Top 10 Feng Shui Bracelet – Crystal Bracelets Singapore You can Buy Online.

Feng Shui Bracelet – Crystal bracelets have been a vogue icon for ages now. They are worn with all sorts of clothing and outfits by men and women alike. However, there are some Feng Shui crystal bracelets available in Singapore that take your breath away every time you look at them.

These bracelets are made with very premium materials procured from around the globe. Excellent craftsmanship and design go into making each of these Feng Shui crystal bracelets in Singapore. As a result of these efforts, these Feng Shui crystal bracelets in Singapore are stunning and fashionable to wear. In this blog, we will show you some of the best Feng Shui crystal bracelets in Singapore.

Top Feng Shui bracelets in Singapore


The Nirvana bracelet is made purely of cherry blossom agate, chevron amethyst kunzite, Botswana agate, and moss agate on a lavish and beautiful silver setting. This bracelet offers spiritual value and is recommended for people who want to grow their business. It brings them untold good luck and wisdom to manage their business with proficiency. This Nirvana bracelet also promotes harmony in a parent-child relationship. It also encourages its wearers to achieve their fullest potential in life. The bracelet has properties and spiritual value that enable the user to correct their life path and initiate balance. When this happens, the user becomes more proactive with their work in life and achieve their goals.

Materials like chevron amethyst promote stress-relieving properties in the Feng Shuibracelet and hence, into the user. When this bracelet is worn by people who are stressed and have anxiety, the healing properties of this crystal bracelet make sure that they have the capacity for the highest level of calm and serenity. This material has also been linked with reducing migraines and easing headaches for people who have them frequently.

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The Good Friend – Jasper Bracelet

The Jasper Feng Shui bracelet has stones that have magical and nurturing properties. The frequency of these stones remains steady and calm, giving the wearer positive feelings when life gets stressful. The comforting and gradually increasing energy of the Jasper stone overwhelms all negative emotions and fills the user with positivity to face life and its problems. The Jasper stone grounds people to the present moment, giving them the ability to enjoy their present without fretting about their past or future. This is a gentle reminder to many people that the present is what truly matters, and that is where we should focus our energies. The Jasper stone initiates and promotes feelings of gratitude in people.

This crystal bracelet from Singapore is perfect for the person who knows the wonders of having a powerful and structural support system in their life that helps them get through things. The bracelet very often acts as a safe space for your feelings to reside in while you go through the storms of life. The Good Friend Feng Shui bracelet is a gentle nudge toward a positive direction, away from stress, anxiety, and fear. The bracelet is much more than a simple piece of jewellery. It is a friend that never leaves your side.

The Eloquent – Blue Lace Agate Feng Shui Bracelet

The material used in this Feng Shui bracelet has an immediate effect on your mood and overall being. It has a very calming influence on your soul and disposition, giving you the ability to see things the way they are. You get the magical ability to see things from a neutral perspective and solve them. In a world that is constantly feeding you with stress, anxiety, and pressure, this bracelet will provide you with a huge surge of positive energy when you wear it. Not only will you feel better in your everyday life, but it will help you experience positivity and self-realization to the extent you didn’t think was possible.

Blue Lace Agate has soft and glowing energy to it that cools down your negative emotions and guide you with positive thoughts. Shushing your self-deprecating negative chatter is very difficult, especially for people who become stressed easily. However, with the blue lace agate bracelet, you will gain the ability to use your words powerfully, both with others and yourself. Anyone who wants to convey a powerful message and use their human existence to share their light with the world with their expression; This is the bracelet you want in your life.

Solitaire Tennis Bracelet made with Swarovski Zirconia

This solitaire tennis Feng Shui bracelet is the epitome of beauty in simplicity. It is a classic gift for people who appreciate simplicity and understand why simple things have extra elegance. It is something that will serve as the perfect gift to give to young ladies, brides, bridesmaids, mothers, or any other special person in your life. This solitaire tennis bracelet also serves as a reminder for people, allowing them to acknowledge the elegance in simple yet beautiful things. The best part about this bracelet is that it is reasonably durable. It can be worn with any outfit, whether it is a casual one- or proper-party wear. If you maintain and take proper care of this solitaire tennis bracelet, you can be sure of being its owner for a lifetime.

The Feng Shui bracelet is made with fine materials procured from around the world. It is plated with rhodium (18K gold) and cut by the country’s finest craftsmen. The bracelet’s design and craftsmanship make it unique and different from the other crystal bracelets in Singapore. It is designed so that it looks delicate and sophisticated while being sturdy and durable.

