Feng Shui DIY – Feng Shui Do it Yourselfs!

Do you like to have your Feng Shui DIY? What are the benefits for have a Feng Shui DIY compared if you were to get a Feng Shui Master to help you to see Feng Shui. One major consideration is that when you do a Feng Shui DIY, you will save more money comparatively if you were to DIY than to have a Feng Shui Master helps you.

So let us explore what is Feng Shui and how it can help you.

What is Feng Shui?

We are surrounded by energy. Everywhere we may look, there is energy around us. As we make reference to the quote by Albert Einstein, “Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” We get to understand that energy comes in many different forms, and it affects us more so than we thought.

In the Eastern part of the world specifically from China, energy is called Qi. And they believe Qi is a very important part of life. In their belief, the flow of Qi is very vital to the Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth of a person. Feng Shui revolves around the placement of items and furniture, buildings, items, and interior design within a certain living space. Feng shui originated in ancient China, and when translated means “wind-water”. This name supposedly came from Guo Pu, who was an ancient Chinese poet, historian, and taoist mystic during the Eastern Jin Period. Today, Feng Shui focuses on creating pathways using buildings and structures to be in line with being auspicious or lucky. When our environment is balanced, the flow of qi is greatly restored and refreshens our lives. This also contributes to better effects on our direct wealth and indirect wealth, especially for people that are centered around material abundance. You may be asking, what really is Qi? Sure it sounds great to know, but some people may have a difficult time understanding the concept of Qi. People who wouldn’t easily understand it could be foreigners from western countries, as they have never heard the ancient Chinese term.

Professionals in the Medical Industry such as doctors and physicians have always been researching sources of knowledge that aim to cure human ailments such as brain fog or depression. Due to advances in research and technology, both Western and Eastern Healthcare Professionals have acknowledged “Qi” to be an essential part of our body. Meaning to say, that we are affected by the lack of Qi, thus causing sickness and illnesses. Lack of Qi is commonly caused by deficiencies in the type of food we eat, sleeping habits, and a notable cause could be of physical elements (our environment). The imbalance of Qi within ourselves also affects our performance in life, such as business ventures failing, having zero motivation, being easily irritated or angry, and so on. That is why Feng Shui can be able to help in restoring and balancing Qi. The basis and foundations of Feng Shui almost guarantees direct wealth as well as indirect wealth, as this is an Ancient practice that dates back thousands of years, and is still very much practiced today.

Feng Shui in summary is an ancient way of arranging things that have a symbolic meaning. When objects, furniture, and placements are arranged in accordance with good Feng Shui, it can bring in positive results such as great wealth, improved relationships with friends and families, or even revitalized health. This is due to the great flow of Qi that is needed by our bodies.

Basic components of Feng shui

Feng Shui is heavily based on the Bagua and the 5 Elements. In this article we will talk about these components and try to understand their meanings, and how they can affect direct wealth and indirect wealth. Feng Shui can have different branches, meaning that someone who practices feng shui can differ from another. But for now, we will learn about the very basics.

  1. Feng Shui Bagua Map

Commonly known as the octagon shaped base with a mirror in the middle. A bagua has a more significant meaning to it. When used in feng shui, the bagua is transformed into a square with three rows. For the top row, it has the qi or energy of Wealth, Fame, and Partnership. For the middle row, it has the concepts Family, Health, and  Children. For the last row it has the concepts of Knowledge, Career and Helpful people. These concepts when transformed into the bagua map below. This Feng Shui Bagua Map can now be superimposed on the floorplan of your home, and see areas where you want to create better flow of Qi. For example, if you want to increase profits, money and income for Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth, you must arrange the Feng Shui in the upper left side of your home. There are more ways you can fit the Fengshui Bagua Map on your home, as long as you are able to focus on one area of your home using Feng Shui. Do not try to do it all at once because this can be too stressful and bring negative Qi.

  • Elements

There are 5 Main Elements in Feng Shui. These are: Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. These elements have their own symbolic meanings and have their corresponding colors, shapes, which are connected to areas within your environment and objects. Starting with the element of water, it is connected to wavy or curvy types of furniture as this reflects the flow of water. Moving on with wood, we have rectangular shapes as this is similar to the trees and branches. Next we have Fire which is associated with triangular shapes just like the tip of a flame. Metal is associated with circles and spheres. Lastly we have Earth which is associated with squares and flatness just like the earth beneath us. For example, if we would want to create more abundance for Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth, we can add a small fountain or aquarium to simulate the flow of water and Qi.

