Benefits and Meaning of Pixiu, aka Piyao , the PixiuBracelet & Where to Buy Pixiu Bracelet


What is Pixiu

PIXIU, also know as Piyao is a mythical animal with the head of a mighty dragon, the neck of a horse, the body of a lion and with wings on each side.

According to Chinese history, this interesting monster (Pixiu/Piyao) was the ninth son of a dragon and was born with far greater power than his father.

Pixiu, also known as bixie, patrolled the universe and protected mankind from evil and pandemics from happening. It is said that pixiu helped the Huangdi (Yellow Emperor), a tribal leader who was later revered as the ancestor of the Chinese nation, defeat many enemy tribes in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River – the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization.

However, this monster is said to have been punished by the God of Heaven for misbehaving and misconduct and was condemned to eating nothing but treasures and suffering from a blocked anus.

Benefits of Pixiu/Piyao

When ancient Chinese people found out that this animal (Pixiu/Piyao) could suck in anything valuable and store it within the body, they regarded it as a fortune god.

They soon copied pixiu in paintings, sculptures and jade amulets in the hope it would bring them wealth.

The practice of using pixiu as a charm and house protector can be traced to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) and became a custom in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD24) when the founding emperor Liu Bang placed many pixiu statues in his palace as the royal guardian and forbade his subjects to use the sacred beast for feng shui purposes.

Despite this imperial decree, the popularity of pixiu prevailed across the country. Commoners also adorned their houses with images of pixiu. The fad reached its peak during the Southern Dynasties (AD420-589) when people worshipped pixiu to seek protection against a deadly epidemic that claimed thousands of lives in southern China.

Painted Pottery Tomb Guardian (Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-220 A.D.). Chinese tomb guardian statues were used during the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) to protect the soul of the deceased and the objects included in one’s burial from evil. Earthenware. H. 42.6 cm, L. 41.6 cm. © Shanghai Museum; photograph provided by Houston Museum of Natural Science

Benefits of Pixiu Bracelet

Ever fancied a Pixiu Bracelet? How about collecting some really fascinating information about these beautiful accessories? Here, we will guide you through the most relevant information about these bracelets and also help you decide whether you should get one or not!

So, read on to know more about them and make sure you decide by the end!

How do you exactly use a Pixiu Bracelet and what are the pixiu benefits?

You might be amazed to know that Pixiu is a popular animal of Feng Shui. This accessory comes in various materials. For instance, it can be made in Jade, Liu Li as well as Gold. This famous accessory comes in other materials, too, so you can easily browse through the various options available to you and decide which one suits your personality the best! Moreover, there are benefits of wearing Pixiu, too. It is a popular belief that wearing this accessory can bring luck in several ways to the person.

You must be aware of the advantages that this ornament might bring in your life, so check them out below.

Benefits and Advantages of owning a Pixiu Bracelet:

You must note that the Pixiu Bracelet meaning is unique and is believed to bring good luck to the owner. This is because it carries so many different forces of energies which when worn, attract other certain energies. Some of the pixiu benefits and major advantages are described below in detail. Check out the Pixiu Bracelet Benefits.

Get rid of negative forces

This incredible bracelet is powerful when it comes to eradicating the effect of any negative forces. You are advised to wear it in your left hand to make the most out of its powerful influence.

Electromagnetic Forces would not be that harmful

These days, every electronic gadget that you use emits harmful electromagnetic forces which are very dangerous for your mental health. For instance, your mobile, television, tablet, as well as laptop, all emit such forces which might disrupt your lifestyle to a greater extent than you can imagine. So, wearing the Pixiu Bracelet would help you reduce the toxic effects of these gadgets to an astonishingly large extent.

Protect your mental health

Life can be so demanding that it drains out most of our emotional energy. Therefore, to keep your psychic health intact, wear this bracelet because it creates a relaxing air around you such that you would never feel exhausted as you might have done before.

Even your income experiences better changes

When worn in the right way, this amazing bracelet can bring you luck such that it increases your income! However, you must wear it in the right way to ensure your prosperity. Wearing it the wrong way might have different effects and, therefore, you need to be careful.

Get rid of any tension or anxiety

This bracelet is believed to bring harmony in the life of the owner. This is because of the energy it creates. You would feel so positive and this would easily help you get rid of the negative atmosphere.

Once you wear this bracelet, you would feel so much lighter in your brain and this way, you would be able to control yourself and think about things more clearly.

Why Wear Pixiu Bracelets?

