Lead Generation for Digital Marketing Agencies

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My name is Dougles Chan digital marketing Guru today Tapia like to talk about is leg generation for digital marketing agency.

Yes is a bit contradictory because I actually talked about how to get more leads more digital marketing agency. So I will cover some of the things that I would like to share with you to get more leads for your digital marketing agency. Okay here goes Soho but you need to understand that although you are a digital marketing agency.

It doesn’t mean that you have to get these vile to digital marketing methods. There are a lot of traditional methods whereby you still can get its and from there you should be able to generate those leads and convert them into customers. So one of the way or we could do for this Niche marketing is based on referral basis. What do you mean by referral basis prefer basis means that for example, if you have friends or relatives or anybody there is able to refer a customer to you or even reverse next to you. You can give them a bonus to give them a referral fee so that they are able to promote breathing to refer some customer to you. So there are two areas whereby you can consider is based on potential is to give them a small token. Give them a commission based on a referral when the deal is done. So in either way you are able to generate more leads for your digital marketing agency when somebody were to refer the potential leaks or customer to your agency. So this one we can also go for this clubs like rotary clubs BNI GCI, whereby you can go and do.

Do some level G your business. They’re willing to generate potential is able to understand your business and going through different most of organization and you’ll be able to generate potential leads for your digital marketing agency. Another matter. What I can share with you is that you can also create your own group. Just you join. Why don’t you two join will treat you Creole who wear by different people for different industry come together. And then your finger around you have Fellowship your coffee and tea obliged. You have no supper together or you like drinking you like dancing or you can do anything related to one particular topic and you get the people together of the similar topic because we’re co-investment topic is easy to prank people and from there just copy but Potentially maybe can become your customer for your digital marketing agency. Of course, I will say that as a digital marketing agency. You also have to have a social media presence your Facebook linked in Twitter Instagram all this you have to be there having to be there doesn’t mean that you will get customer but it’s good to be there because people can find you. Imagine if you additional Credit Company, dude. Don’t have an online presence. That is a total joke to see and of course having said that that’s a digital marketing company. My question to you is why would the customer need to give you the business? Well, would the customer need to inquire about your services? There’s something very interesting a lot of digital marketing agency. There is a smaller one in the music. They create a website again attempt a headache but going up. Copywriter and create this Fontaine and graphic designer to do a local pub and create the email and then from there they are in business. But the reality is that it does not work that way you still have to get up there to create your own branding. So my question to you is why do you have why the customer has to give you the business?

If you’re not able to answer the question, then the customer is always going to give the business to somebody else. Maybe they have a better relationship. Maybe they have a better selling point or maybe they have a better offer interval prices, or maybe there’s something else that you do not add. And protect the business goes to somebody else. So my point is you have to create your own identity your own uniqueness. So that picker will be able to be interested to talk to you and understand your products and your services that you’re reading the digital marketing world. All right. So here are some of the tips were bike will be able to share with you in this digital clipping. And of course along the way I will share with you more. You know when we have more free time. Alright, thank you for watching my this video if you have any comments do post it down below and then from there I can see how I can help you in time to come. All right. Thank you very much. My name is Dougles Chan