Now that we have the basics and foundations of Feng Shui, we can take the lessons we learned and apply them to Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. For people that are focused on good business and income, they can focus on the colors of blue and green because this is similar to the abundant nature around us. You can also invest in Rectangular furniture as this is great for people focusing on Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. With this educational article, you can think about good feng shui in your environment!

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

The bedroom is considered as our haven for peace. This is where we wake up and start the day, and this is also the place we go to as we come home from a long day’s work. The bedroom is certainly full of Qi if you follow proper Feng Shui practices

The Bedroom can be a place where you gain Qi for a specific purpose. This could be for relationships with your partner, it could also be a place where you can collect Qi for yourself in order to accomplish business ventures to satisfy Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth. In order to gain better flow of Qi, you can see Feng Shui tips listed below:

  1. The Command Position of the Bed.

It is very important to have a command position because this is where the chi will flow into your room, directly to where your bed is placed. It is advisable to place the bed diagonally from the door so that not only will Qi flow naturally, but you will also see who comes and goes. Avoid putting your bed near the door, as well as aligning it with the wall along the door. Make sure to not let the foot end of the bed face directly to the door as this is similar to how the deceased are carried out of their room, as their feet are first to come out of the room thus it is unlucky.

  • Colors for Good Feng Shui

Once you have settled in placing the bed in a commanding position, let’s talk about the colors. It is always good to have the colors of gold for wealth, as well as red and purple for prosperity in the bedroom. These are very bold colors, so make sure to use it in small details such as features or accents. When you have these colors present, Qi is more likely to bring positivity to Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth.

  • Furniture for Good Feng Shui

It is great to have balance in the bedroom. This would mean adding 2 of the same type of furniture such as a table side desk beside the bed so that the Qi would be distributed equally. Use rectangular furniture as this represents positivity for Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. Always make sure that there is also harmony, meaning that there are repeating shapes and colors, not just random objects as this can upset the Qi.

  • What to Avoid

Avoid mirrors in the bedroom as this bounces off too much active energy, where there should be peace and rest. Avoid putting pictures of water as this too creates too much active energy with the flowing liquid. Lastly, you should also keep your bedroom free from clutter and junk, as this can stop Qi and deflect Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth.

The bedroom is truly a vital place where you gain Qi to which you bring to your life. When your bedroom is in accordance with good Feng Shui, it will reflect your life. Feng Shui also has very practical approaches when you observe it, that is why the ancient practice is still very much alive today!

Feng shui in the Workplace

The workplace can have different perspectives, because not all of our work is the same. Others can be in the technology industry, while others can be more inclined to business and networking. Either way, it is advisable to have good Feng Shui in the Workplace to create good Qi, especially for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. This article will focus on sharing great tips for good Feng Shui.

  1. Wealth and Prosperity

Let us remember that a person with Direct Wealth is usually a person with a very stable income due to their discipline in money making. Indirect Wealth on the other hand is a person that is very generous with money, offering it to other people in need and not being selfish as they earn money for their loved ones in mind. Either way, they still need good Feng Shui in order to get good results and positive Qi.

  • Commanding Position of the Desk.

The desk is vital for good Feng Shui as this is where you perform your daily work. This also affects you, as lack of good Qi for Feng Shui can cause lack of motivation, stress, weakness and overall negative energy. It is advisable to place the desk diagonal of the door or a busy entryway. This means that there shouldn’t be too many people walking behind you as this disrupts focus and Qi. If not applicable, try to place it near a wall so there is stability.

  • Auspicious Colors

The colors of green can be added into your work place as these represent abundance and growth just like how nature is with plants and trees. Green can be advisable for those eager for Direct Wealth or Indirect Wealth. You can also add the colors of red and gold, as this symbolizes luck and wealth.

  • Furniture and Decoration

If you would like to incorporate the color green for Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth, you can add broadleaf plants as these symbolize abundance due to their large leaves and emerald green color. You can also add water features such as a small water fountain or an aquarium as the flow of water symbolizes the good flow of Qi and auspiciousness. When these tips are added to your workplace, it can help you gain prosperity in business ventures, which are important for Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth.

  • What to avoid

Always make sure that your workplace is free from junk and clutter. This is because it disrupts Qi as garbage stores stagnant energy, therefore causing the flow of Qi to be blocked or weakened. Make sure your desk is clean and free from damages as this is bad luck and can also slow down your work.

There are still plenty of Feng Shui Tips in the workplace. It is important that you find the right tips so that you can create harmony with every aspect. Feng Shui can help you create better productivity and work, but always remember that you too should also work hard and persevere.

