Marketing for Feng Shui Masters and Feng Shui Consultancy

For a Feng Shui consultancy to succeed, there is a winning formula based on practices that should be done right and principles that should be followed. First of all, the product should be tried and tested to be effective and beneficial to customers. The company itself should be credible and trustworthy to consumer and investors alike. There should be efficiency in the way things are done, from financing, product placement, and manpower. But the most important factor that spells success in the Feng Shui consultancy is implementing effective marketing strategies.

The effect of a powerful marketing plan is so strong that it can drive the entire company to success despite sub-par performance from other departments. This is the reason why companies provide utmost attention to the marketing  arm of their Feng Shui consultancy because it can make or break the company. In today’s Feng Shui consultancy landscape, nothing is more effective than digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that relies heavily on today’s technology, especially the internet. It is more affordable, reaches to a vast majority of potential customers, and at the same time target a specific niche or market. Although the availability of social media makes it easier to implement digital marketing strategies, it does not automatically spell success. There should be several considerations made in order to successfully implement digital marketing plans. Please take a look at the top 10 digital marketing tips that ensures a successful marketing campaign.

1.  Specialization

With the availability of a lot of social media platforms right now, it is easy to get tempted into creating an online presence to as much platform as possible. The idea here is that the more social media platforms the company has presence, the better. The thing is, having an account on a social media, like Facebook or Twitter, doesn’t necessarily equate to an online presence immediately. It is the management of such accounts that spell online presence.

With that being said, setting up an account is one thing, maintaining one is another. The maintenance of the social media account is the catalyst for a strong online presence. This is why a Feng Shui consultancy should only set up an account which it could handle properly. Having a well-maintained account on a singular platform is way better than having multiple poorly-handled accounts. Whether you are doing Feng shui services, accurate bazi reading or using 5 element Feng Shui to help, you will need to setup some social media accounts.

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, the social media account to be selected should be the one in which the company and product can be relevant, and can easily reach out to its target niche.

Aside from eliminating the difficulty of handling multiple platforms by having an online presence on just a few, there is also the factor of positive publicity.  Online presence can be positive or negative. The account maintained should consistently have a positive image online, one that is interactive with its customers and anyone that lands on the page. Although people say that negative publicity is still publicity, it is advisable for companies to stay in providing positive vibes and relevance to the online community.

2.  Selecting the Perfect Digital Marketing Tool

In relation to specialization, a company should know what specific marketing platform it should venture into. Aside from popular social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, there are several ways that a company can accumulate an online presence. Blogging is also a great way to generate online traffic. Effective blogging is providing unique, interesting, helpful, and inspiring content to attract netizens to a company’s website. The key here is applying the first point; specialization. If the company decides to use blogging as a means of digital marketing, then it should exert full effort into providing quality content that can generate to leads and sales. Keeping a blog relevant and up-to-date opens up countless possibilities including organically introducing the company and products to a vast potential market.

A company can also resort to SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO simply is the use a set of strategies including keyword density that organically allows website to go on top of search sites. It is not as simple as it sounds.  With Google updating its algorithm every now and the presence of tough competition, a company should exert full effort into developing SEO strategies that not only are effective, but are also cost-efficient.

If the company decides to stick with social media, it has to make the research on where it can create the most relevance. There are a lot of information and statistic about the demography of websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. The more the company knows about these websites, the more effective the marketing plan can be. The company can also prepare on how to respond with the certain demography expected to interact with them.

3.  Using SEO Effectively

One of the most cost-efficient and effective means of digital marketing is the use of SEO or search engine optimization. It is the use of keywords and other strategies that causes a particular website to rise in the ranks of search engines such as Google. The best thing about SEO is because through this strategy, a website’s rank increases without the need to shell out funds for paid advertising.

When SEO was initially utilized for marketing purposes, it was relatively easy. Unfair practices such as black hat SEO and other unethical strategies forced search site giants such as google to make adjustments to prevent this from happening. Right now, Google is constantly changing its algorithm and companies should adhere to ethical standards in order to keep from being penalized.

As I have mentioned earlier, the use of SEO is not a simple task. If the company does not have an inhouse SEO specialist, make sure to get the services of an SEO expert to ensure that aside from increasing the ranks in social media rankings, the company is adhering to existing ethical processes.

