Rejecting a Qi Men Dun Jia Student from USA

Someone from USA ask me to teach him Qi men dun jia. Saying that he had learn Feng Shui before and are very experience in it and he even got a degree in astrology.

Normally, I do not accept a Qimen student right away, so I ask him to send me his birthdate, time and location of birth. Why I do that is to see if he got any unique character that is not suitable to learn Qi Men Dun Jia and I realised that he got a fuyin chart

A fuying chart is a person that is super stubborn person. Cannot change one.. In addition, when I look further, he is a 死门 character, meaning that he always correct one.. an emperor who never admits his mistakes and will never take advise from people.

So I quoted him the qimen dunjia course fee at the cost at 10 times the normal cost… After that he never reply me… Lol.

A good way to reject a student that is not teachable… Hehe