Maximizing Wealth with Feng Shui

There are endless ways to maximize wealth. But we must always remember that in order to gain wealth, our surroundings must reflect ourselves. When our surroundings are clean and clear, the income of Qi to revitalize us and give us the motivation to do more in our work will be positive enough to gain prosperity. Wealth is hard to gain, but we can attain it through good Feng Shui tips that can increase it.

Wealth can come in many forms. It can be good health for you and your family, good relationships with friends and co-workers. But one of the greatest examples of wealth is through business and material prosperity. Remember that Qi is vital for our bodies and life because this is what drives us to do more. When we lack Qi, we lack motivation and power. We become negative when there is poor flow of Qi. Here are some tips that could increase wealth using practical Feng Shui:

  1. Finding Harmony in Elements and Colors

There is so much to take in when trying to understand Feng Shui. An important aspect is maintaining harmony between the color and elements that can be found in your environment. For example: Having a pink flower (symbolizes the earth element) inside a white pot (symbolizes the metal element) can already be good Feng Shui! Another great color for attracting wealth is purple! There are plenty of combinations to gain good Feng Shui, but also try to maintain harmony because too much of an element or color can cause excessive and harmful Qi.

  • Adding Money Plants

Twisted bamboo and small lucky trees are great for attracting money. They come in different sizes as well as different pots. The green leaves symbolize growth just like how you are growing prosperity in your environment. This is also practical because it gives a good atmosphere and decoration around your environment.

  • Adding Mirrors

Mirrors are very great in adding active Qi to your life. Active Qi brings in progress to business ventures, dealings and negotiations that are good for Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. You can combine a mirror with a gold frame, as the color is also a powerful color for bringing in money and wealth!

  • The Element of Water

The Element of Water is also helpful for people that have Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. This is because the element of Water brings in inspiration and emotional stability that is also perfect for people with Indirect Wealth, as they are generous and loved by people around them. You can add wavy items such as a blue vase, or even a small water fountain to bring in the element.

  • Working on the Wealth Area

Finding the Wealth Area of your home can be easy using a Feng Shui Bagua Map. People with Direct Wealth and Indirect wealth can usually find this in the most far left of their home, and they can focus on creating good Feng Shui to increase overall abundance and prosperity.

Feng Shui in the Bathroom 

The Bathroom is an essential part of a home or an office. This is where we do our personal work in private. Even so, the Bathroom is usually taken for granted, or ignored when it comes to Feng Shui. This is because we see the Bathroom as just the place where we take showers, brush our teeth and do other personal care practices. We must remember that we are constantly using it, that is why it is also an important place in creating good Feng Shui as Qi will certainly be present and you will be affected by it. 

Just like every other area in the home or office, Qi will certainly flow through it. Let us remember that Qi is everywhere and we ourselves are full of Qi as this helps us get our work done and even heal us. That is why there is still Qi in the bathroom, and we must not neglect it. Sometimes this is even where we get our inspirations! An example would be: people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth would be alone with themselves when inside a bathroom and start to think about great ideas because not only is the bathroom a great place to have time to think and acquire privacy, but it can also be a good place where Qi is constantly bringing positive energy. The bathroom is associated with the element of water, which is also closely tied to money and prosperity. Water is the element of constant flow. A faucet brings in water while a drain clears it out. This can be compared to the importance of the Water element in Feng Shui, as Qi will always come and go. But what is important is that you are able to bring in a great amount of positive energy. A great location for the bathroom is in the center of a place, as this can distribute the good flowing Qi. Try to avoid placing it in the far left corner as this is the Wealth area based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Placing the bathroom on the wealth area can mean your wealth going down the drain too! But sometimes the bathroom is already placed as it is. There are still Feng Shui practices that can remedy this such as closing the toilet lid down when not in use should be followed as this can mean Qi will wash away. Also try to incorporate plants within your bathroom because not only are they great decorations and air purifiers, but their beautiful green leaves and sturdy branches symbolize wood and earth, elements that create balance and harmony. Good Feng Shui advice for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth is adding a round mirror with a metal frame because it symbolizes strength and stability. 

Replenishing ourselves also means rejuvenating Qi, especially for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth as they are very focused on money. The Bathroom is surely a place that is suitable for creating good Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui in the Living Room 

The living room, just like every other area within your home, is full of Qi. But this time around, the living room is also a public area within your home. Meaning that since it is not private such as a Couples Bedroom or an occupied bathroom, a lot of people will simultaneously experience a large amount of the good flowing Qi present. This means that your whole family or even guests will benefit from the Qi that is flowing. Listed are some great Feng Shui tips below for the Living Room. 

