Best 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore

Same like my previous article, I also write this article based on my personal research over the subjects that I try to write here. I voted these Best 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore –among the others based on some criteria, such as : their samples of work which surely show their level of videography skills, number of clients and recommendations, the uniqueness. The information I present on this article will be including the various type of service provided (videography niches, availability of photography service beside wedding videography, additional packages and some additional information). I hope this article can be a guide for couples which are planning to get married soon on which Singapore videographer suits your requirements best or as a reference for many interest needs.

So, here are the list of Best 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore.

1. FreshfromKenneth

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : 9023 7410

Address                                   : CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender St, #05-76 Singapore

Being success as one of the team members of a well established International Award Winning photography agency specializing in Corporate Clients needs, Kenneth Lee felt bored and found no more challenging side from his work. He finally found new ones when he started his own Videography Agency specializing in Wedding Videography niche (Pre-Wedding Videography is also included on this niche as a different service). His dedication, passion and perfectionist character reflected from the way he runs the business. In order to assure the quality of the creative process of a wedding film production, Kenneth Lee only targets Fresh From Kenneth (ffk) 3 weddings video shoots per month. No more. This way, he can keeps his focus and totality for the quality of a wedding video he created.

A genuine and anti mainstream wedding movie documentation are reflected to every wedding movie as a result of ffk great work. Apparently, it takes effect to the rates he charges to clients for his wedding videography service.

For overseas pre wedding videography, clients must pay SGD 2,500 per day, while a local Singapore actual day Wedding Videography rate is SGD 3,500 which includes: 1. POST or Express WEDDING HIGHLIGHT VIDEO, 2. Digital download link, and 3. Eight hours service of 2 videographers. Additional hours charge is SGD 300 per hour.

Due to limitation of Wedding Video shoots they take in a month, clients who interested to use their services should book long before the wedding day/ date. So, if you’re looking for genuinely unique wedding movie documentation, for is the perfect choice to hire.

2. Redtape Projects

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 98287647, +65 96581212

Address                                   : 62 CHESTNUT AVE #02-09

This agency was established on January 1st, 2012 by Ayim (Founder and Creative Director). The teams are: Nurul (Business Development Manager), Fahmi (Videographer and Editor), Hidayat (Videographer and Editor), Azmi (Videographer), Hafidz Omar (Videographer and Editor), Amir (Videographer and Editor), and Nur Hakim (Videographer). With a nice philosophy they have for business -trying to consider their clients as friends, they will create a huge networks connection with their clients for sure.

When they succeed in maintaining their friendship with the clients, I’m sure that they will have number of returning clients –or Repeat Order in term of General Business- equal with the number of present clients they have at this moment. I haven’t talked about number of fresh new clients or recommendations they will gain from satisfied present clients. But to be honest, I’ve seen many businesses –in general- failed down because of one of the factors is incapability to maintain good relationship with the customers/ clients. Through this work philosophy, they always try to understand what do the clients want and need on their wedding movie documentation from a visual perspective. The result is a refreshing videography product which meets clients’ pretension and needs.

This team is not only focusing on wedding videography niche. They can also do other niches of videography, for example: commercial advertisements videography for corporate clients, music video clips for musicians, events videography, and some others. Related with the videography products they make, one relieving factor found on this young talented team is they always purchase licenses for all music used in the video to ensure it is 100% legal to use whether online, in television ads, for single or perpetual use. So you don’t have to worry about copyright legal things when you’re publishing your video on any social media, personal blogs, or anywhere else.

3. Twenty8picks Videography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9386 4752

Address                                   : Blk B #02-24 1557 Keppel Road, Singapore 089066

Twenty8picks Videography is trying to present an honest, truthful, and heartfelt wedding documentation movie. This team started their debut on May, 1st 2012. The team member are: Caleb Leong (Creative Director), Gracie Goh (Communication), Jasmine Lee (Production), Bernard Joseph Mesenas (Production), and Diana Chong (Editor).

As they believe that each single wedding is an adventure, and each of them is unique, they apply their style to each wedding video movie they create. The result is a personal, natural, unique wedding video.

This agency is only focusing to wedding videography niche. Their service is including pre-wedding and actual day coverage –either local or overseas. Clients also can discuss with them about the coverage (pre-wedding and actual day), negotiate or even sharing the stories of the couples love journey as an additional information for the team in crafting the videos.

4. Just Married Films

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9776 3321

Address                                   : Bedok South Ave 2 Blk 10F 465010, Singapore

Jamie Tan is the man behind Just Married Films. This agency was set up in 2012. Jamie and his team are professionally trying to reconstruct each couple love story, from the very first –how they met, what made them in love with each other, and other crucial elements to re-create the clients’ love story –which is Just Married Films vision, “Helping couples telling their stories but not through the conventional traditional wedding videos.” And the result is a personal-story telling wedding video which you still can enjoy decades from now.