Glam round tennis bracelet made with Swarovski element

Just like the name suggests, everything about this bracelet screams glamorous. With 28pcs 5mm Swarovski elements studded inside this bracelet, this piece of jewellery is something that every woman should have. It is versatile in terms of fashion, and hence, it can be worn stylishly with casual clothing and formal outfits. For people who would like to give their brides, bridesmaids, mothers, or other special someone an outstanding gift, this bracelet is something that will meet their requirements amazingly. A glamorous round tennis bracelet made of Swarovski elements is the perfect gift for people who appreciate the beauty in simple things and acknowledge the elegance of simplicity. Without being overly zazzy and shiny, the bracelet exudes a look of sophistication and class, giving the outfit you are wearing a rich and premium look instantly.

This Feng Shui crystal bracelet in Singapore is made by the finest artists in the country with designing abilities that cannot be matched by anyone else. The materials used are premium, making this bracelet an overall excellent piece of Feng Shui jewellery to have.

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Fortune Cat – Petite White Agate + Citrine

This bracelet is one of the best Feng Shui crystal bracelets you can buy online in Singapore. Made with a petite white agate and citrine with a fortune cat on it, this bracelet is the only thing you need if you have had tough times lately. The materials and stones that are used in this bracelet are entirely in sync with the positive emotions that humans feel all their lives, every single day. With the white agate, you are sure to feel a balance in your negative and positive energies. The yin and yang in your soul get balanced due to the positive and balancing effect of the white agate. Stability is the unique feature of agate that makes it so valuable for this case. Agate also improves mental function in people, giving them the analytical skills needed to perform complicated brain functions.

Citrine is a stone used to bring pristine health and happiness to the person who wears it. Citrine, hence, is also known as the stone of wealth in many cultures. It is a gemstone that is rich in the ability to bring success to its wearer.

Fortune Cat – Petite Black Tourmaline + Citrine

This lucky and elegant Feng Shui bracelet comes with a fortune cat attached to it. Made of petite black tourmaline and citrine, it is one of the luckiest bracelets you can ever wear. It also makes a fantastic gift because the person you are giving it to will find untold happiness and success in their life. Black tourmaline is a protective stone that evokes a natural vibration of joy in people who wear it. For protection against negative energies and emotions, black tourmaline is something that many people prefer.

The paramount quality of black tourmaline is that it has a beautiful colour, something that cannot be said for several other materials. Citrine, the other stone that is used in the bracelet, is also known as the stone of wealth in several other cultures. It is a gemstone that has properties to promote happiness and abundance. Citrine brings positive energy that gives people the ability to manifest their wealth and success from their minds and into their real lives.

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Amethyst love bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet that has a lot of qualities and magical powers which will help you feel more calm, positive, and more in control of your life than you do now. The gemstones used in this amethyst love bracelet are: Madagascar rose quartz, Amazonite, amethyst, rhodonite, and gold-coloured brass hardware.

These crystals promote feelings of great love and gentleness, along with pure feelings of great emotional healing. It promotes emotional support and emotional strength in people and also helps them heal from trauma or stress. The Amazonite that is used in this Feng Shui bracelet aids in promoting feelings of compassion and love towards other people in your life. Rhodonite is known for giving a lot of assistance in the growth of the bones in the body, in the healing of organs, and in general convalescence when people are healing from mental trauma and pressure.

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Amethyst peace bracelet

An amethyst peace Feng Shui bracelet, much like this one, uses crystals that promote feelings of love, emotional healing, and compassion. These crystals act as great stress-relievers, giving your body and mind a surge of good energy and peace all throughout your life. The magical powers that these crystals have give you the ability to break free from the clutches of your past and let go of any kind of trauma that you may have been holding on to. With excellent design and craftsmanship and the usage of real stones, this Feng Shui bracelet is something you should have to promote positive feelings.

If you suffer from distressing energies in your life and you would like to facilitate some sort of a spiritual connection with your past, this crystal bracelet in Singapore can help you do that. Dispelling negative emotions and helping you to overcome addictions is something that this bracelet does very well.

The Vibrant – Peridot Bracelet

Peridot is a material known for bringing light into the lives of people who use it in their jewellery. This bracelet comes with a peridot embedded in it that helps you boost your confidence, attract love, luck and joy. This bracelet is perfect for people who want to harness the energy of the peridot and bring untold pleasure to all aspects of their life.

The peridot Feng Shui bracelet is known to have multiple joyful effects on the people who wear it. When you wear this bracelet, you will feel happiness seeping into your soul and life in ways you never imagined.


Hence, here are some of the best Feng Shui crystal bracelets that you can buy in Singapore online. With their magical powers and incredible looks, we are sure you will find something that matches your taste. Good luck!

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