31 Dec 2017

How Recruitment Agencies are able to attract Good Recruitment Consultants

While talking and giving consultation to many recruitment agencies bosses, one common problem occurs is that they are having a tough time recruiting recruitment consultants, of course, when they are having tough time getting “normal” consultants, it is quite impossible to get “good” recruitment consultants. Basically, when I reviewed the

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14 Oct 2017

The Downfall of Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

A Singapore Headhunter Article by The Recruitment Guru – Dougles Chan   If you are involved in Recruitment Agencies in Singapore for the last 10-20 years, you will notice that the number of cases and sales value a recruitment consultant can close compared to many years ago is declining every year averagely. 10-20 years ago, a normal recruitment consultant in any

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23 Nov 2014

Top 50 SEO Keywords for Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Below are the top 50 SEO keywords that recruitment agencies in Singapore can optimise to make their website to have more traffics, more clients and candidates: Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches Competition part time jobs 246000 0.81 part time jobs singapore 14800 0.81 job 14800 0.75 jobs in singapore 14800 0.8

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