Top 10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom


Feng shui for the bedroom

The bedroom is a sanctuary of relief after a long day. Whether coming home late from a night out with friends or overtime from work, the bedroom is the part of the house you want to get into.

For the weary shoulders, for the tired eyes, for the worn out heels after standing longin queue just to get work done for the day, you can’t wait to go home and lie down in bed to get your much needed rest. Having a relaxing bedroom is therefore, very important.

But, do you know how to achieve the optimum benefits of your bedroom? Feng shui for the bedroom will take care of this for you. With simple bed positioning Feng shui along with your other  furnitures, you can reap wonderful benefits from it. You probably must have done it already without you realizing it! If you are doing Feng shui for the bedroom, might as well do it right, right?

Why is Feng shui for the bedroom important and how does it affect your life?

Feng shui is the old Chinese system or practice which uses energy forces to build harmony between the individual and his surrounding. Achieving a life force balance is the key offered by Feng shui.

Also called as Chinese geomancy, Feng shui did not only gain massive support from the Chinese community  or Southeast Asian region but all through out the world; simply because those who have done it knew it works. Most people often assume Feng shui is all about numbers.

In fact, it is all about manipulating your life force and energy to make it favorable to you. It might even sound mystic for the rest but it makes sense.

In Feng shui, the bedroom is considered as a haven and almost treated as sacred like the altar simply because this is the part of the house where you are at your most vulnerable state. It is in the bedroom where you conclude the day. It is where you surrender all thoughts and emotions raging during the day.

After all your energy is depleted from a day’s activities, it is in the bedroom where you get to replenish it. Hence, knowing how to manipulate your remaining energy forces to harmonize with your bedroom is important in order to achieve the Zen state you desire the next day. This is when Feng shui for the bedroom kicks in.

If  you find yourself waking up grumpy or sad and saying you woke up at the wrong side of the bed, that’s probably because you really are! This may be attributed to a wrong bed positioning Feng shui,  mirrors and other furnitures present in your bedroom. Bed positioning Feng shui is a great way of achieving harmony in your bedroom. It ensures a clean and smooth  flow of energy while you are sleeping or resting. You may find the following  Feng shui for the bedroom tips useful to work around with:

Feng shui beds

Keep a large bed, preferably queen or king size. While this may sound unwarranted for people who have a small space as a bedroom, keeping a good sized bed is preferred in bedroom Feng shui.

But regardless of the size of your bed, it  should take the command position in your bedroom. Feng shui beds like a queen or king size bed will command the energy around your bedroom. Since this is where you will be at your most vulnerable state while sleeping, it is important that you be comfortable enough while lying down.

You must be able to move around in your comfortable position lying down without feeling suffocated.

Small sized beds  have the tendency to suck all your positive energy which can lead to suffocation, or sleep apnea. There are also other advantages when you have queen or king sized Feng shui beds. Not only its spacious surface look inviting, it is also big enough to be cozy with your partner, making intimacy easy which leads to a lasting romance and relationship.

Bed facing the door

Position Feng shui beds at the center. Your bed should command authority in Feng shui for the bedroom. Locate the area in your bedroom that exudes command.

Feng shui for the bedroom suggests that the bed should be placed where there is command. Naturally, that is the center. However, while the bed should be at  the center, a bed facing the door should be avoided. A bed facing the door invites death; it is a bad omen.

Additionally, when bed positioning Feng shui, your bed should be against a solid wall. Invest in a headboard too. In Feng shui for the bedroom, it symbolizes strength in relationship. It offers protection and stability. A solid wall symbolizes support. In correlation, avoid bed positioning Feng shui under a window.

Anything hallow above the bed is wrong bed positioning Feng shui unless the window is covered by a solid colored curtain that simulates  a wall.

Mirrors in the bedroom feng shui + Mirror facing the bed

Stylish Ways to Decorate With Mirrors in the Bedroom | HGTV

No mirrors in the bedroom. Remember, Feng shui for the bedroom aims to create a balance between the individual and the surrounding of his bedroom. Keeping mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui should be avoided. A mirror facing the bed creates an active subconscious even when you’re asleep. Nobody likes the idea of seeing one’s self lying down, resting, and  with eyes closed.

