Qimen Case Study – Buying a Property

Case study: you desire a specific property for a long time and is currently available which you want to purchase, however the funds are limited and one of your business associate is also interested in this particular property so they associate actually kind of suggested that your partner together to co-invest in this particular venture of this property. So should you be going together with this person to do a joint venture together to buy this property or you should want to get a loan from the bank ?

It’s a matter of two choices what to do and which are the better in terms of opportunity.
So in this case we need to define a few things very carefully

Step 1: Define
+ the subject – yourself
+ the answer
+ the relationship with the person
+ the relationship between partner and yourself

Step 2: Find the subject – yourself
So yourself = asker in Day Stem
In this case, subject is Geng in box 6

Step 3: Find the answer in Hour Stem
In this example, Bing in box 8

Step 4: Find partner (it means the information about your partner) in box 9
Step 5: comeback to box 8 answer
+ 9earth = low
+ injury
–> low injury –> somebody might be injured – could be in terms of financially, mentally, or physically
In this case talk about business transaction – means your money and feeling could be hurt
+ doctor: something quite scheming
–> this answer is not good enough (in scale 1 to 100, just 45)

Step 6: box 9 – partner
+ death: worst door
+ impulse: fast, rush
–> should not be too fast
+ emptiness (the circle in box 9 ) tells us something whereby the whole partner is discounted, very extremely low energy. When energy in death door and it still goes down further in terms of discounted energy –> means much much worse
–> this situation the partnership is extremely bad

Step 6:
+ box 9 – fire
+ box 6 – metal
+ box 8 – earth

In relationship of five elements, fire clashes metal –> box 9 clash box 6 which means the energy of yourself is going to be from 100% all the way discount to 20% (it means you’ll be drained by this particular partnership)
–> So if you cooperate with your partner, it is not beneficial for you and also have a representation of injury

Step 7: If you were to try to take a lon from a bank
Find the bank symbol = leader in box 6
Box 6 also a bank and you
You represent a Geng so the leader as long as it’s together with you meaning that you are in harmony (harmony is good)
+ Partner is clashing with you
+ The bank is harmony with you
–> given the choice, we will try to go towards the bank
+ Rest door: the third good door
+ Problem: means that whether you’re able to get the loan – it may take a while because not be a very smooth process

So in case, it is not easy to get a loan from the bank because you have to go through a couple of steps and from there you’re able to see the bank will be a much more better option comparatively for the partner with the other party.