  1. Know the locations of your living room. 

Sketch a floor plan of your living room. Treat the living room as a separate place from the floor plan of your whole house. Now in the living room, use a compass to find out which is north then superimpose the Feng Shui Bagua Map to see the areas where you can work on to gain good Qi. 

  1. Large and Luscious Money Attracting Plants. 

Try adding plants at the Southeast corner of your living room. Be sure to keep the plant very healthy by watering it regularly and remove any yellowing or dead leaves. In case it is dying, it is best to remove it. If you are reluctant to add indoor plants because of how they can bring in pests, try using fake plants that are made with high quality materials such as silk to make it realistic. 

  1. Aquariums, Fountains, Water. 

The element of water is an element that brings in money. As water flows, it will also bring good Qi and along with it is Prosperity and Wealth. People with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth can place Aquariums, Water Fountains or pictures of moving water such as paintings of ocean waves in the North part of the Living Room. Avoid stagnant or still water elements, because you would want water to be flowing. 

  1. Wood Elements in the East

Try adding more plants with large leaves to the eastern part of your living room. You can also add auspicious flowers such as Chrysanthemums and African Violets as these are not only great in generating prosperous Qi, but are also very beautiful and add a great fragrance to the Living Room. 

  1. Good Feng Shui plants 

Bamboo trees are not really trees, but are really part of the grass family. But still, Bamboos are great Feng Shui plants because as they are strong and sturdy, so will the Qi flow in. Another great Feng Shui plant for Wealth are bonsai trees which are miniature trees. Also try adding fern plants, as they can give softness and variety to the living room and for good flowing Qi. Money trees are always great for inviting money, and are usually favored by people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. 

When there is harmony and balance with the objects or placements of furniture within your living room, Qi will certainly flow naturally and can bring in positivity. When in doubt, check the Feng Shui Bagua Map to ensure that elements and colors are blending. Not only are these Feng Shui tips realistic, but they also add beauty and will surely impress your family or guests. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic and Feng Shui? 

At the start of the year 2020, numerous people sought out the help from Feng Shui to gain insight on advice or things to be done for their business. Unfortunately, with the onslaught of the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses have taken a huge amount of loss in profit. Not only is your country affected by it, but also the whole world. As we slowly recover from the damages caused by the pandemic, we can study how Feng Shui has its part in rebuilding our Wealth, especially for those with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. 

A majority of the people were very disappointed with Feng Shui practitioners during the start of the pandemic. Most of them believed that Feng Shui failed to predict the pandemic, thus causing plenty of losses in money and health. People who started their businesses experienced a huge amount of loss in profit due to the lockdowns that restricted the flow of business. People were quarantined in their homes, and a large number of workers lost their jobs as businesses started to shut down. It was a very difficult time, and someone had to take the blame and most looked on Feng Shui. People with Direct Wealth started to be more tight with their money thus creating severe cost-cutting initiatives to keep their business afloat, while people with Indirect Wealth were overcome with disappointment and negative energy. 

In the defense of Feng Shui Masters, they have clarified that Feng Shui is not Divination, nor is it predicting the future. Several Feng Shui Masters have corrected people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth that Feng Shui is a way of balancing Qi. It is an ancient practice that helps you balance your Qi with your surroundings. Another cause of misconception about Feng Shui is that the media usually gives misguided information by using words such as “prediction” instead of “forecast”. Let us remember that we are the ones in the end who will be able to generate Wealth. We need determination and a clear goal in mind, and Feng Shui will be available to help us fully achieve it. As we look at Feng Shui, it really is practical and realistic. Such as the Feng Shui practice of putting plants inside a space. Iit brings in good Qi for Wealth, as well as purifying the air because of how plants give oxygen. Not only that, but plants are also beautiful, and will surely impress anyone. There are more Feng Shui tips that are very practical when you have a realistic perspective. It is best to also follow what you think about what you want, as you will be the one commanding your business and generating Wealth and Prosperity. 

Feng Shui is a great practice that also has its hands-on positive effects on a business. Remember that Feng Shui creates a good flow of Qi which has an actual effect on you because it helps you gain energy to create positive energy. 

Feng Shui Crystals for Wealth and Abundance

There are plenty of Feng Shui Charms and Cures that can be used to enhance Qi. But recently, Crystals and Stones have grown in popularity. They come in different shapes, sizes and types. Crystals are very versatile because they also come in different colors which are essential in Feng Shui. In the western side of the world, people use crystals and stones depending on its type. But for Feng Shui, crystals are used in accordance with their element. 