This last reflection you see of yourself in the mirror before you dose off to sleep prints a vivid reflection in your subconscious which only leads to a restless night.

When mirrors can’t be avoided in the bedroom, make sure it is not within your sight level. Again, avoid your mirror from facing the bed. At most if it can’t be avoided, mirrors in Feng shui for the bedroom must be covered with a cloth or its back turned against the wall before you go to sleep.

Not only does mirrors in the bedroom create energy blockage but it also arouses a gloomy feeling especially when you are alone. To say the least, creepy.

Keep a tidy bedroom.

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A messy bedroom

Your bedroom may not necessarily  demand for fancy furnitures but it does need to be cleaned. Coming home to a clean bedroom and house is one of the best Feng shui for the bedroom practices you can observe. When was the last time you change your bed sheets and pillow cases? A clean bed offers a comfortable sleep. Dust the window sills and cabinets. Declutter your things.

The number 1 rule in Feng shui for the bedroom is to keep the flow of energy; nothing should be blocking it or weighing you down. If you want to keep books in your bedroom, keep only the one that you are currently reading. Your bedroom is not your library nor is it your extended office. Take time to look under the bed and take out what’s underneath.

Nothing should be under your bed. Anything under it is considered in Feng shui for the bedroom as “Yang.” You don’t need that heavy energy while you’re asleep. When tidying up your bedroom, consider keeping things in it into the minimum.

The key is to not overload your bedroom with so many things that can block your life force.

Feng shui bedroom color

Choose neutral or warm colors. Muted colors are preferred in Feng shui for the bedroom. Earth tones such as chocolate brown or green are great too. Light gray is good color too.

Grey Bedroom Example

The color scheme of  your bedroom should be inviting enough for you to rest and relax. Feng shui for the bedroom suggest the color peach to invite harmony and romance. However, like most things, the same should not be over done.

The color peach is only as good as an accent on your wall paint, or perhaps a color choice for your bed sheets and pillow cases. Incorporating the wood element into your bedroom is likewise good Feng shui. The wood element offers a relaxing vibe that helps you achieve a restful sleep. Avoid incorporating the metal element into your bedroom as it carries a heavy energy.

Metallic  objects are  considered bad luck in bedroom Feng shui. It exudes an energy that is threatening especially metals with a sharp cut or edges. You must also remember, when choosing the color scheme of your bedroom, avoid the red color in the bed as it triggers the anger emotions.

Red is an active color which has the tendency to make the heart beat fast. Arguments may ensue often between couples when it is the color of the bedroom.

Additionally, your color scheme should also match your light. Avoid bright blinding light bulbs in your bedroom. Instead, choose a minimalistic drop light or ceiling light that’s shines a warm light. Warm lights induces  sleep and relaxation. It does not make you want to get up from bed to think and work.

Bed positioning feng shui

Choose your furniture wisely. While a metal bed maybe solid enough, it does not offer the Earth element that you can find only from wood. As aforementioned, metals carry the Yang energy that is not suitable for a bedroom. Besides, you can find  great wood quality at an affordable price in furniture stores right now. Metal objects, as oppose to wooden ones, emit an active energy that does not induce sleep.

It is therefore, wise to take those dumbbells or weighted objects to another room instead. Book shelves are also best transferred to an office area at home. If closets are present in the bedroom, make sure all drawers are closed after using. This way, these furniture do not suck out the energy flow when bed positioning Feng shui.

In bed positioning Feng shui, it is also best to have two side tables with separate lamps (preferably wooden). In fact, it is better to to have the other side table (the one in the left side) to be a little bit higher than the other one. This will trigger a good energy flow like when you are heaving and breathing during your sleep.

Bed with 2 seperate lapm and 2 side tables

The rule is too keep things in minimum. Lose the big sofa, lose the giant cabinet, or the big oak office table, and the likes. It is not also advisable to hang big paintings in your bedroom especially when the art relates to water. Nobody doesn’t want to dream about drowning when it’s the last piece of art you’ve looked before sleeping. Most importantly, lose the big flat screen TV.

