11 Ways to Brand a Recruitment Agency

It is extremely important that your recruitment agency needs to brand itself aggressively because the competition is extremely stiff out there.

If you are not able to position your recruitment agency to a level higher than your competitors, the possibility of losing your existing clients will be very high, and in addition, the fact is that the potential new clients will NEVER bother to entertain you at all if you do not have a certain brand. 

Candidates will also do not want to send their resume to you and if you are not having enough quality candidates for your clients, you will not be able to close any job orders even if you have a stack of job orders in your recruitment agency.

Internally, your recruiters or business development personnel will also feel inferior consciously or unconsciously and will always be complaining that they will be better off in a bigger and more branded recruitment agency. 

It is so important for you to brand your recruitment agency internally and externally. 

Here is the key factor why branding is extremely important to your recruitment company – The better the branding of your company, the higher the level of your client and the more sales figures you will have.

To brand your company you will need to do the following simple steps:

1) Have a simple, yet carefully designed logo that represents your recruitment agency identity
2) Have a great website that is designed by a top professional website designer
3) You must create a blog in your website to create constant interaction with visitors.
4) Have a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account. Generate thousands of friends and followers in the account. Constantly update your social media accounts so that it keeps the public aware that your company is always present.
5) Make your presence felt in SEO, Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads to create a dominant appearance in the market.
6) Create multiple office branches in different countries. You need not to have to create a physical office, it can be a virtual office! You can even share an office with other recruitment agencies in other countries.
7) Go for recruitment awards that make your recruitment agency shines. Many recruitment awards are easily obtainable when you are able to follow some processes and sometimes, paying the extra fees may get the job done by buying certain advertisement space or sponsoring certain events.
8) Ensure that your employees love your company, make sure the priority to make your staff happy is the number one goal. Make your sales target your number two priority.
9) Reduce your company reporting process to as few as possible so that everyone will feel that they are not so distant from the boss of the company.
10) Give public talks, attend public networking events, and let the public know your recruitment agency exists.
11) Donate some of the company profits to charity, and don’t let people know you are doing it. This branding is within yourself and not for the public to see. This is a higher level of branding.

Branding is an expensive game and the process must be done from day one of your business.

Once you have started the branding, you will need to start to put aside a percentage of funds in that area. The biggest brand will hold a firm and great market presence and will dominate the market in the long run, since branding is the easiest method to generate a lot of sales for the company.

An article by Dougles Chan – Recruitment Business Coach. Also known as the recruitment business Zhuge Liang. A recruitment business coach & mentor that specialized on coaching recruitment business owners and staffing agency owners. Author of 8 books. 25 years in recruitment business coaching & mentoring. Training business owners in Singapore, USA, UK, and Australia. He created the recruitment agency market tumour law, C-Marketing, V-Marketing and blog marketing for recruitment agencies. He specialized in business, sales, marketing, digital marketing, ,SEO, SEM, and social media recruiting. For 121 recruitment business coaching, kindly check here.

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