Top 10 Feng Shui Master in Singapore? [This is the Best Hidden Info You need]

Looking for Top 10 Feng Shui Master in Singapore? Or the best of the best? 

Do you know that when you look and search for Feng shui masters or experts? Your search term will usually hover around Top 10 Feng Shui Master Singapore or Feng Shui consultants in Singapore or best , famous or Top 10 Feng Shui Master Singapore in Google. Some will search for best fengshui master in Singapore or best feng shui master Singapore. Regardless, you know how usually search in their ways to search for a famous feng shui master in singapore.

Secret – Many of the search results when you find Feng Shui Master in Singapore may be not so accurate and reliable

I will share with you my findings and prospective on this Feng Shui and Bazi reading industry in this interesting article.

Before we start off, if you do not know what FENG SHUI is all about, do understand it from the information below: If not you can skip and move to this part.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, also known as “Geomancy,” is a Chinese tradition that dates back over 6,000 years. It literally means “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui). It’s an ancient approach to designing and optimising homes and businesses to bring happiness, abundance, and harmony into one’s life. Architecture, urban planning, interior design, and garden design are all included.

It is concerned with how objects are placed concerning the flow of Qi (natural energy). It also includes the structure’s layout, framework, materials, and colours. In any given situation, these rules of thumb allow us to establish the best possible arrangement.

The History of Feng Shui

The Luo Shu Turtle is claimed to provide eight various kinds of divine benefits, including “rich luck.” It is thought to be extremely strong when depicted with a newborn (left). Farms and communities in ancient China were strategically positioned within the protective folds of mountains, protected from harsh winds and nourished by gentle, flowing streams.

People who followed these ideals succeeded in agriculture and trade, and they grew to be powerful and powerful. Unlike their neighbours, who were subjected to fierce winds and hard terrain, they produced social, cultural, and military leaders. Over many decades, the practice of Feng Shui has been perfected, resulting in a plethora of skilled scholars.

Feng Shui was once supposed to be a closely guarded Chinese Imperial Court secret. It was forbidden for any Feng Shui Masters to share their potentially powerful information with outsiders. As a result, information was passed down the generations from father to son according to family customs. China’s volatile history has only served to foster this trend, and secrecy is still prevalent today.

It’s difficult to determine the timeframe and all the relationships of the elements that eventually led to the Bagua because very few diagrams and texts from China’s pre-printing era have survived.

Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are notions in Chinese philosophy that illustrate how seemingly opposing forces in the natural world are essentially complementary, interrelated, and interdependent. Light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, fire and water, life and death, male and female, sun and moon, and so on are all considered to be physical representations of the yin and yang duality. When doing Feng Shui, we must consider yin and yang since there must be a natural balance of both elements in the environment.

The human body, just like the energy that surrounds us in our homes and offices, is constantly rising and falling; energy is never steady or permanent, and Traditional Chinese Feng Shui recognises this ongoing interplay. The ancient symbols known as Trigrams encode yin and yang information and form the basic Bagua used in basic Feng Shui.

The Five Elements (Wu Xing)

Cosmology is a branch of science that combines the natural sciences, particularly astronomy and physics, in an attempt to comprehend the physical universe as a whole. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the “Five Phases” in ancient Chinese cosmology that describe the change in the cosmos.

The Wu Xing were associated with the cardinal directions, seasons, colours, musical tones, and bodily functions and were thought to overcome and succeed one another in an unchangeable cycle.

The Wu Xing was used in various domains of early Chinese philosophy once it reached maturity in the second or first century BCE under the Han dynasty, including seemingly incongruous fields like geomancy (Feng shui), astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategy, and martial arts.

Masters of Feng Shui

Feng Shui explains the world around us and what lies ahead in a pleasant manner. They can assist us in comprehending a current oddity or serve as a guide to addressing some of life’s most serious worries, such as our jobs’ future prospects or who will become our life partners.

Why People Believe in Feng Shui

Luck is a huge part of Chinese culture. Many people from across the globe who were also influenced by the Chinese culture also believe in luck. These people believe that they could get lucky in life, especially in the aspects of love and relationships, career, and health if they practice Feng Shui or were to engage the best fengshui master in Singapore that are famous or recommended by someone.

Feng Shui, which is also known as Chinese geomancy, or “wind-water” in English, claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It utilizes formulas and calculations to bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi/chi.

