10 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing to Promote your Business.

The advent of the internet changed the business landscape in many ways – from distribution to promotion. It is not just e-commerce companies that have benefited from the accessibility and convenience of the World Wide Web. Even traditional and brick-and-mortar shops can take advantage of the Internet to increase sales and widen their market reach.

Many businesses have used social networking sites to market what they have to offer. Digital Marketing is another advertising avenue that interests businesses, although many either do not believe in or do not know how to use social networking to its full potential. This is especially true for companies that are already using television, print, radio, out-of-home, activations, and the web (in the ways mentioned above). They may find it superfluous or even deem it ineffective. A short Tweet or a Pinterest link that costs zero dollars to create cannot possibly be more effective than a million-dollar TV ad campaign, and that is where less Digital Marketing savvy marketers are wrong. If you are not yet using Digital Marketing to promote your business and market your products, then you are missing out on a lot of things.

Here are the most common benefits of using Digital Marketing to promote your business:

1. Digital Marketing enables you to establish or improve brand awareness.

A vast majority of people visit social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook regularly. Most users get not only social updates from those websites but also news reports and entertainment. They always check their feeds, with many of them having automatic notifications, so they do not miss anything new.

Getting your brand name all over those social networking sites will help you establish your brand name. It can also strengthen brand recognition and brand awareness. Social networking sites are the best venue that you can use to establish the online presence of your product and your company. Your target consumers will find your brand difficult to miss.

There are many ways to establish brand awareness in the Digital Marketing. You can create fun YouTube videos that showcase the benefits of your product. You can also use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook to make your product known to netizens. Many companies create fun and unique online personalities so that they can interact with customers in a more personal way. Others go more serious and corporate. It all depends on the products being sold by the company and the consumer experience that they want customers to have.

2. Digital Marketing allows you to check where your competitors stand.

Digital Marketing is a great way to keep tabs on your competitors. You can join your competitor’s Facebook pages. You can follow them on Twitter and other Digital Marketing accounts. This will allow you to study how they communicate with their customers.

Avoid using your company’s official Digital Marketing accounts to do this, though. It would also not be good to use an employee’s or manager’s accounts as these can still be traced to your company. Instead, create dummy accounts that will also allow you to freely message and stealthily follow your competitor’s accounts. This is similar to doing competitor analyses by buying and trying the other company’s products.

However, it would not be ethical to damage your competitors in any way using Digital Marketing. This is sometimes done when a company leaves unfavorable and, most likely, fake negative reviews and comments on a competitor’s accounts or spreads false information about the competitor all over Digital Marketing. Netizens are not easy to fool, and they can easily verify facts on the internet. By resorting to unethical online tactics, you just might gain a bad reputation that will be difficult to shake off. Remember, anything you put on the Internet will stay there forever.

3. Digital Marketing provides a more personalized way of pitching your product.

Digital Marketing provides a more personalized approach to promoting or pitching your product. Newspaper ads and television ads seem to be distant and impersonal. Digital Marketing is a great venue where you can pitch your products in a more interactive and human way. Most people visit Digital Marketing to get personal with other people. You can get personal with your potential buyers and potential clients by initiating conversations with them. You can also encourage your existing customers to give you feedback so you will know your improvement points.

However, you should be ready to face both positive and negative feedback from your customers. Not everybody will be 100% satisfied with their product experience, and you should accept that. What is important is how you handle unsatisfied and disgruntled customers. Especially because Digital Marketing is such a public venue, everyone will be able to see and judge your reactions. Be careful with your use of language and the way you word apologies when they are necessary. Also, it would be best to direct customers to discuss matters privately with your representatives through the proper channels. (See number 8 for further discussion on customer service.)

4. Digital Marketing helps you build client trust and loyalty.

Communicating with your clients in a more personal fashion will make them feel important and secure. It will make them feel valued. This will help them build their trust and confidence in your company and your product. This will also improve your customer feedback, and it will increase the chances of customer recommendations.

Usually, receiving auto-generated e-mails and messages makes customers feel like you do not care enough about their concerns to personally address these. It makes it seem like you are just a corporate entity out to get their money. Personalized Digital Marketing responses show that there are actual humans behind the company who care and appreciate their customers. However, it is important to give employees handling the Digital Marketing accounts proper training so that they know how to interact with consumers in the best way possible.

Many corporate Digital Marketing scandals are usually attributed to “interns” or “junior, low-level officers” who suggest that they do not have the right experience to post properly on a Digital Marketing. It is not as simple as when you are posting status updates or photos on your personal accounts. Companies have to keep an image that customers can trust, and one simple mistake on Twitter or Instagram can break this trust.

Make sure that you have someone trained and qualified who will handle your Digital Marketing accounts. Depending on the company’s organizational structure and culture, you can also have a chain of approvals before a post goes live. At least, have one other person to sign off or review an image or message before it reaches the Internet. Anybody can make a mistake from overlooked grammatical errors that entirely change the meaning of a message to Photoshop disasters. The problem with making a mistake on a company’s Digital Marketing account is that it will be linked to the company itself. This can lead to a devastating change in your relationship with your customers.

