Bazi Reading & Bazi Analysis-八字算命 Qi Men Dun Jia Method

What is Bazi Reading 八字算命?

Basically, Bazi Reading (八字算命), also know as bazi interpretation, is the process of interpreting Bazi Chart of a person based on their birth date and time & location of birth (生辰八字), and from there derived a pin-point characteristic of the person, how they will behave. the luck cycle and what likely going to happen to the person for their entire life; which will cover direct wealth, indirect wealth, academic, career, health, marriage, relationships, personality and many more.

We can also define a person’s character specifically such as by calculate bazi using bazi personality analysis, whether the person character can be sociable, talkative, introvert, friendly, stubborn, aggressive, fickle minded, bad temper, etc. This list goes on and on, the ability of bazi reading 八字算命 is quite endless, when you were to meet with a very good and accurate bazi master or bazi expert.

The process of interpreting Bazi Chart using bazi personality analysis and reading, also know as bazi interpretation can also determine a persons luck and wealth in certain time zone, can be yearly, monthly, every 10 years luck, (Depending on which school of ba zi reading and Ba zi Analysis) etc. FYI, Qi Men Bazi analysis looks at the monthly and yearly luck.

The variety types of bazi reading 八字算命 and bazi chart interpretation based on different school of thoughts and the “formula” changes and improves after thousands of years of fine-tuning. Obviously, some people mixed religions to bazi reading 八字算命 and bazi analysis which rightfully from the beginning it has no associations with.

There is no right or wrong type of interpreting Bazi Chart using ba zi reading, in my context, it is more on how accurate and detailed the reading can be; how broad and how narrow the timeline is.

Over at my end, I specialized in using Qi men Dun jia in Interpreting s Bazi Chart  whether it is basing on Bazi reading, bazi interpretation and Ba zi Analysis. (How to read qimen chart)

It is entire a different school of calculations of Bazi reading 八字算命 and Qimen Dunjia Ba zi reading (What is Qimen?) is about bazi calculation and reading the path of your life, understanding your real character and how you are able to align to make your life much better. Discover your truth self, your strength and weaknesses and how you can become better in the current situations and in the future.

Qimen Dunjia Bazi calculating is very different and it is far more precise and accurate than any other methods of Bazi reading methods, in fact much more accurate and to zhiping bazi and Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗數) Calculator (Purple Star Astrology) that I have known. For other bazi reading methods, I have not encounter before, hence I will not be able to comment too much on it.

When I first encounter Qimen Bazi reading, I was so amazed by the PRECISE accuracy of it and how amazing it can bring to anybody. Imagine, you can know your best route to go for in career, life, marriage, business, and what to look out for in health related matters. Your will know the character of your bosses, your spouse, your children and whether their bazi compatibility is good with you.

Qimen Bazi It is not well known in the Chinese Metaphysics industry and as mentioned before that this special complex set of skills are prohibited in the ancient time during the Chinese Dynasty and it is only becoming more popular in the recent years but the original skills are still limited to selected people due to its precision in terms or accuracy and some Masters preferred to share this unique skills to only selected individuals.

Bazi interpreting, Bazi Reading and Ba zi Analysis using the Science of Qimen Dunjia

The Qimen Bazi reading is basing on the time and date of the birth date 生辰八字 to plot a Qimen chart and from the Qimen chart, the Qimen Master will read them and see the readings based on the inter-relationship of the boxes (There are 9 boxes in each chart, each box is called a palace).

Adjusting the Time (Important)

At my end, when I read a person chart and interpret the bazi, I will not only check the birth date and time 生辰八字 of the person and also asked the location and city they are born. There is an absolute adjustment needed for the timing of the person birth time due to time adjustment for each country. However, due to evolution, war and political situations in different countries, the time zone for many countries were adjusted in the last 100 years, this was never taken into account by many Feng Shui Master, many feng shui or bazi masters do not know about it and even the grand master they have learned from may not know also.

Most of the fung shui masters and bazi consultants do not adjust the time properly as they take for granted that it is not necessary to do so. Some claims it is not important as more of them only use DAY PILLAR to see the overall Bazi, however, in the usage of Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi Reading, it is very extremely important simply because the time of the bazi changes will make the entire chart very differently, even though Qimen Bazi reading also used the 2-hours cycle chart. That is one of the reason why Qimen Bazi is very detailed and précised.

When a bazi master or consultant choose not to adjust the timing, this will result in some inaccuracy of the bazi interpretation which many people are facing when the adjustment of timing does not happen. When I first got my bazi interpreted, the master that read my bazi also read my bazi wrongly, end of the day, I was living in that BAZI chart for many years. So much of a failed bazi interpretation! How do I know about it, I discover it and back tested it with so many people in their bazi interpretation and from an average of 80% accuracy, it shoots up to 99% accuracies.