The ancient Chinese people believed that arranging things to create positive “chi” would ensure good health, improve interpersonal relationships, and bring luck and prosperity. In modern days, people follow rules like selecting items to place near or far from doors or windows. Some Feng shui master believe that removing items will be more beneficial for the owner.

They believe that “chi” can enter and leave through those openings.  The less blockage there is, the better the energy flows to the home. The Feng shui masters do not like to clutter things especially in the main passage to the house. They also make good impressions with front doors for they believe that in order to attract energy into your home, you need to have a welcoming front door with as little obstruction as possible.

They also make use of Bagua and crystals. They use these things seriously and very effectively. They are also guided by their zodiac signs, lucky numbers, and colors.

We can find that people who believe in Feng Shui really believe it for reasonable causes. If you would think about the rationale of their rules and beliefs, some people would understand why and would see the logic behind the beliefs. In the end, attainment of the good things people want in their lives is all that matters. People might have different beliefs but it is still the results that matter.

Searching for the Top 10 Feng Shui Master Singapore

Anyways, let us go back to the question of the Top 10 Feng Shui Master Singapore or Bazi Consultants in Singapore.

Base on the Google search ranking, not because of Google ranking is bad, but the website owners and how they play around the Top 10 or best 10 Feng Shui Master in Singapore system to help them rank in the Google search engine.

Hence, before you believe what you SEE in the top 10 ranking or top 20 Feng Shui Master in Singapore, consider the following before engaging the Best, famous or top Feng shui master ,Bazi masters or Bazi experts in Singapore.

This applies to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, UK, USA and many other countries too

If you notice, this website is ranked on the TOP 10 in most of the Feng Shui and Bazi related keywords that you search, this is to showcase that there is a way to optimised the website to ranked in the Search Engine.

The rules are the same as long as there is a search engine involved. It can be “easily” optimized.

Top 10 or Best 10 Websites – The Traffic Getter

There are a few website that writes about the Top 10 or Best Feng Shui Master in Singapore or best Bazi Consultants in Singapore or any other countries, their purpose is to bring traffic to their website, to sell you a service, to let you engage their services or to let you click on some ads where they will be paid from the advertising platform.

These websites are about making money, they want to earn money from you, directly or indirectly, some websites examples are:

The Finest Fengshui Masters in Singapore

Interesting the footer mentioned that copyright 2012-2020. But when I do an in-depth research, the website is registered on 23 Sept 2020. I find it a bit weird. So I am not sure how real is the information and their intentions.

Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Some of the websites mentioned, the articles are written by writers, meaning that they are Professional writers, it can be from India, Philippines or locally in Singapore and most of the writers may not have met with the Feng Shui Masters or bazi consultants at all.

Hence, when they were to recommended the top 10 or the best 20 Feng Shui Master, do they really know what they are talking about.

I will let you decide.

Website Name That has Feng Shui Master or Bazi Master/ Consultant Words in it

If you notice, there are a few websites that use the name fengshuimaster…. or bazimaster, FfengshuiSingapore or even in their domain name, their purpose is to let Google crawl their website so that they are able to rank high in the Google search Engine.

This SEO techniques is an old method of ranking high in Google search engine. Apparently, many people still using this old method to try to rank high and get more Feng Shui Singapore and Bazi reading customers.

Ranking on top 10 in Google does not mean they are the best, accurate or reliable; you will need to check their credential and ability before selecting who you want to engage. You can always check some forums and discussion forums about specific feng shui master or Bazi consultant/Bazi Master.

Some ways you can search the information is to Google the followings:

Feng shui master name + review/reviews

Bazi Consultant/Bazi Master name + review/reviews

You can add other variations to check the persons credibility too! It is up to your imaginations and creativity.

Local Business Name with Feng Shui Master in Google Business

Some of the Feng shui masters, bazi masters or the Bazi experts intentionally use the word FENG SHUI  MASTER, or BAZI CONSULTANT, or even BAZI Experts as their business name, nothing wrong with it, it is totally legitimate in Singapore and more of the countries like Malaysia, USA, UK and Australia.

However, also take note that their companies get their local business name to be registered in Google business, hence, when you search for Feng Shui Master, bazi consultant, Feng Shui Singapore or Bazi Expert, there could be some companies that will be listed as Google Business, which auto ranked at the top page of the Google search engine under Google business.

