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Want to get Promoted in Your Company? Here are some useful tips.

What does it mean to promote yourself? Is the promotion game worth spending your energy on? Employees often get locked into playing the corporate game where someone else sets the speed of the treadmill and dictates how fast to run. Conversely, playing the promotional game can be a lot of fun because you control the speed of the treadmill and determine what promotional plays to use to move yourself up the corporate ladder. If you play the game right, you’ll come out a winner and get promoted along the way.

Let’s face it, business is a game where power and influence are required to get ahead. The object of the game is simple enough: Determine where you want to be on the corporate ladder, and then try to get there! Some people play the game for money, some for job security, others for recognition or personal objectives. When you play the promotion game, you will need to make rapid, complex moves if you want to win.

To successfully play the promotion game, you must first learn how the game is played and what techniques or strategies it takes to win. Your challenge along the way will be to refine your moves to a fine, cutting edge. Here’s how the game is played: There are seven essential promotional tenets that you must learn to master in order to win. Like rungs in the ladder, once you have mastered one, you move up the ladder to the next rung. Although each tenet is autonomous and distinct from the others, they all interact to form a cohesive, interactive strategy that, if properly employed, will catapult you up to the top of the ladder, where you will meet or exceed your most ambitious promotional dream.

The Corporate Ladder

If the tenets are properly employed, they will help you significantly expand your sphere of influence and get you promoted.

As the old adage goes: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This is still partly true today. However, with the revamp of the corporate structure that has taken place in this country over the past decade and the renewed emphasis on productivity, the “who you know” slogan has been modified: It’s what you know followed by who you know.

The “who you know” must first believe in your capabilities before he or she will help you. Your ability to consistently demonstrate that you know what you are doing cannot be overemphasized. The illustration on the next pages shows you how the seven tenets interact with your sphere of influence, or the “who you know” in your world.

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