Understanding character clash concept

Sometimes you realised that one particular person cannot get along with you no matter how hard you try.

Do you know why?

In qi men dun jia concept which I have discovered, this is call character clash or sometime people called is the bazi compatibility is not good.

Level 1, your character clash with the other person.

Level 2, the other person clash with you

Level 3, both of your character clash with one another.

Level 3 is the worst of all, meaning there are no way one can agree with each other in any situation even how hard u all tried.

Under such conditions, both should not try too hard to accommodate one another, generally it will not work at all.

Once you understand this concept, which is happening to everyone, you will realised and able to select who you can work with, talk to and be with.

And avoid talking or mixing with the people that clash with u.

You will be much happier