Do take note that ranking top does not equates to whether they are good in their Feng Shui or bazi skills. The google ranking and their Feng Shui ability is not EQUAL!

Even FAMOUS feng shui master does not mean they are good in Feng shui, they could be famous because there are aggressively marketing their services and brand.

Not Difficult to Be a Famous and Top 10 or Best 10 Feng Shui Master or Consultant

I have been doing marketing for the last 30 years and apparently, if you get the formula right, to be very famous it is not so tough, same as any Feng Shui Masters in Singapore or even Malaysia. It is a matter of creating the brand, and letting people know who you are and what you do.

A little bit of charismas and character will add more spices to become very famous and popular! Seriously!

How to Choose the Best Feng Shui Master or Bazi consultant – Seriously

  • Recommendations

I got too many people asking me good for feng shui master to recommend Singapore via phone and whatapps. In order to choose the correct Feng Shui master or Bazi Consultant, it will be best to get recommendation from friends you can trust, meaning that if your friends are getting some interesting results based on their engagement of the Feng Shui master, then likely there will be a opportunity that the recommendation is pretty good.

If your friend have not engage the Feng Shui master before and they made a recommendation, do not go ahead with it – Your friends could have find the names from the top/best 10 good feng shui master to recommend singapore list compiled by many websites also…. haha

  • How Many Years of Experience in the market

Feng shui, bazi and Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) is a skill, it is like martial art, anyone can learn the skills, but they must also practice the skills to make their skills better, even masters that are more than 10 years in the industry, they are still learning, if someone were to mentioned they know everything already and is 100% accurate, it is a RED FLAG.

Stay away from these kind of masters as far as possible! 

Even I have learn some Chinese metaphysics skills for a couple of years, although I am already helping many people to solve their problems, regardless of business, relationship, studies, career, etc; I am still learning many things every single day, even the basis skills I am still polishing every day to make it better.

There is no end to learning, especially in the world of geomancy.

Understand the Basic of Feng Shui, Bazi and Qi Men Dun Jia

It will be good to have a basic understand of what it is and how it works, although some of them are very complex, especially Qi Men Dun Jia which is one of the highest level of skill in Chinese metaphysics, it will be good to know some basic.

Why so?

When you know the basic, then when some of the Feng Shui Masters or Bazi Consultant in Singapore that want to SCAM you, you will know that they are lying. Well, it is true that you may not know anything, but knowing some basic will help you save alot of money and time.

Yes, there are Feng Shui Masters, Bazi Consultants or Bazi Experts that are “liars” too! Well, I am not saying all of them are blood suckers, there are quite a fair bit of them out there…

Apparent sometimes, they will sell you Feng Shui items or crystals bracelets that could cost you thousands of dollars. items, well, whether the Feng Shui items works or not that will be another topic to discuss but personally finds that ripping off people is a no-no in this metaphysics industry.

Anyways, after sharing you with some of the juicy things on Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, or maybe in Malaysia I will still list out the list of feng shui masters below. No guaranteed their services are good or reliable though….

Searching for the top Feng Shiu Masters in Singapore?

I have compiled some list for you listing the contact number and address of the Feng Shui masters in Singapore for you ease of no going to too many websites. (Ranking are not in order.) Here you go.

Master Chan

Master Chan is a good feng shui master in Singapore who uses a scientific and objective approach to feng shui and birth reading.

Master Chan became interested in Feng Shui in 1994 as a result of his recently purchased property, and it quickly blossomed into a professional vocation. He began as a staunch non-believer in feng shui rather than discovering it through the grapevine.

ServicesHome Feng Shui, Business Feng Shui, Pre-Evaluation, Chinese Birth Reading, Auspicious Chinese Name, Overseas Feng Shui
Contact details+65 9071 2121

Hui Master International Geomancy Pte. Ltd.

He is one of the famous Feng shui masters in Singapore. Feng Shui is a unique profession. While Master Hui thinks that one’s destiny is in one’s hands, he also believes that Feng Shui cures can be used at any time in one’s life to improve one’s fate, fortune, health, and love life. “The land where a good person lives is a land of happiness, and on each land of happiness lives a good person,” Master Hui says, quoting a Chinese adage. Man and his surroundings interact and influence one another, and that Feng Shui alone will not transform a person’s life unless he changes for the better.

