Broken Marriage, Broken Career, Failed Business! Help!

Many times I have received such kind of problems, where they life are going through very tough patches, and all these comes in a package, where their marriage is bad, or separated, had a lousy job and try doing business they also got problem, they tried many businesses and failed in every one of them.

It is not that they are not hardworking or not smart, it is just that somehow, they always got some big hurdles in front on them and they are not able to overcome these challenges.

When they knock on my door, I open the door for them and see their birth chart, from there I am able to explained to them why and how this is happening after I have done a bazi analysis and sometime I can even tell them when this will be over but sometime I had to break the news that it will be forever be bad.

And when they asked me, how to solved their problems, the first question I ask them. How far will you go to change for the better. Many times, they do not know what to say because they are just looking for a listening ear, and some of them will answered, they will do anything to make their life better.

That is where the turning point of their life happens. I will spend a few hours explaining to them the inter-relationship between their birth chart and the direct wealth, indirect wealth, relationship, health and career and what are the simple things they can do to change their life for the better.90% of the people that go through my private session finally realized the problems and knows the solution on how to handle their life and make it better, there is no need to motivate them, no rah-rah show, no feng shui items to buy or even take any medication.

They have achieve enlightenment by themselves and that is where things gets better and brighter. They behave better, they think better, their relationship gets better, they attract more wealth and have better health, there is a brand new path for them.

Well, I am not a motivational speaker, I am just a Qimen Teacher, I teach you your path in life, I show you the path, you will walk the wonderful route ahead. Though who had been though my session will understand. Those who have not, if we have affinity, we will meet.