Qimen Live – Direct Wealth & Indirect Wealth Live Session 6 Nov 2021 by Dougles Chan

Qimen Live with about 70 people sharing on Direct Wealth & Indirect Wealth 6 Nov 2021 for Qi Men Dun Jia. Tks to all 70 students from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and USA who have attended the QMDJ Zoom session. They have learn how to see their potential in their direct wealth and indirect wealth using Qimen Destiny Reading

Comments from the students in the Qimen Live Session with Dougles Chan

16:18:04 From Quý : Thank you Sifu for sharing today. It’s very useful for me
16:18:13 From VNNganLe : Thank you for your sharing, Sir. Have a good afternoon.
16:18:36 From Uyen Le : Thank Master, have a nice weekend 😀
16:18:39 From Ha Dan : Thank you for your time Sir
16:18:41 From IG:imannhhh_ : Thank you so much
16:18:52 From Clarice : thank you master
16:18:57 From Jullie Nguyen : thank you sir, have a nice weekend
16:18:57 From Thanh Thao Nguyen Lam : Thank sir, it’s very helpful
16:19:00 From Ngan Vo : Thank you so much, Sir.
16:19:03 From Duyên Nguyễn : Thank you for your sharing, Master
16:19:05 From May Nguyen : thank you for sharing. Have a peaceful weekend

Below are all the slides presented in the Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth session above.

This Qimen Live session was conducted by Dougles Chan.