How Feng Shui Master were able to change your luck?

How Feng Shui Master were able to change your luck?

In this video, I’ll share with you some of the things that Feng Shui Master must do to kind of help you to increase your direct wealth and your luck.

Of course some of this information I’m going to share may not be so nice to hear, but apparently these are some of the tricks that are using by all those Feng Shui master.

So anyhow when people do a Feng Shui for a person, what they do is that? Of course, they will use a compass to go and take a look in their house or in their office and then of course they’ll do a lot of calculation and tabulation.

At the same time, they also get your birthday and time to see your chart on that particular year. So that’s the thing about the Feng Shui Master, they get your date and time of your chart and then from that basing on the date and time, they are able to see this coming year or not you’ll be able to have a good luck, good wealth, or good energy that comes to you. So that is the key, when they are able to see your luck is going to be good next year and they are able to help you basing or shifting on the Feng Shui.

So they will charge you a certain fee to do a audit and then from there, they will based on the chart of your answer will your this energy be good, we’ll allow what drug would be good then, they will actually be able to see and from that they were actually based on that to do some audit and do some adjustment of the Feng Shui of your office or house.

And because of that they will charge you thousands and thousands of dollars, so the trick is they already know what’s going to have the text. So the fact is that let’s say if your luck is not going to be good, then they will tell you okay you may have to wait for a few more years and this will take a long time for this Feng Shui to take effect. But if your life is not going to be good all the time, then they will not be able to take you as a customer and they will not be charging you thousands of thousands of dollars.

But maybe what they do is that they will charge you a fee to do some praying, do some or special activities that create a kind of things that may help you in their Feng Shui. So bearing in mind the audit is the trick is that they already know your energy, your life is going to happen in the coming months and years. So and they’re only tapping into the Feng Shui itself to share with you or even sell you more product or services. So that you will be able to make more money.

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