Why Personal Branding is Critical for a Recruiter aka Recruitment Consultant

About 95% of the recruitment agencies all over the world are only keen on branding their company or firm instead of branding the recruiters itself, the main reason is that most of the recruiters will probably move to another firm when their time is up and with this mindset, it is very unlikely that the company will assist to brand the recruiters themselves.

However, from the direction of a GREAT recruiter, it is very important to let your clients and candidates know WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHAT you are GOOD in doing, that is call positioning. You will position yourself in such a way that the clients and the candidates will NOT perceive you to be another one of the same same recruiters out there….

If you are perceived to be another one of those, you will be treated like one of those, what will happen in the end is that most likely you will lose the job and move on to another industry.

My point is this – Do not be another SAME SAME recruiter out there…


Hence, you need to position yourself out of the rest of them; you will need to really brand yourself. Even though your current company may not have the facilities to allow you to do so, there are so many platforms available in the internet that allows you to start to make some names for yourself.

Here are some steps you can do to BRAND yourself.

1)      Create a blog under wordpress and buy a domain under your own name, such as the one I had at www.dougleschan.com. Don’t worry about whether it is branded now as it is not the key point, you will have to start now, not later as branding takes time.

2)      Choose an identity – that is to say that how you want people to perceive you to be, a specialized recruiter in Oil and Gas, A recruiter in construction or something else, you will need to be focusing on one area or job function so that you will be able to use the synergy effect in the long run to close more sales.

3)      Choose a tag-line on how people what to REMEMBER you, the name “Recruiter in Construction” is not a great tag line but twisting and turning the sentence may change for a better, such as “Massive Construction Recruiter” or even “Oiled Recruiter” you see, the point is that it should be something interesting and memorable, not just another SAME SAME tagline. Another example which you can refer to is my brand as the SEO Master Shifu, it instantly gives people the idea that I am the Master in SEO. Period. Simple and sweet. Nothing to brag about and let us move on to part 4.

4)      Get plenty of testimonials from your clients and candidates, put their pictures and contacts when possible, it will add a lot of weight and social proof.

5)      Put plenty of group photos in your blog, your blog readers love to see YOU in person, any group photo will help to build trust and reliability. Trust equates to branding.

6)      Write articles and information related to your industry, write about 2-5 times per week if possible, anything less than 1 time per week will be meant that you will have plenty of “lost” visitors, when you write information and articles related to your industry, you will indirectly show and tell people that you are the authority of that particular field.

7)      Create visitors, of course with a great blog and fantastic articles, you will need visitors, get into email marketing, create accounts in your social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform you think you prefer. Add as many real friends as possible and push them to your website. Very soon, you will have over thousands and thousands of visitors visiting your website EVERYDAY like what I have done in my blog. With thousands of visitors visiting you every day, do you think you will have plenty of business and sales? You BET!

8)      Give it time….Well, branding takes time and you will need to consistently put in a lot of effort to push your brand up.

9)      Enjoy the process, if you are doing the whole branding process and you are not enjoying it, I may suggest you do something that you like to do and get someone who is able to help you do the work for you.

Happy Branding!

An article by Dougles Chan – SEO master Shifu, top SEO consultant in Singapore. Providing SEO consultancy and affordable SEO services in USA, UK, and Australia.

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