading, there are many things we can look at, such as relationships, health, the relationship between the parents and their children, and many other things. From there, we are able to decipher the chart very easily based on the Qi Men Dun Jia Chart.

I hope you enjoyed this session. Thank you!