They achieve their clients’ satisfaction by capturing all wedding videos and pictures elements to create a once in a lifetime experience. Eventhough only focusing on Wedding Videography niche, but this team also provides Wedding Photography Service to complete their task on ‘Creating a story telling wedding Video’ as an additional service of the agency (not included in Wedding Videography Service). What makes Jamie and his team is different from other agency providing similar service is Jamie Tan combines pre-wedding interview videos and outdoor shots, old pictures (such as: old pictures of the married couple, their childhood pictures, families, etc) to reconstruct a complete Love Story Video.

5. Highest Kite Weddings

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 93884021

Address                                   : 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2 #05-13, Singapore 408734

Highest Kite Weddings was founded by Christopher Ling Hong Jim. This agency is specializing in Wedding Events only. But both Videography and Photography Service are available as an option to choose for the clients. With their own style, this agency is trying to capture every single cinematic moments of your wedding to create an heartfelt love story wedding videos. Happy faces, smiles, laughing and kisses are fulfilling the video.

6. Rekord Haus

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 8197 8355

Address                                   : 1 Thomson Road, #03-336E 300001 Singapore

Rekord Haus was established on March, 1st 2009 by Edwina and Jude. The name itself is unique. It’s so Germany. They have their philosophy over this agency name and logo.

The Haus is representing the friendship, while the sun (red dot found on the logo) is representing the warmth between them and the couples (the clients). Jude and Edwina are friendly creative and passionate wedding videographers. If you have a specific idea about how your wedding video documentation gonna be, just talk to Jude and Edwina, and soon you will feel comfortable talking with them about your idea. Instead of running Rekord Haus as a business, Jude and Edwina are also trying to make their agency as a friend to many couples.

Things like: sending Wedding Anniversary Cards for friends (used to be called clients), tagging them in Social Media make Rekord Haus is easily accepted by the clients. Eventhough they only focus to Wedding Videography Service, but they are available to take the shooting outside Singapore (overseas).

6. Winson Cinematography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9022 7551

Address                                    : 365D Upper Serangoon Road 537365, Singapore

Winson is a dedicated passionate videographer. Having his agency only focusing on Wedding Videography Services enable him to maximize his creativity and talent as well to capture every details of a trully authentic moments of a wedding event. His dedication also shown by time spent to get to know the couples days before the wedding.

Many couples sensed friendship atmosphere is thicker rather than professional relation between a videographer and clients. During the actual wedding day, Winson also plays his role professionally and tirelessly catching compelling and honesty in every moments of the day to create an unforgettable lifetime memory of a wedding video documentation.

Many couples have trusted Winston as their Videographer on their special moments of Pre-Wedding and Actual Day Wedding, both local or overseas.

7. Androids In Boots

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 8787 5560

Address                                   : 16B Lorong Ampas Singapore 328778

Founded in 2010, Android In Boots (AIB) provides Videography and Photography Service. The Services has different niches one each other. For example: they can do family, styled shoot photography and some others beside Wedding Photography, but not with the Videography works.

AIB only focuses to Wedding and all related to (Pre-Wedding, Engagement, etc) Videography –both local and overseas. About the Wedding Videography works, they try to visualize –through the story telling video- the clients personalities and the journey of love.

7. Sense Gallery

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 83745447

This talented young Award Winning team was founded in 2010 by Matt Yak. The Awards they’ve achieved so far are: Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore by The Wedding Vow (2016), 29 Top Wedding Videographers in Singapore by Singapore Brides (2016), 10 Great Wedding Videographers In Singapore by Singapore Tatler (2017), and 1st place on Concept Video (Commercial/ Non-wedding) AsiaWPA 2018 Competition. Sense Gallery (SG) provides both Photography and Videography Service which both of them focus to Wedding Events only –local and overseas.

Combination of skills, creativities, improved professional equipments, and their dedication to perfection ensure each images are captured with style, expertise and consistency and each beautiful moments, people, speeches, toasts are recorded in the best possible way. Producing results that you will be able to treasure for the rest of your lifetime.

8. Annabel Law Productions

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 91883728

Annabel Law Productions is the only all women Wedding Videographers team that I have on this list. Established on 2012 by Annabel Law herself, this agency is the one you don’t want to underestimate because of their all women team. Besides Wedding Videography Service, Annabel Law Productions (ALPS) also provides Wedding Photography Services, Animation Works, like: Logo Animation, Cartoon Animation, Video Animation, etc. This team consists of Annabel Law (Founder), Mavis (Secretary), Pez (Senior Associate), Shirlene (Associate), Madeline (Editor), Hazel (Social Media Manager).

They cover many niches for the Photography Service, like: pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography –both local and overseas, maternity photography, proposal photography, news and publication coverage, and some more. But for the Videography Service, they only serve Wedding Videography events, both local and overseas.

The skills they have for this all women team are quite fabulous, which not every agencies in town could level up with them. Years of experiences, amazing skills and all women team are the strength and key to their solid master piece video and pictures productions. Videographer, Photographer and Animator. Keep up the good works, gals!

Here you go, the Top 10 videographers in Singapore.