Year of the tiger 2022 predictions – Chinese Horoscope 2022 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Year of the tiger 2022 predictions.

The Chinese New Year 2022 of the Tiger will begin on 1st February 2022, and end on 21st January, 2023. In this article, we will cover the Chinese horoscope prediction for the year of 2022. What is different about our prediction is that we also provide practical solutions on how to make your luck better. Even if the year of the tiger of 2022 is not too great for you, we also have a solution for it.


Rat 子

Tend to have more arguments and impulsive decision will be made, there will be more mistakes done in the year 2022. Generally will have more accidents, injuries and conflicts happening. Blood related problems will be focus on the area of kidney, urinary system and lower abdomen.

To reduce the problems, you will need more “fire” element around you, wear more red colors, change your handphone casing to red or orange, work in a career that is fire element such as advertisement, marketing, IT or ecommerce. this will help to drastically change your luck to be better.

Ox & Tiger 寅 丑

Good year to get married and if you are married, your relationships will reach to a great height. There will be many good opportunities for you in your career. If you are business, there will be many good business opportunities too. If you are planning to learn new things, it is a good year for you to start to learn more things and improves yourself. If you are planning to do business in other countries or studying overseas, it will be a good year.  Wear more yellow, brown color to increase the good luck            

Rabbit 卯

Your overall luck will be more relax mood and may lead to blood related accidents. 2022 will be more easily agitated and gets angry more often. If you are trying to venture in new business or expansions of business, it is not recommended in the year of 2022. Take this year to plan to do what you would like to do, prepare yourself first before the next good wave comes in.                          

Dragon 巳 – & Snake 辰

This year is a profitable year for these 2 group. You will need to talk and sell further to get more business. Be careful of fake people and always take care of your health, good rest and balance in life is essential. Wear more Green color and put more plants in your home or office to enhance the profitable year energy.     

Horse 午

Possible to get injured in the year, especially on head, heart, chest related.  relationship wise will need to make more affect to maintain. Color to decrease the negative energy, use white, grey. Wear real jewelry also will be helpful.           

Sheep 未 – Monkey 申

There will be plenty of obstacles in this year and for guys will tend to attract more female. More possible be being cheat and lose money, color white, grey and white to counter the obstacles. earth Yellow to counter cheating and lose money energy.


More possible be being cheat and lose money, you will have people helping you, please look at the details in contract. Business profits will be reduced Metal clash with woods. Wear more Red color or orange color to reduce the negative energy      

PIG & Dog

If you are born in Pig 亥 Dog 戌 Year – Your luck will not be good in this year, there will be alot of worries and problems but you can overcome them by working hard and go step by step, do not be too rush into doing things. Stay low profile and put on hold on all expansions, business, new ventures.

Solutions: Have more plants around you and wear dark green when possible, put some paintings of plants in your house too to counter the unlucky energy.