Feng shui plants in bedroom

Incorporate Feng shui plants in bedroom. The positive energy released by plants helps you harmonize with your bedroom and surrounding. A good oxygen flow triggers a good night sleep. There are a number of great Feng shui plants that are easy to take care of especially when you are always running under a tight schedule at work.

Choose water plants such as Pothos. Just pour water into a vase or cylinder and drop its cutting, and place it beside your bedroom window. Just make sure to change its water at least thrice a week. Often, these Feng shui plants serve multiple purpose in your bedroom. Apart from adding a relaxing vibe and great aesthetic back drop, they  are also considered as money plants. They do not only help you get a good rest, they also attract wealth! However, 2-3 pots of Feng shui plants should be enough.

Water plant – Pothos

Two near your window and one right bu the entrance. Do not over do. Feng shui plants represent Earth elements which when overkilled will only boost the Yang energy thereby losing your ultimate purpose in getting these Feng shui plants into your bedroom in the first place. Other plants that are considered great Feng shui plants are snake plants, because it is a natural air purifier, aloe vera and lavender. Instead of keeping Feng shui plants, you may also opt for a vase full of freshly picked flowers.

Avoid placing your Saint statutes or altar in the bedroom.

Religious imagery can weigh down your Chi in Feng shui for the bedroom. Instead of relaxing, one is reminded of the worries of the day. These religious imagery should have a specific spot outside of your bedroom. Religious imagery often create a creepy vibe in the bedroom, simulating that someone is looking at you while you are asleep. If this happens, the energy in your bedroom becomes threatening making your bedroom not conducive for sleeping.

Like mirrors in the bedroom Feng shui, it is a taboo to keep sacred religious imagery in the bedroom. if you can’t let go of them, like your mirror facing the bed, you can also cover your religious imagery with a cloth before you sleep or have them turn their backs against a wall.

Married couples, keep pairs of ornaments.

TV, Shelf, Ceramic, Ornament

The bedroom is an intimate area of a couple. In order to trigger happy thoughts and strengthen intimate relations, Feng shui for the bedroom suggest you keep things in pairs, or have ornaments that come in pairs. A single photo of you and your husband on your wedding on a bedside table is a great example.

Ornaments in pairs like two swan figurines or two Swarovski crystals are also great. Identical lamps or two bed side tables are another example. Just keep them in pairs. Your partner is an extension of yourself. Keeping ornaments in the bedroom in pairs promotes a good connection between couples; a great reminder that in life, you  are together and is never alone nor lonely.

Keep only a few gadgets around.

Alienware laptop living room setup. | Laptop gaming setup, Gaming laptop  setup, Room setup

Laptops, TV, speakers—these are the gadgets that are supposed to be in your living room or office area and not in the bedroom.

The energy emitted by these gadgets kills the Feng shui for the bedroom energy faster than any lightning strike. It does not only constantly remind you of the work you need to get done the next morning, it has the tendency to interrupt your sleeping pattern making you wake up agitated the next day. Even when you put them on silent mode, its buzzing sound can be disrupting, ruining your Chi.

Your mobile phone is the only gadget warranting in the bedroom. It’s small and it can easily be placed inside your drawers or bag. If you don’t have to use it, might as well keep it. Radiations from these gadgets are hazardous to your health. Constant exposure to it can bring long term effects against your body. So, don’t  wake up unhealthy the next day. Keep these gadgets aside.

Feng shui for the bedroom is a simple life formula really.

When you keep your life simple, you invite positive energy forces to fill in your life and in turn, your spaces.

Now that you know how to go around with bed positioning Feng shui and which goes into your bedroom and which should be taken out, you are one step closer to achieving the life force balance you truly deserve.

Just remember these basic rules: no mirror facing the bed, no bed facing the door, and try to incorporate Feng shui plants in bedroom. If you are unsure you can do this on your own, there should be a Feng shui master near your areas to ask assistance from. Good luck!