Best 10 Photographers in Singapore

Honestly, it’s not easy to write the article about Best 10 Photographers in Singapore. Moreover, from my point of view  I see that the article’s content is light enough and it is not really difficult to find information about. Nowadays, almost everything we need to know can be found on Google. Thanks to the Huge Penetration of Smart […]

Top 10 Executive Search Firms in Singapore

What is an Executive search firm? What are the differences compare to employment agencies, recruitment agencies, headhunters or even recruiters? It can be pretty confusing to many as the “Terms” are use by different people from different countries. In the context of Singapore, generally an Executive Search firm is a company that helps a company (which is the […]

Best 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore

Same like my previous article, I also write this article based on my personal research over the subjects that I try to write here. I voted these Best 10 Wedding Videographers in Singapore –among the others based on some criterias, such as : their samples of work which surely show their level of videography skills, number of clients […]

Top 10 Laptop Repair Companies in Singapore

With the prices of laptops increasing every year, with the integration of new technology and the development of more compact yet efficient parts, purchasing a decent one demands a lot of considerations. For us that has already shelled out our hard-earned money to get a really nice laptop, it is imperative that we take good care of it. […]

Top 10 SEO Companies in Singapore

Looking for the best SEO company in Singapore? Here are some suggestion by Dougles Chan, the SEO Master Shifu. Who specialised in coaching SEO experts and SEO agencies. As a business, you only want one thing; to saturate the market as much as possible. With the advent of high technology and social media, each business is now able […]

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in Singapore

Efficiency, real-time collaboration, virtual meetings, universal data access; these are all the enhancements that your business can experience through cloud computing. Imagine not having to sift through emails and applications to pull out files from different locations. Think about the money you can save on hotel bookings and plane fares because you can have a conference with people […]

Top 10 Microsoft Resellers in Singapore

Microsoft is the biggest name in operation systems not only in Singapore but globally. Majority of household and corporations use Microsoft in their daily itineraries. Applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook has been mainstays of our computer from since we were all kids. Despite the advent of a lot of new operating systems such as […]

Top 12 Best Headhunter in Singapore. [Updated May 2020]

An original article by Dougles Chan Top 12 recruitment agencies in Singapore or headhunter Singapore which are of good quality are considered to be the most important tool to search for executive jobs. These recruitment agencies also are known as executive search firm Singapore where they search for a suitable candidate for their clients and get a commission […]