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Your Spouse had been Working Overtime, is it the truth?

Today I’m going to share with you this particular case study regarding a spouse who has been working overtime for the last week. This week you will need to work overtime again.

That is something you feel that it’s not right and want to check the chart and see what really is happening in the whole situation.

Qi Men Dun Jia can be based on the chart to see what is the analysis between two parties and what is the other information that is provided to you. Then from there we can analyse and kind of rectify the problem.

That is not quite a role using a simultaneous question that is how do you see use it correctly to your advantage. You can kind of help your daily activities and life by making your life even more interesting and smoother , so anyhow let’s go back to our case study in this situation. 

Instead we need to clean the chart. First meaning that this chart actually is not a very complete chart, we need to know the energy for this particular – Tai Sui.

Now it is Wu Xu. This is based on this case whereby it happens in 2018 so Wu Xu where the Wu and the Xu itself is in the Tai Sui energy. It is always here in box 6, box 6 is high in energy because of this high energy so it overflowed towards box 4, box 4 and 6 actually has high energy.

In case box 1 there’s high energy also so it flows through box 9 because of the emptiness over here this over here is emptiness. Because of the high energy the box 9 crossover is being filled.

When we clean the chart, we need to see what the current situation is. The answer we are looking at is what we call HR, HR call hours stem.

The Hour stem in this case is represented by the symbol called Gui. This is Gui, box 3 telling us that this Gui is something that is happening, there are some injuries with injuries does not mean it’s physical injuries, in this case we’re talking about feelings.

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There’s a black tortoise, there’s a fearless involved, doctor also means consultants or third party consultant that is trying to salvage a situation. Gui also represents something a bit shady, not so clean.

It’s not exactly what it means but we need to base it on the question and relate it accordingly. Anyway box number 3 is telling us something which is not very fantastic but let’s look further into the relationship we are looking at different in terms of Ying & Yang palace.

It actually belongs to this box 4,3,8 and the other one is 9,2,7 and 6. The person involved is Xin, Xin is actually over here, the other party involved will be Bing.

Bing is over here, which means that in the Xin and Ding situation they are actually in harmony. Within the same place, basically they do have some feelings towards each other. In this particular situation we also have to look at their relationship. 

We look at our partner in the box. Your partner box is telling us the big picture of what is really happening, we have a view door.

View door stands for something very nice, very beautiful. Diplomats also have a kind of energy that’s pretty fantastic, then we have a Xin, Xin stand for mistakes. Because of that there will be holistic performance in the marriage.

There’s a Gen, Gen stand for men, there’s a kind of suspicion that there’s some situation over here in the potential that there’s a man involved. Let’s go back to the person involved, which is the lady in box number 7. Number 7 is somebody who is actually a worried, educated culture person.

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She is a sunny person in a daily world of life which means that every time she goes somewhere else she’ll be the centre of attention. Dispute is somebody who likes to argue, like to create a lot of gossip here and there intentionally or not intentionally.

She will have this kind of thing that’s happening in her life, anyhow based on this situation that the marriage is a fire element based on box number 9. 

She is in box number 9 metal, which is under the Li place. Number 7 in the Five Elements rules there’s a fire that actually clashes with the metal. We can kind of suspect the marriage in terms of relationship with the husband.

Technically she is feeling some pressure and in fact it’s not just about the relationship but the husband itself. That means marriage and the relationship is actually clashing with the woman. Now we have a situation over here, we can feel that the woman is under a lot of pressure and can we see that this person is actually lying or not.

We can see it, we will need to see where the information is related with this Ding and then we have this View door, technically we’re looking at the view door there’s no other indication. 9 heaven and problem star are two sciences at telling us that together with the Ding it tells that this lady is exaggerating or it’s not telling the truth.

In this case there are 2 signals that are counting which we can kind of based on percentages around 80% that she is not telling something that is true based on the working overtime. 

In this situation does this person have another guy which means if you based on the third party you’re looking at here which is the Xin and the Geng together the mistake will be created and the Geng stand for the men, Bing also stand for the men that means there are two signs that this woman is having a situation with the men. The marriage is entangled before man, ourself is entangled with a man, that is to say it that there are two things that tell us that there are men involved.

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We’re kind of 80% confirmed that there are men involved of course, nothing is actually correct until we check with the person. The end of the story is this person, this spouse is not telling the truth and there’s a lot of other things that’s happening behind the scenes which we kind of suspect is 80% of the chance that she is actually having some meetings with somebody else outside. We are not saying this person has a fair and over there there is a man to decide. 

Over there we have to understand that the chart is telling us the marriage and the man is also clashing that means the men hit themselves, what the spouse is clashing with the woman is giving him, he’s giving her a lot of pressure.

Why is that so because there’s also a worry involved which the woman is worrying about things, in this case we are looking at a situation whereby as a spouse how to rectify the situation. You want to confront or you want to understand the situation further from the wife and from there we can kind of have more understanding rather than confrontation. 

There is no right or wrong in solving this situation but it’s a matter of which direction you want to go in life for marriage. This is how we actually analysed the very basic of the Qi Men chart, I combine the marriage I combine the information and few other factor in this Qi Men to analyse in a very holistic manner.

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