Master Hui believes that those who are helpful to others will be naturally rewarded with good things and will meet the proper individuals who will be able to help them. This is because compassion and good deeds are the bedrock requirements of mankind, as well as the basic principles of living a meaningful life. By being kind and giving, one connects with the Buddhist objectives and can live in harmony with the will of Heaven, resulting in good fortune.

ServicesModern Feng Shui interior design (Residential), Modern Feng Shui interior design (Commercial), Choosing a name for newborn, Changing of name, Fortune telling, Bazi reading, Choosing auspicious dates (for marriage, moving in or opening of business), Choosing dates for caesarean, Placement of Buddha statue at home and the consecration ceremony, Groundbreaking ceremony, Prayers for improving popularity, money luck and clearing obstacles, Consecration for Feng Shui items, Tibetan dZi bead that matches one’s Bazi, Feng Shui seminars and courses.
Contact details+65 6348 8888 / +65 6345 1928
AddressBlk 82 Marine Parade Central #01-604 Singapore 440082

Destiny Asia Global Consultancy (Master Lester Tan)

DestinyAsia Global Consultancy

Feng shui master Lester Tan work as a senior consultant in Chinese Wedding date selection for Destiny Asia Global Consultancy. He has done graduationin Real Estate from the National University of Singapore.

He employs rigorous and stringent selection criteria in line with classical Wedding date selection principles to suggest Wedding dates. Apart from this, he is a well-known Feng Shui master in Singapore for BaZi consultation, QMDJ & Vedic Astrology, and Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui.

ServicesWedding date selection
Ba Zi analysis
Auspicious name for baby
Other Feng Shui related services
+65 98367144.
Address12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B, #06-01A, Singapore 409958

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy was founded by Master Adrian Lo, who is also the Principal Consultant. He is a highly sought-after Feng Shui Master and Bazi expert in Singapore and around Asia.

Master Adrian Lo has helped innumerable businesses and individual residences as a professional Feng Shui Consultant for decades. He is one of the best Feng shui master in Singapore.  He is well-known for his remarkably precise Bazi analysis, which has assisted customers of all types, including notable entrepreneurs and executive professionals, in making vital decisions, achieving their life goals, and bringing success to their families.

Throughout his 17-year professional career as a Feng Shui Master and Bazi specialist, he has earned the respect and admiration of all of his pleased clients. Approximately 80% of his consumers are reference customers from his pool of delighted customers.

Master Adrian Lo’s innovative utilisation of cutting-edge technology and advanced analytic methodologies will benefit you in your business, home, and other endeavours. With the golden laws of the ancient art of Feng Shui, he gives easy and practical answers to difficulties that are sure to turn things around for the better.

ServicesBaZi Life Analysis; Qi Men Dun Jia; Residential Feng Shui; Business/Commercial Feng Shui; Fengshui On-site Property Selection; Fengshui Off-Site Property Selection; Wedding Date Selection; Auspicious Date Selection for other events; Overseas Fengshui Consultation; Online Consultation; Caesarean Date Selection; Baby Naming;
Contact details+65 98299315
AddressJu Xuan Geomancy Consultancy 1 Scotts Road #24-10 Shaw Centre Singapore 228208

Lo Shi Feng Shui

Master Jeff Lo, a local top Feng Shui Master, has extensive training, competence, and skill practice in Singapore. As a result of his ardent enthusiasm for Feng Shui, he read a lot of Feng Shui or Chinese Metaphysics literature while he was a teenager. He began studying fundamental Feng Shui concepts under a renowned Feng Shui teacher when he was 19 years old.

ServicesResidential, commercial, office, retail shop, factory, Fengshui consultation, Bazi analysis, baby naming, selection of auspicious dates
Contact detailsTelephone:65 6226 1700   65 8128 8858 Email:
Address1 Yishun Street 23, Singapore 768441

Sherwin Tng Geomancy Pte Ltd

Master Sherwin is known for his straightforward, honest, and rational readings, as well as astrology that is comprehensive, fundamental, and easily implemented. He is one of the top 10 Feng Shui masters.  He aspires to assist the general population in realising their Feng Shui potential.

