River Valley High School death: 16-year-old murder case, using Qimen to See the Details.

A boy was murdered by a student from River Valley High School. We take a look at the timing and see what happen and see if we can see some insights.

River Valley High school case, let us do a review using Qimen dunjia

11.40am. 19 July 2021.

Rightfully it is a good chart, but it has an emptiness, meaning box 1 energy very little…

So most all the energy is direct to box 9.

A death signal is there, plus a health issue.

The element of death and problem is earth, locating in the fire Palace. Making the death and problem multiply.

The worst combination it can have.

Although we would not know the boy will be killed, but we will know the energy is very bad. Hence, during this bad timing, I will not allow all my family’s to go out at all in such bad timing.

Be extremely careful when there are BAD timing, knowing it in advanced can save a person life or even avoiding injures.

Timing is important… It can make a difference.