4 Steps to Dominate YOUR industry using Digital Marketing

Many clients asked me the same question again and again on how to dominate the industry when there are so many BIG players in the market.

Seem that this is a very BIG problem for many smaller players as bigger players who already a brand and presence are feeling the heat of selling and closing cases!

The important points in this article are as follows: 

  1. Create your brand
  2. Letting as many people know about your product
  3. Building the trust level
  4. The Strong Reason to BUY

Basically, the rules are very simple, do the following steps below, repeat the cycle and you will be able to sell better and faster!

1) Create your brand

Get a logo, get a color theme and ensure that whatever you do is using the same logo color theme everywhere.

The logo that you created must be professionally done by a professional designer, yes you can use someone who may not be a professional but usually you will get not so professionally designed logo, the problem is that even if it is not professionally done, you may not even know become many a case you will not be at that level to make a judgement about it.

Don’t save that few bucks and ruin your brand….it pays to get a good designer, trust me on that!

2) Letting as many people know about your product

You have a great product or services but if there is nobody to spread your message, then your product and services will not be sold isn’t it? Tell your suppliers, friends, relatives, parents, ex-classmates, etc etc etc….

Apple used distributors to sell their iPad and iPhones, they also use the internet, television to create instant branding and awareness.

Using not just ONE channel,  use proven multiple channels that are available. Regardless whether it is paid advertisements or free advertisements, any quality advertisement is good branding and awareness.

You will need to start from somewhere…even how small it is.

3) Building the trust level

If you are not the brand – APPLE, then you will have a tough time creating trust level, you can create trust level using the following methods:

a)      Ensure you are present in the important social media websites, well such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc

b)      Ensure you have a great website, professionally designed.

c)       Ensure you have a customer service hotline where people can call you, if you opt for an online chat customer service, it is also acceptable. However, a live human is always appreciated.

d)      Your business name and address must be shown in your contact page.

4) The Strong Reason to BUY

You cannot expect people to go into your website and just click the BUY button or just call you and give your the business, it does not work in real life most of the time, such method of sales will not work now.

It may work 10 years ago but now you cannot just put a product and service there and expect people to buy it.

There must have at least one benefit from buying and the trust level has to be there, regardless of whether you selling a $10 item or a high ticket item, there must be a real reason to buy plus the trust if there isn’t any strong reason to buy, create one! If the trust level is not there, create one!

Follow the steps above and you will be on the way to dominate the industry in time to come. 

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