ServicesBazi Luck Analysis, Home & Commercial Feng Shui Audit, Newborn baby naming, Selection of auspicious dates for Wedding and Opening Ceremony, Adult name change
Contact detailsBazi Luck Analysis, Home & Commercial Feng Shui Audit, Newborn baby naming, Selection of auspicious dates for Wedding and Opening Ceremony, Adult name change
Address1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton #02-01 Singapore 049213


Authentic Traditional Feng Shui books and writings, Free Professional Feng Shui readings, all Feng Shui ON-THE-FLY readings (Ba Zi & Xuan Kong), extremely basic visits or virtual Professional Feng Shui readings, Certificate Online e-Learning feng shui lectures, Games for Chinese Astrology or Horoscope, and more can be found for thousands of dollars.

ServicesSingapore onsite home audit, Bazi life reading, wedding date selection, personalised Fengshui reports
Contact detailsMaster Cecil Lee+65 9785 3171   Master Robert Lee +65 9835 5734 Email:

Master Ang

Master Feng Shui Ang wishes to bring hope to those who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships, work, bills, legal conflicts, commerce, health, stamina, and other areas. He is one of the famous Feng shui masters in Singapore. They provide attentive hearing to your concerns. Seek Master Feng Shui Ang’s advice to help you improve your living conditions by increasing your material wealth, career opportunities, functional wellness, and joy.

Contact detailsTelephone:+65 6538 6645   +65 6538 6428 Wechat: Masterang0705
Address1 Park Road #03-32 People’s Park Complex Singapore 059108

8 Treasures


Janet Yung has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Feng Shui or Bazi fortune reading for factory/office/store/shopping mall, house, running, human resource, corporate dealings, or fortune advice, as well as training lectures or courses from Asia. She is one of the best Feng shui masters in Singapore. Her theory proposed all aspects of business, including lessons, health therapy, legal, spa & health, consumerism, construction, shipping, production, food & dining, commerce, banking, information technology, and more. By the way, she is one of the female feng shui master Singapore.

Contact detailsJurong Point+65 6794 5772 Causeway Point   +65 6893 3788 Email:
Address#03-139 (next to Fairprice Extra), Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre#03-K05, L3 (opposite Popular Bookshop), Causeway Point

Joe Ng

Master Joe Ng has advised high-end clients on feng shui for their homes and offices, as well as providing professional fortune consulting and astrology, as well as feng shui readings.

Address16 Arumugam road LTC building D #05-07

Feng Shui in Da House

Fengshui Da House - Home | Facebook

A Fengshui service platform that matches consumers’ needs with trustworthy and experienced masters.

ServicesFeng Shui Audit (Residential/ Commercial / Pre-purchase)Auspicious Baby/ Adult Naming Service (Chinese/ Christian naming)Individual Reading (Bazi/ Western Astrology/ Numerology)   Business Setup using Fengshui Auspicious dates selection (Wedding/ Moving/ Renovation/ Business Opening)
Contact detailsEmail : hello@fengshuiindahouse.comTelephone : +65 8358 0492
WebsiteWebsite URL: URL: URL:

Yuan Zhong Siu

Grand Master Hillary Phang launched Yuan Zhong Siu, Singapore’s only publicly traded feng shui company. He is one of the best Feng shui masters in Singapore. The feng shui company, which has a plethora of knowledge, aims to restart couples’ marital bliss with auspicious wedding dates, which are calculated using the couple’s Bazi, birth dates, and parents’ birth dates. Two auspicious wedding days, an auspicious date and time for guo da li, and auspicious time for the setup of the bridal bed are all included in their auspicious dates package, which costs $150 net. It also includes a good time to pick up the bride, enter the groom’s parents’ house, and return to the bride’s parents’ house.

+65 6837 0391 / +65 8877 8124Email:
Address190 Middle Road #02-09 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

Master Jason Liew Of Canxuange

Master Jason Liew has been studying and practicing Geomancy since he was 15 years old, and he has over two decades of experience. Master Jason Liew began giving palm readings to his friends and family as a teenager and has since evolved into a professional who offers a wide range of Geomancy-related services. His clients come from all walks of life, ranging from housewives wanting advice on how to keep the peace in the home to professionals seeking career advice. Master Jason Liew has developed a reputation for being conversational, candid, and, most importantly, honest when giving his services over the years.

+65 9456 2182Email:
Address96 Joo Chiat Road #03-02 Singapore 427390

Joey Yap Consulting Group

Joey Yap is the CEO of the Joey Yap Consulting Group and the creator of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. He is the world’s leading specialist on Chinese Metaphysics and the author of 182 books to date.

