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5 Feng shui Tips That Will Lead to Prosperity

If you think that Feng shui is somehow linked to wealth and luck, you are close enough. Feng shui is linked to Taoism. It is an ancient Chinese system that is mainly related to philosophy. It was developed to utilize the chi in our environment. It brings fortune and better health to people. According to the masters, Feng shui itself won’t bring the money. But it helps the person to have better luck around him. The person needs to work for the wealth himself. So it can be said that one has to strive for success and Feng shui will support that person in all the ways.

Want to learn how you can try as well? Then you need to research. But fear not. We did a bit of research for you. And we brought you a list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity. This art promotes a good flow of luck, love, and wealth. When you are working hard, all you need is a bit of luck to go with it. And it doesn’t hurt to try out the centuries-old philosophical system. After reading these 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity, you should try them out.

1. De-clutter Your Space

One of the most important ones of the list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity is de-cluttering the space. It is said that chi needs space to move around your environment. And it cannot move properly if your space is cluttered with things and files, especially on your desk. When the chi can move around freely you will find success for your hard work. So you need to organize your space in such a way that there is no clutter around you. It can be in your room or your office.

In your home, you need to get rid of all the unnecessary things. That includes the furniture that is no longer any use to you. It is surely a minimalistic lifestyle. Whether you believe in Feng shui or not, cleaning up will boost your productivity. You can also strictly organize your clothes and make sure there are no clutters in your room.

In terms of your office space, you have to have an organized file cabinet. You cannot leave your files on the tables unorganized. This also decreases your productivity when you need a certain file. According to Feng shui, you need to keep the place of work free of clutter. Only then chi or energy can flow around you when you work. This increases your chances of success in your work.

2. Water Flow

In Feng shui water is the most powerful symbol. It has sparkling chi energy. This is beneficial for prosperity. People find having water flow around helps them to ease their minds. They find a clearer and focused mind. They get to get the work done efficiently and they don’t usually lose things around their workspace.

To utilize this you can have a small water fountain. A small sized decorative piece that has a fountain will do. An aquarium also works well. But the most important part is that you have to keep the water clean at all times.

If you still find it difficult, you can invest in an object that depicts water, a painting, or a picture will do. This is the best way of the list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity.

3. The Entry

In Feng shui, the entry of a home is called the “mouth of chi”. All the energy comes through the front door of your home or office. So, you need to make the door as much inviting as possible. So the good energies are welcomed into your life through the door.

You need to clean the entire area of the door regularly. Also, the frame of the door, the numbers, and small parts need to be cleaned well. You can place a mat that says “welcome”. As we mentioned earlier the more welcoming the door is the better. A Clean welcome mat will encourage the energies to enter your home. You also need to make sure you come through the front door at least once a day. This is the easiest practice in the list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity.

4. Live Plants

Another easy task of the list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity is live plants. We often use fake plants for our decorations. But the live plants are believed to bring in positive elements in the room. These plants improve air quality and that helps to bring nature inside. In Feng shui, green plants are supposed to encourage business and personal growth.

So you can keep small live plants in your workplace or your home. Small plants are very easy to handle and some even need very little care.

Make sure if any of the plants dies you replace or remove it instantly. Bamboo plant, peace lily, jade plant are considered very lucky.

5. The Placement

The art of Feng shui is obsessed with placements. In its practices, it is necessary to place your working desk needs to be located diagonally from the entry door. Your back is supposed to be on the wall. So you can get a clear view of the whole office. This is necessary when you want perfect control of your office. This influences your success and prosperity. This practice is done all over. Probably you can’t remember an office where the boss is sitting facing the opposite way from the entry door. This is the last and one of the important tips from the list of 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity.

Bottom line

Feng shui is an ancient art. This is practiced all around the world. People find peace and a sense of belief in their hard work through Feng shui. There are more ways to practice this art. The 5 Feng shui tips that will lead to prosperity mentioned here are one of the unique and effective ones. Be sure to try them properly.

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