The reason due to which it is recommended to wear the bracelet on your left hand is because according to the Feng Shui belief, the left hand is more capable of absorbing the positive energy which the bracelet attracts. You would be able to make the most out of all the advantages of this bracelet only when you wear it on your left hand. So, keep this in mind and you are all set.

It must be noted that for some people, wearing this bracelet on their right hand can be beneficial.

Where are Pixiu Bracelets available?

Some of the most popular Ecommerce stores have been discussed below. Read on to know where you could buy the best Pixiu Bracelets from!

1. AliExpress

This is one of the most famous Ecommerce stores and presents one of the best deals for Pixiu Bracelets. Moreover, they also offer huge discounts and have some or the other offer going on. So, go for it and you would love it because of the various offers and options they provide. Moreover, there is a season where they offer huge sales, so you must not miss it because you would get several options for different types of Pixiu Bracelets. Other than the offers, they also provide you with free delivery! So, do not wait and go shopping!

Check out


From this website, you can purchase the Pixiu Bracelets of a wide variety, and also do not miss the chance of receiving a heavy discount of almost sixty to seventy percent. In addition, you can choose the bracelet at your convenience. That is to say, choose from a wide range of colors, price, brand, and other criteria. Hence, you can choose the best bracelet for you from here.

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You can purchase the bracelet in bulk quantity from this website. It is a great place to purchase wholesale bracelets. There are plenty of options available to make a wholesale purchase. Also, the products are listed with a detailed description on this platform. You can purchase up to 10K bracelets in one buy.

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This is an Ecommerce website that supplies all the Pixiu products at a suitable price. You can purchase the Pixiu products from this website at an economical price. Furthermore, different sellers offer bracelets at different prices. Analyze all of them to get the best deal for yourself. Also, every seller’s evaluation is available on this website. From these analytical reviews, you can decide which seller to choose for your deal or which product is best suited for you.

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5. Amazon

This gigantic and famous Ecommerce platform offers a wide range of bracelets. All types of bracelets are available on this platform. You can search for various sellers sorted by their ratings to purchase the bracelets. All of them have ratings and reviews available. Also, it provides a wide range of sizes and colors. So, it becomes easy to find and purchase the exact bracelet you want from your home.

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The bracelets are a good way to live a wealthy and successful life. Bracelets will gain and retain success in your life and remove the negative energy. Also, this website offers the Pixiu Bracelets to be worn on the left hand instead of the right hand. You will get all the information for the product before purchase. You will have all the required details of the bracelet from this website as it covers all the info from sellers.

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This platform provides the Pixiu Bracelet and you can purchase it from their web portal. The website offers two sizes of the bracelet. For instance, it offers a 12mm and 14mm sized bracelet. In addition, it is available for both genders. You can browse the perfect size for yourself. Moreover, the delivery charges are there for the bracelet.

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This online platform ships the bracelets straight from China. However, the website does not support shipping the product in all the countries. For example, this website does not deliver the products to Canada. So, customers living in Canada cannot place an order for the Pixiu Bracelets. So, it is recommended that you check the list of shipping-supported countries before placing an order. After that, you can choose the best option to make a purchase.

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If you are seeking a perfect bracelet for a long time, this is the best website to check on. For example, if you are unable to find your specific color combination or size of the bracelet, you can check here once. You will most probably get the desired product on this online platform. In the same vein, this website offers a variety of bracelets to make a purchase. You will find the best options here for your bracelets.

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If you are looking for a bracelet with all the accessories or complementary things on it, you can choose this platform to buy your Pixiu Bracelet. It is available for all genders and helps to retain wealth and prosperity. Also, it offers the best user experience for payment. The user interface of the payment gateway of this website is convenient and easy. In addition, you will get some advantages like free delivery, free exchange or return for certain countries.

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This is the list of websites to purchase Pixiu Bracelets at a reasonable or cost-effective price. Also, you can find a wide variety of bracelets on this website. Furthermore, you do not have to go to the market as these online stores are available at your fingertips.


In the end, we recommend our customers to wear Pixiu Bracelets on their left hand instead of the right hand. As a result, you will get more and more wealth and prosper. The right wrist is for transferring the fortune while the left wrist brings the fortune in. So, grab the benefits and make a purchase of the bracelet from a suitable website to get the best deal for you.

You should wear it as its head remains on the upper side to get the opportunity to make yourself prosperous and wealthy. Also, it will impart you protection against negative vibes and you will be safe.