+65 6208 8999
Address60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #13-29 Singapore, 409051

Lee Yuhon

Master Lee Yuhon has over 20 years of expertise as a feng shui master in Singapore.

He has been a vegetarian for decades and has experienced the mystery of mysteries since he was a teenager, going by the Buddhist name “You Sheng.” As a result, he began his metaphysical investigation at an early age and showed a keen interest in Chinese astrology and Feng Shui studies.

+65 9002 2877Email:

Lynn Yap

They are a platform where they curate & connect consumers’ needs to master’s service. Their curated metaphysics services consist of astrology, fengshui, numerology and tarot. They give you the best recommendation for your clarity, prosperity & happiness.

+65 9685 2718

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Feng Shui Consulting Services Singapore | Fengshui | Adelina Pang

Adelina Pang is a Singapore-based Feng Shui professional who has won numerous awards. She is the best Fengshui master in Singapore. She has more than two decades of expertise in the industry. A session with her can also assist you in changing your environment for the good of your health, vitality, and well-being. Similarly, she has used her experience to assist most of the country’s major brands.

ServicesHome consultation, Business Consultation, Overseas Fengshui consultation, Fengshui site selection, Online Consultation
Contact no.+6564306766
AddressThe Penthouse #44-01 Suntec Tower One 7 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038987

Adelina Pang, with her active and renowned presence in the field since 1995, is undoubtedly the best Fengshui master in Singapore.

MZ玄 Feng Shui Mastery

Home - MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery

MZ玄 Feng Shui Mastery and Jade Metaphysics Academy were founded by Master Alvin. He is one of the famous feng shui masters in Singapore. He has over 15 years of metaphysical experience. To assist the public, he launched Jade Metaphysics Consultancy in 2005. He founded Jade Metaphysics Academy in 2012 to coach metaphysics enthusiasts and provide the groundwork for the future.  He incorporates classical feng shui into today’s modern environment, which has positive impacts on people, and he does not sell any Feng shui things. Traditional Feng Shui is concerned with the creation, balance, avoidance, and connection of electromagnetic fields. He teaches Feng Shui, fortune-telling, divination, date selection, name analysis, and other metaphysics to people all around the world.

ServicesDestiny: Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Bazi
Divination: Qi men dun jia, Qi men pokercard, Pokercard, Copper coins gua, Mei hua yi shu
FengShui: Yang gong, Xuan Kong, San he, Later Heaven, Naked eye, Bazhai
Date Selection: San he, Xuan kong da gua, Qi men dun jia, Great sun formula
Others: Name Analysis, Palmistry
+65 8023 1861

Feng Shui Master Lim

Master Lim is a member of the XuanKong Wu Chang Sect, whose beliefs and practices are based on ancient Feng Shui from the Imperial Palace of China. They use the nine stars to determine the Feng Shui atmosphere of a home and how it will evolve and influence the fortune of those who live there. It is a Feng Shui sect with a few thousand years of history based on historical evidence. The Fens Shui audit does not require the purchase of any commercial things; all you need to do is alter your home’s path and water, as well as the five elements recognized by metaphysics. He is a good feng shui master in Singapore.

ServicesFengShui Services, Auspicious Date  for Marriage, BaZi/ Luck consultation, Chinese Baby Name, Caesarean Date selection, FengShui Audit, Yin Zhai FengShui Service
Contact no.+6590264251

Way Fengshui Group

Way Fengshui Group - iMIS Annual Conference

Way Feng Shui Group is a group of individuals that will collaborate to provide you with professional, practical solutions that are specially tailored to your requirements. They are also committed to providing straightforward, reassuring, and actionable counsel. They also recognise that we are born with our destiny and cannot change our characteristics, abilities, or flaws. We can, however, create spaces and environments that work with them. They believe we should always work with our nature rather than against it.

ServicesResidential fengshui, Commercial fengshui, Personal services
AddressFu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road #02-11, Singapore 188425

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting) has been a multiple award-winning and top Feng Shui consultant organisation in Singapore with their Master Consultant David Tong. Classical feng shui, Bazi Destiny Analysis, Date Selections, and other services are provided by this firm.

David had previously provided thorough consultations for a wide range of homes and enterprises. He also has a diverse clientele, ranging in age, ethnicity, nationality, and profession. They are one of the top 10 feng shui masters.

