Building Chatbots with Python : Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Build your own chatbot using Python and open source tools.

This book begins with an introduction to chatbots where you will gain vital information on their architecture. You will then dive straight into natural language processing with the natural language toolkit (NLTK) for building a custom language processing platform for your chatbot. With this foundation, you will take a look at different natural language processing techniques so that you can choose the right one for you. 

The next stage is to learn to build a chatbot using the platform and define its intents and entities. During this example, you will learn to enable communication with your bot and also take a look at key points of its integration and deployment.

The final chapter of Building Chatbots with Python teaches you how to build, train, and deploy your very own chatbot. Using open source libraries and machine learning techniques you will learn to predict conditions for your bot and develop a conversational agent as a web application. Finally you will deploy your chatbot on your own server with AWS. 

What You Will Learn

Gain the basics of natural language processing using Python 

Collect data and train your data for the chatbot

Build your chatbot from scratch as a web app

Integrate your chatbots with Facebook, Slack, and Telegram

Deploy chatbots on your own server

Who This Book Is For
Intermediate Python developers who have no idea about chat bots. Developers with basic Python programming knowledge can also take advantage of the book.

  • Format Paperback | 192 pages
  • Dimensions 178 x 254 x 11.43mm | 411g
  • Publication date 01 Feb 2019
  • Publisher aPress
  • Publication City/Country Berkley, United States
  • Language English
  • Edition Statement 1st ed.
  • Illustrations note 75 Illustrations, black and white; XIX, 192 p. 75 illus.
  • ISBN10 1484240952
  • ISBN13 9781484240953
  • Bestsellers rank 970,792
  • more info here.
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