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Your Brother Has a New Girlfriend – Is it a Good Fit?

Case study: your brother has a new girlfriend and then asking you if this is suitable for become a potential wife.

Have couple of things we need to understand:

Step 1: Define
+ the answer
+ the subject is your brother
+ another subject is the lady
+ the partner relationship

Step 2: find the subject: your brother in Month Stem – Geng in box 4

Step 3: find a lady: brother’s girlfriend
+ Geng – Yi is a couple in Qi Men Dun Jia
–> So Yi in box 6 represents a girlfriend

Step 4: Find partnership and marriage situation in box 4

–> everything looks very interesting at the front (view door) but behind the scene there are lots of problems (problem star) and also have a horse meaning that the whole relationship will not be stable + emptiness circle means the energy of this whole particular box is going to be discounted.

In any divination of a marriage situation when have an emptiness –> it is not good that means eventually they will be separated whether they get married or not.
–> So the partnership itself it does not spell anything good at all

Step 5: But also a brother is in box 4 too

+ A brother: very friendly, very amicable
+ View door: people who like process, people who like arrange things, people who like beautiful and admire beautiful things
+ Problem star: somebody can be very stubborn
+ Geng: means he is black and white person also means that he’s a yes or no person – he’s no in between, there’s no way that he can be black male or give pride to
–> This is why he is in that aspect but he’s very stuck, he’s not very stable because of the horse + emptiness also means that his energy as a whole is not very strong.
–> It may also tell us a brother may not be stable enough at this present time to go into the marriage

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Step 6:
+ A girlfriend: Yi in box 6
– If you see one box have all red color in words, it also means pretty good
+ 9heaven: means somebody who expect a lot, not just for him or himself, but for other people, which means that if a boyfriend which is a brother is not able to meet expectation then he would be in deep situation
+ Rest door: somebody’s lazy, somebody who like to enjoy themselves
+ Diplomat: honest, stable
+ Yi: somebody who is like to entangle people, that means an e person cannot support by herself, which means that she needs to support by somebody. –> So the boyfriend or husband will have to work hard to make sure that the family is well taken care of –> so which means that the person who is going to work after this marriage is likely going to be the man rather than the woman itself.

Step 7:
– Box 4 – wood element
– Box 6 – metal element
In relationship of 5 element, metal chops wood – metal destroy wood
–> so it means the girlfriend is going to destroy the Geng (boyfriend) and the relationship
–> in this case, the lady is the issue, the lady is going to create chaos to the brother also the lady is going to create chaos for the marriage –> so in this case, the answer is pretty obvious the marriage in the event it happens is going to be break, it’s going to be divorced, the energy of the lady is lazy and high expectation  – although he’s an honest person but always entangled people you know always rely on people –> she’s not an independent person –> she destroys the energy of partnership in terms of the marriage and the brother

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Conclusion: Not a good recommendation to be a potential wife.

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