4.  Using an Influencer

One of the newest trends today is the rise of the influencers. Influencers are those people that have built a major following on either one or several social medial platforms, most popularly YouTube and Facebook. They make video blogs on their adventures, activities, or other things that their followers find interesting.  The effectiveness of influencers lies in the fact that the masses can relate to these people. They are not celebrities that are often living lifestyles beyond regular people. Influencers are relatable regular people that happens to make sense and therefore can be credible.

Companies take advantage of the credibility and relatability of these influencers. If an influencer is seen using a particular product and he starts talking about it, his legions of followers can be influenced into using the same product. Sometimes subtle or at times outright, product placement is effective because it seems that the influencer is genuinely using the product.

5.  Regulating Content

Digital marketing is all about content. It is the content that keeps people in staying in a particular website or following a particular social media account, so it is very important to keep content interesting and fresh so that people would continue visiting the company’s website.  But it is not just about the quality of content, it should also be relevant to the company’s product and at the same time include promotional content to induce leads and sales.

The tricky part is balancing the quality and freshness of content, contains value and solve target audience’s issues, at the same time promote and advertise the company and the product.  The common rule is 80-20. It means that 80% of the content should contain value and 20% should contain promotional materials. The formula can be slightly adjusted depending on the approach and the strategy, but in order to stay relevant and keep the audience interested, there should always be more value and less promotion.

6. Using Paid Advertising Effectively

Most Feng Shui consultancy consider paid advertising to be more effective than any organic strategy combine. But the truth is, the effectively of paid advertising also depends on the strength of the organic marketing strategies implemented by the company. PPC, or pay-per-click, is the most common means of paid advertising. But this would only generate traffic and sales eventually if the content of the company’s website is interesting and valuable to potential the potential audience.

The reason for the utilization of paid advertisement is to drive traffic to the website. But it must be understood that this strategy is useless if there is no valuable content for the audience to stay and navigate through the website. It should also be understood that increased traffic will not automatically convert to sales. As the value of the company’s website increases to the target audience, the more credible it becomes and the more inclined for them to make purchase.

The bottom line is to create value for the visitors of the company’s website. Whether it is through great and usable content or through offers and promotions, the audience should feel that there is additional value for them to make transactions through the website.

7.  Enhancing Website Experience

Even if the company’s website contains valuable, interesting, unique, and fresh content, if the audience will have an inconvenient and difficult experience in using the website, there is a large possibility that the visitor will not make a transaction. The force that will complement great content is great navigation experience.

If it is easy and convenient for the potential customers to interact with the company through their website, they will be more inclined to make transactions through that website. The good thing is increasing the ease of navigation is easy with the help of several components.

The first component is easy navigation. All the bookmarks, the tabs, and the links should be easy to follow and click. The loading speed of navigating through the website should also be fast. There should also be no lack of communication channels such as a “contact us” page. Aside from that, a chatbot could be of great help so that potential customers can place inquiries and expect an immediate reply.

8.  Being Mobile Friendly

Everything can be accessed through our smartphones nowadays. This is the reason why companies should be up-to-date in creating a mobile version of their websites. If this is not possible, at least have a mobile-friendly website where it can still be easily navigated through a smartphone even without having a dedicated mobile website.

The thing about having a mobile website is that it should have a more restricted access or at least have a stricter security protocol to avoid breach. For example, transactions that can be done through a trusted desktop computer cannot be easily done through a mobile device unless overridden with a tight security procedure like fingerprint scanning or answering security questions.

9.  Using Email Marketing

The best thing about using email is that the message conveyed to the customers can be personalized compared to generic approach of social media marketing. Email can also provide an unlimited space to provide information compared to other platforms that have only limited characters. Sending emails to existing customers can provide a personal atmosphere and create a sense of concern that increases customer trust.

The good thing about email is that like every other application existing today, it is available to be accessed anytime through a mobile device without seeming invasive compared to text messages. Customers can interact with the company whenever they want and read and re-read messages about offers and information they find valuable.

10.  Constant Update

This is the simplest means of effective digital marketing, but is the most overlooked of all. Everything in the internet world, the fads, the trends, pass away. It is just the matter of when those trending things on social media will fade, but it definitely will. Being updated with what is trending is the easiest way to remain relevant and interesting for the targeted audience. A company that is involved with digital marketing cannot remain status quo as it is good as being inactive and irrelevant. People who are following the trends are annoyed with companies that cannot seem to cope. There should be a good research team to know what trends to follow and what trends need to be unfollowed by the company.