ServicesFengshui consultation annual assessment, Residential, Onsite property selection, Property plan analysis, Overseas feng shui consultation, BaZi Destiny Analysis, Date Selections, Luck Enhancement
Contact no.+6598299670

Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy

Feng Shui Master Singapore | Geomancy Consultancy Service - Jeff Lo

Loshi Feng shui Consultancy is one of Singapore’s most prestigious consulting firms. They have given services in residential, office spaces, retail businesses, and factories with their Fengshui Master Jeff Lo. They have done thorough investigations for a large number of properties and a diverse spectrum of clients since 2005. Furthermore, they suggest auspicious names for babies.

Loshi Feng Shui Consultancy will be able to meet your needs with reasonable consultation costs as they are one of the best fengshui masters in Singapore.

ServicesFeng Shui consultation, Annual assessment, Residential, Onsite property selection, Property plan analysis, Overseas feng shui consultation, BaZi Destiny Analysis, Baby naming
Contact no.+6562261700 +6581288858
AddressBlock 32 New Market Road #03-1034, Singapore 050032

The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd

THE CLASSICAL FENG SHUI CONSULTANCY PTE. LTD. - Profile, contacts and  insights | The Grid

Edwaard Liu, a well-known Fengshui Master in Singapore, formed the Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd. He has given speeches and offered services for some of Singapore’s most well-known brands. He also has his own methods and gifts that have aided a variety of people in both domestic and commercial settings. Master Liu is also one of the few professionals who have received spiritual training.

Edwaard Liu possesses the talents and talent to be considered one of the best fengshui masters in Singapore.

ServicesBAZI (八字) Destiny Analysis Consultations   Auspicious date selection for events wedding date selection Grand opening Moving into new premises Renovation start date Signing contract Ground breaking Lion dance Product launch Professional Feng Shui ConsultationsEstate/Complex Design and Planning Residences – HDB, Condo, Landed Properties Offices Corporate Headquarters Commercial Properties Overseas Feng Shui Audit/Consultations Feng Shui Talks and WorkshopCorporate/Private Seminars Specialized Workshops Public Talks
Contact no.+6593204100
Address10 Ubi Crescent ,#07-86,  Ubi Techpark,  Lobby E, Singapore 408564

Master Tay Consulting

Có thể là hình ảnh về văn bản cho biết 'Master Tay Consulting Feng Shui'

Master Simon Tay, who has more than 30 years of professional experience and is renowned for his superb classical and contemporary geomancy talents, formed Master Tay Consulting. In addition, Master Tay Consulting provides his clients in Singapore with an expedient, competent, and no-nonsense Feng Shui consulting service. The consultancy aspires to help people and encourage them to incorporate energy and qi into their daily lives.

With their clients in mind, Master Tay Consulting are one of the top 10 feng shui masters and deliver only the best and most efficient consultancy services based on their significant experience and comprehensive knowledge of Feng Shui.

ServicesBaZi Analysis, Caesarian Birth Date Selection, Auspicious Date Selection, Property/ House Annual Assessment, Residential Fengshui, Commercial/ Industrial Fengshui, Poker Card Fortune, Open Treasury, Local Onsite Property Selection
Contact no.+6597893389
AddressBlk 1 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Singapore 310001

House of Feng Shui by Master Ken Koh

Master Ken Koh has been providing Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, and Professional Date Selection services in Singapore since 1997 and is one of the top 10 Feng Shui masters.

House of Feng Shui by Ken Koh | HOFS Singapore Feng Shui Consultant

He is the primary consultant at the House of Feng Shui and has conducted audits for people and corporations in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Christchurch, Perth, Melbourne, Jakarta, London, and Wales.

Master Ken’s method combines Feng Shui with practical methods such as Destiny Analysis, Date Selection, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Qi Men Dun Jia forecasts. This produces speedy results with minimal effort, and “You Do Less for More” is the consequence.

ServicesResidential Feng Shui, Bazi and Date Selection, Commercial Feng Shui
Contact details+65 9018 1908
Address900 South Woodlands Drive, Singapore 730900

Well, here you go, hope you have a good journey in finding the right Feng Shui Master. Last but not least, if the Feng Shui Master ask you to buy some special item to bring health, wealth and luck to you, just say NO.

~ Dougles Chan