5. The Digital Marketing helps showcase all your products.

It is much easier and costs less to showcase your services and products with a Digital Marketing. You can post photos of your new products online. You can also post any promotions on products or services that you offer.

What is great about the Digital Marketing is that consumers receive your updates in real-time, so they are quickly informed about the latest news about your products. If you simply upload new products or launch promotions on your official website without announcing it in some way, then nobody will know about them. You can announce it in the paper, but most people now receive their news via the Internet. You can also have large billboards on the highways, but some people may miss them on their daily commute or see them too late. The beauty of the Digital Marketing is that information is instant. You can take advantage of this for flash sales or limited edition products.

Some people also find it better to know what they are looking for before going out to buy your product in the shops. Showcasing your products on Digital Marketing sites makes it easier for them to scrutinize the specifications and see your range of choices. The formats of these sites are also user-friendly so consumers can quickly browse through the selections and check out prices and even reviews by other buyers. Be sure to update regularly. Most people are more inclined to follow businesses that post often and give special deals to their followers.

6. Digital Marketing makes it easier for you to do market research.

Digital Marketing will help you listen to what your existing and potential customers say about your products and about the industry that you are currently in. People are more outspoken when they are on social networking sites. They are more honest and critical. This will allow you to discover what your customers think of your product.  You can gain a lot of consumer insights and reviews just by taking a look at what people are saying.

The Internet allows people to have an audience who can hear their thoughts and insights, so it is important to monitor any mentions of your products, brand, and company to get an idea of how people feel about them. Turning on Google Alerts can help you as well as tracking hashtags. It is important to use the right tags and keywords for your posts that people can also use. You can also take a look at what is trending and if your posts are going viral – whether positively or negatively.

It is much easier to solicit information about consumer experiences through Digital Marketing

7. You can use social networking sites to strengthen your customer service.

The Digital Marketing is also one of the most inexpensive ways to serve your customers.

However, remember to switch to more private channels when handling delicate matters. It is not good to have a long Twitter exchange about a customer’s problem that everyone can see. You may have other users adding to the conversation, leading to the whole thing blowing up and being a bigger issue than it is. Conversely, you should not simply ignore complaints and concerns that people are posting.

Only give public responses that will be useful to your general consumer bases like guidelines on product use or information on how to contact your business. These details will be helpful to everyone, but for more specific concerns, send the user a private message or ask them for other contact details so you can communicate with them and resolve their issue.

Even though Digital Marketing sites are quite casual venues, it is still important to maintain your image and show that you take all your clients seriously. Giving sardonic or even slightly joking responses may backfire on you. Treat every consumer with respect and your brand will gain the same in return.

8. You can use social networking sites to establish yourself as an expert and showcase your talents.

If you are a life coach, fitness coach, lawyer, or an accountant, social networking sites will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is a great way to show off your knowledge and expertise on a certain subject. This will help you get more clients, and it will help build your reputation.

You can also do this for your company. Aside from sales-driven posts, you can post about topics related to your line of business. These should be informative and interesting to your consumers, but these do not necessarily have to direct them to purchase your products. This technique helps present you as a reliable and exciting source of information. More users will also follow you if you do not always just post about selling your products. Giving people an assortment of posts on different topics will help guard against fatigue from your Digital Marketing presence.

You may and should post as often as possible, perhaps several times a day, but give variety. Be funny and trendy so that more people will relate to your brand. That will also encourage users to repost and share your content with their friends and followers.

9. The Digital Marketing enables you to enhance your personal relationships and expand your business contacts.

It can do this by helping you reconnect with old friends who can help your business. It can also help generate marketing leads. LinkedIn is great for business networking. You don’t only discover people in similar fields, but you also read highly credible posts on important business topics. Join groups and be active on forums. These features are not available to people without accounts on the site, so having one will be important and will also help you establish yourself in your field.

You should follow people whom you find inspiring. Social networking sites help you connect with other professionals and other business owners who may be interested to collaborate with you. This is especially important for young businessmen and startups since they can greatly benefit from the guidance of veterans. This will also help them find potential partners, sponsors, and even investors.

As such, make sure that your online image is impeccably positive and professional. You can even have a separate professional and personal account on different Digital Marketing websites, or you can take advantage of privacy settings. Always take the time to consider and review your material before you post any content. Make sure that you do not put anything on the Internet that can be considered offensive or scandalous to any individuals or groups of people. Your business contacts and consumers can easily trace these back to you. 

Also, make sure to keep yourself and your co-workers or employees well-informed and up-to-date with what is appropriate in today’s times. What was considered polite a few years ago may no longer be politically correct now? It is as well easy to make a cultural faux pas, especially when dealing with foreign cultures in the development of your products or interactions with consumers.

10. The Digital Marketing gives you free advertising.

It costs nothing to have a verified account on most Digital Marketing websites. You can post as many ads and promotions as you want without having to spend a cent.

For more advanced marketing, you can do targeted sponsored ads, but this may not be cost-effective for new businesses or those with niche markets.

If you take into consideration how much ads cost per click or pixel, then you will be able to better appreciate the accessibility of using Digital Marketing.


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