Therefore, there is an absolute need to adjust to the correct timing so that the reading of the chart will be more precise and accurate. Once you get the wrong chart, the reading can be very different which I have experienced before and many people who have done bazi reading by many masters also faced this problem.

What Qimen Bazi Reading and bazi interpretation can Decipher from Your Chart: 

  • The core character of the person
  • Their marriage life and relationship
  • Whether the person is suitable to be a boss or an employee
  • Luck of the person based on year and month.
  • Noblemen identification
  • Finding the people that can help and assist you
  • Best career to go for
  • How to dress and what to do to make you luck better
  • Possible health issues
  • Understanding you life cycle and how to enhance it and make it better
  • Obviously many much more..

What is Bazi Analysis

Bazi Analysis is the analysis of a personal birth date, time 生辰八字 and location to break down of a person cycle, strong areas and weakness, with bazi analysis we are able to identify the cycles of a person, in terms of months and years. This is a deeper method of bazi reading and analysis a persons date of birth and time 生辰八字, which is classified as Bazi reading or bazi interpretation, which will be able to craft out what are the general cycle of the person, whether it is on their wealth, health, career, relationships and others

We will be able to see a certain REPEATED pattern it will be happening so that from there we will be able to suggest methods to overcome negative patterns and at the same time expand and enhance the positive cycles.

Ba zi analysis is different from bazi reading, which is more in-depth and not just another normal type bazi reading.

With calculating of bazi analysis using Qi men Dun Jia, which is different from normal bazi reading and bazi analysis, we are able to identify the cycle and strong cycle and maximize a persons potential.

With Qimen Dunjia Destiny Bazi analysis, the month and yearly events are able to to plotted out and potential problematic issues can be identified and reduced. Even the events that are good can be optimized so that the rewards can be even more.

How does Bazi analysis helps individuals

In calculating bazi analysis, we always look for patterns, patterns in terms of cycle, meaning that some things will always repeat by itself in certain months of every year, or every few years and it will always happen regardless whether we like it or not.

If the pattern is positive, we can plan ahead and get the maximum output from it. If it is not so positive, we also can plan ahead and minimize the damage it will create for the person.

Once a person understands the life cycle based on bazi analysis calculations, their life will be more smoother, lesser conflicts and maximize in terms of wealth, health, career and relationship.

Should we believe in the Bazi Reading & Bazi Analysis?

This is a debatable question, however this Chinese metaphysics had been surviving over 5,000 years of history and it would not have survive so long if there is no element of truth in it which had already helped so many people.

Many things in Chinese Metaphysics are not able to be explained using Science, but in life, many things are also not able to be explained using Science too. Isn’t is?

It originated from China and spread to Asia. Many countries in North America and Europe’s are learning this science to help their in their daily life.

However, one thing to consider is, if the reading is favorable, would you consider it to be accurate?

What happen if the reading is NOT favorable? Would you consider it to be NOT accurate?

There are also a few things we need to consider whether we should believe in Bazi Reading and which can be very truthful but real:

Things to consider in Bazi Reading

Is the person giving you the bazi reading an experienced bazi reader or bazi master? What school of Bazi reading is he/she using?

Is the bazi reading based on a computer bazi calculator? What is the real value of a bazi reading purely based on a bazi calculator?

Is the bazi master or bazi consultant have any other agenda?

Such as trying to sell you some feng shui items so that they can make more profits for themselves? Some items can cost a few thousands of dollars because it was told and advised that it will bring good luck and wealth and get rid of bad luck.

Be very careful of such claims, most of the time, it is just another scam. It is not just buying a jade or expensive feng shui item that will help you, it is more complex than than.

Back to the question on the topic:

How calculating of Bazi reading and bazi analysis can help to improve the quality of your life significantly.

Seriously, I never believe I am writing this article, because for the first 25 years of my business life, I do not believe in such Bazi reading or Feng shui under Chinese metaphysics.

I have the privilege of acquiring the Qi Men Dun Jia skills, which is the highest and most respected Chinese metaphysics for the last 5,000 years, these skill is closely guarded by the Chinese dynasty and only Emperor, military strategies and astrologer in those days are able to use them. Commoners will be beheaded if they are discover to processed such secrets.

But here I am, sharing my insights using Qimen Bazi reading on how it can help the quality of your life, the reason is that IT had help me significantly and also helped many of my friends and clients and it does works very well.

The Truth – Bazi Reading is NOT 100% perfect

However, I can safely says that it is 95% accurate, some of my students tells me is 99%. We can get the best part of the bazi analysis and used them to our advantages and make our life much better. When we know the insights, we are able to plan better and life will be easier and smoother.