There are two types of Crystals. The first are naturally made ones, such as quartz, malachite, ruby, jasper and more. These are believed to be very powerful because they are full of stable and vibrating Qi. Just like their atomic structure, it is very solid. Therefore it can be reassured to bring in good Qi. The second type are artificial ones such as glass that act like a prism. Artificial crystals and stones are great for focusing Qi or creating more elements when light is able to shine upon it. 

There are numerous forms in which crystals and stones come in. You can wear them as bracelets, rings and necklaces. You can also find lucky tree sculptures of a certain type. If you want to know what crystals and stones would be great for enhancing your Qi for prosperity in your life, Here is a list below!

  1. For Increasing Wealth and Money

Green Crystals such as Jade, Nephrite and Fuschite are great for increasing wealth and money. The color green is in line with the Wood Element. Let us remember that just like trees, plants and flowers are living things that also grow beautifully. Just as they bear fruits and flowers, having these Crystals will also increase the chance of Money for people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth. 

  1. Jade Crystals Sculptures 

There are plenty of types of Jade Crystals, but most if not all of them are very auspicious. Jade is considered the Eastern counterpart of Gold, that is why it is also very valuable. Jade Crystals bring in tremendous Wealth. They can come in animal shapes such as horses because just like the animal, it can rush in Wealth to your surroundings. 

  1. Crystal Trees

Crystals are also used in sculptures. Lately, there has been an increasing popularity with Crystal Trees. These Crystal Trees are usually made with golden wire for the trunks, and the crystals as leaves thus creating an image of a very auspicious and nurturing symbol. Try to utilize Crystal Trees with green Crystals as they are in line with Wealth. People with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth can place it on their tables to increase Qi that is good for prosperity. 

  1. Green Aventurine Jewelry. 

Since Jadeite Jade is usually very expensive, A great alternative for this crystal would be Green Aventurine. You can find this in the forms of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. When these crystals are worn, it can enhance your confidence in financial related situations as they can bring in positive Qi. This is perfect for people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth!

Modern Feng Shui Tips

As we progress with the modern world, it also changes the way we interact with other people. Due to our fast paced lifestyles and busy schedules, we often forget to take care of our Qi. A Lot of people also try to be practical as this saves time and money. For those people that are more inclined to modernity, Here are some few tips on practicing Feng Shui in the Modern World. 

  1. Repairing Broken Items 

Broken Items are considered unlucky in Feng Shui. When things are broken, it also breaks the good flow of Qi. An example of this could be fixing squeaky doors with lubricant. This is also practical because it gets rid of the ear-screeching noise. You can also throw away any unrepairable items such as broken glasses and plates as this can cause injuries. 

  1. Applying Fresh Paint

Feng Shui incorporates colors as a great way to bring in Qi for a certain purpose. That is why it is good Feng Shui to have colors within your home to bring in harmony. When there is harmony, Qi will certainly bring in positivity and good results.For example, people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth should prefer Gold or Green colors. If these colors are present in your surroundings and are looking dull, chipped or cracked then it is practical to apply a fresh coat of paint using the same color. This is very practical because it brings in beauty, and lets Qi flow through more vibrantly. 

  1. Removing Clutter 

Sometimes it is unavoidable to hold an emotional attachment to a certain object. This can be a chair that was your favorite, or a clothing item that you have had for a very long time. An example for people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth can be piles of papers, inkless ball pens and highlighters is considered as clutter. It is best to remove these as Feng Shui states that these cluttered objects will collect stagnant Qi. Think of it as sticks blocking the flow of a river. The sticks halt the flow of water, causing harmful effects to inhabitants at the bottom. Try to sort out junk from what is important. 

  1. Natural Ventilation 

Always wipe down windows to remove any hand marks usually made by children with oily hands, or dust it to remove the build up of grime and smoke particles. If you are living in an urbanized location such as a condominium, you can close windows and let the natural sunlight come in. Taking care of your windows is very practical because due to the natural wind and sunlight, it saves money too. This is because you wouldn’t need to turn on any air conditioners or lights. A great for people with Direct Wealth as they are really focused on where their money goes!

  1. Adding plants

Natural or Artificial plants bring in a great amount of Qi. For people with Direct Wealth, adding plants can enhance prosperity and good luck. It can also serve as great home decoration as well as an air purifier! 

Hope the tips above for Feng Shui DIY will help you and your family!