Car plate Number Feng Shui Prospectives

Feng Shui Prospective for Car Plate Numbers

Many car owners are particular about car plate number feng shui as they believe that it will help them in terms of luck, direct wealth or indirect wealth, safety and creating better energy.

Do you know that if you get a BAD car plate number feng shui number, it could possible lead to accidents, failed marriage, argument or even horrible things might happen, well of course some people will believe, some people will not, but there is a saying, its rather to believe in it when possible. No harm right?

Anyway, in this “car plate number feng shui” article I will share with you from the Feng Shui prospective on some BAD numbers and how to caclculate them so that you can get a better idea.

Feng Shui logic actually comes from i-ching, the thousands years of history of Chinese metaphysics, at such, there is a section in i-ching talking about numbers which gives positive or negative energy, at such, I have narrow down a few set of numbers you need to avoid in a car plate if you are intenting to use Feng shui for car plate numbers.

What are The BAD numbers:

  • Bad Car plate number Feng Shui Set 1 – 18,97,36,24 – Most dangerous, may lead to death
  • Car plate number Feng Shui Set 2 – 12,69,48,37 – Moderate danger, serious accidents
  • Car plate number Feng Shui Set 3 – 17,89,46,23 – illness, argument, accidents

Example 1

Take for example, if you car plate is ABD55801, it will be coverted to numbers, which equals to 12455801 (A-1, B-2 and D-4). This 12458801 is the raw number, which needs to covert to a final number.

We will need to remove 5 and 0 (The rule) to see the final number, hence the final numbers are 124881 (Taking out the 0 and 5)

Looking at 124881, see all the sets above and you can identify that there are some bad numbers (The orders 18 and 81 is the same), you will see 48 and 81 are 2 sets of bad numbers for car plate Feng Shui, hence, I would recommend the person who owns the car, to change the car plate the soonest, as it implies that the person that drives the car, eventually it ill end up to have a serious accident that could lead to death.

Example 2

Car plate is EC 55658909. We convert the EC into 53, and the total number become 5355658909. We take away the 5 and 0 as it is not relevant for the calculations. Hence it becomes 36899. There is a bad number of 36 and another set of bad number at 89. This 2 combinations are a no-go in terms of Feng Shui number for car plates.

Wish you good luck in choosing the right car plate numbers!