Understanding Our Real Character

In order to play the game of LIFE, you need to understand your REAL character, the character that you will react based on certain conditions, what are the things your REALLY like, what are the things you REALLY dislike. More importantly, how YOUR will behave in certain conditions.

Well, isn’t that simple? I know my character very well, even without using a bazi calculator or bazi reading.

But here is the problem….

There are some characters or cycle that we might not really know that is build inside us and it can be a liability to us and because we do not know, it keeps happening in our life again and again and things happens without us knowing the real reasons…. For example, bad luck always happens to me, I am always not able to get promoted in my jobs, I always lose money in investments, I alwasy changes jobs, etc.

All this can be uncover easily. And most of the time, we blame the unfortunate events on other people.

The fact that when we know our real character, we are consciously knowing it exist and from there we are able to managed things much better and life will be more smoother with lesser problems.

There will be less quarrels, lesser arguments, happier family and happier relationships.

We are able to manage it well, when we know our real character based on bazi reading and bazi analysis.

How to Read Bazi Chart using Qi Men Dun Jia (Example)

In the example below on how to read bazi chart, I will share with you the simple steps on how to read a bazi chart, you can take a look at the chart which is an app that generates the Qimen Chart of a person, we will just input the date and time 生辰八字of the person, regardless of male or female, the chart will be generated based on a specific set of formula. (Remember to adjust the timing when necessary.)

Reading a Bazi Chart using Qimen Destiny Chart is actually quiet easy!

The birth chart of a person born in the year of 1982, May 4th, 9:51 am.

In order to read the chart, we will be identify the DAY column and see what is the symbol, in this case, the symbol is DING.

We will identify the person basic character fist.

The next step we will need to do is to look at where DING is located in the 9 boxes.

We notice that the DING is located in box 8 and box 3.

Within box 8 and box 3, there are also multiple symbols and each of this represents the chracter of the person.

Let us take Box 8, there is a symbol called – Serpent, when we see this symbol, we can very much understand that the characteristic of the person usually will be worrisome and many times will wonder and think too much. As a result, creating pressure to oneself.

We can also conclude that the people always think to themselves and if these activities are not managed properly, he or she will likely have alot of undue pressures to themselves that will lead to more illness and problems.

You see, just based on ONE symbol, Serpent itself, I will be able to see that this person character which surprising can be very accurate, The meaning of serpent can be alot more complicated and in-depth but I will cover 1 point only today.

As we look further, within the box, we can see that there are also other symbols which represents a certain character.

Let us go to box 8 again and see that there is a symbol under bandit – With this symbol, I can identify that this person is someone who is able to lead big companies and organization, meaning that if you put him or her to lead a company, the company can grow very fast and furious, however, noting that the symbol also indicate that the person loves to spend money, when you were to put him to lead in a company, the financial will need to be managed by another party, else the company finance will have problem.

Let us look at his Wealth Fortune basing on the same Qimen Chart.

Box 3 – Represent the person himself

Box 1 – Profit Box/Business

When we look at the box 1, which represents the profit box, Box 1 is located at the WATER element, Box 3 represent WOOD element.

In this aspect, basing on the 5 element rules, Water element produces Wood element, meaning that profits will also goes well with the person.

This chart is a very good chart if the person were to focus on generating profit as a focus in him/her life. The big picture is that the fortune is already fixed and he or she will make money regardless.

The condition is that he/she must be involve in activities that will be involve in business.

The Career

Box 7 is the career box

Box 3 is himself

Box 7 which is the metal element, and himself is the wood element.

Basing on the rule of 5 elements, Metal element cuts wood element, which is not a good sign.

Meaning that if he/she were to be looking for a job, he will face alot of problems, which will lead to health issue, and on top with his Serpent character which will think too much, the person will create more health issue in the long run. This is further enhanced in Box 7 where this is a “problem” symbol which identify as possible health issue.

Hence, he/she will never achieve greatness in the career and will only prospers when do business or profit making activities.

Of course we can further understand more relationship basing on the chart and the 5 element relationship which we can interpret one by one and we can uncover many areas of his wealth, health and relationship basing on the boxes and relationship.

Final Words & Recommendation on Bazi Reading And Bazi Analysis

When you need a bazi reading 八字算命, please ensure you look for someone who has some years of experiences, there are many free bazi reading 八字算命 available, there is always a price to pay, you can check my video on it here.

Most of the free bazi reading not really useful, a real bazi reading 八字算命 can take some time to do and always remember this, the cheaper it goes and faster it generated, the lesser quality it likely will be. Apparently there are also bazi calculator too! I have touch base on bazi calculator over here

Fast, cheap or good, seriously, you can only choose TWO.

I wish you the best in LIFE and be happy always. Dougles Chan. International Qimen Teacher that teaches Qi Men Dun Jia Course to students in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Philippines, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, etc.