Fortune telling with Qi Men Dun Jia

Many people are looking for fortune telling to help them to see their life, their fortune and possible health or relationship.

Are you also looking to get your fortune to be told?

Or are not sure whether such fortune teller can be fake and not accurate?

Before we look deep down into fortune telling, we should understand the basic of fortune telling.

Generally, fortune telling is a calculation of your life, direction, wealth, health, relationship, etc that will likely to happen using YOUR BIRTH DATE and TIME.

We need to understand that Fortune Telling is very much like Bazi Reading, that means reading a person eight characters.

Many believes that basing on your birth date and time, your fortune can be told.

About fortune reading – Remember that it is LIKELY, not definitely, there are also many factors to consider such as, the environment you are in, the place you are born, the family you are with and more importantly, YOURSELF.

If some bazi consultant said that you are going to be rich but you never act towards it and lazily watching Netflix and play DOTA every day, you will not be rich also… Right?

What are the Types of Fortune Telling?

1. Guanyin fortune telling

Basically, people go to the temple and shake some sticks in the cylinder and predict what is going to happen, ask the experts that sits next to the temple and the expert will tell some stories.

2. Bazi calculator

Bazi Calculator is a website or app that allows you to key in your birth date and time, it will chun out a series of information and report on yourself. How accurate it is? I write an article about it, you can read it over here.

3. Astrology

Basically, they based on horoscope, watching the stars, etc to generate the fortune of a person or predicting the outcome and future.

4. Chinese Bazi Reading

Bazi reading by bazi consultant or feng shui master. Basically, they will use the techniques that they learn from their grand masters, which can belongs to Ziping Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu (Chinese: 紫微斗數) and many others sects. One of them which is very uncommon is Qimen DunJia, which not many people are using as it is consider one of the highest and respected Chinese metaphysics that was used by the Chinese Emperor and military strategies,

5. DIY, read your own chart

You can always learn in YOUTUBE on how to read bazi chart and get your own fortune told, however, do be mindful that the industry is over thousands of years of history, it can get very complicated and confusing if you do not know what you are doing.

6. Tarot Reading

Well, tarot reading is based on flipping of the cards to get your fortune told and basing on specific questions you may ask and predictions can be generated. It is the same as any fortune telling, the accuracy is not absolute as it still depends on many other factors too.

Introduction to Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia, some called it Qimen, basically it is a Chinese Metaphysic originated from China and with long history of over 5,000 years. Chinese emperor and military strategies were using it to win wars and battles in those days. After genrations of evoloving, it become a prediction tool, a bazi reading too, date selection tool and also used in various part of Feng Shui consulation.

In this article, I will write briefing focus only using Qi Men Dun Jia for Bazi Reading, which is not very common in the industry as the techniques are not learned by many people.

Most people only learn Qi Men Dun Jia Divination, not many people knows that there is an major element of Bazi reading and Bazi Analysis in this aspect. Even if they know, they only know the basic which are not enough to use it. I have also created a training courses related to Qimen Divination and Qimen Bazi over here.

Bazi Reading using Qimen

Over here, you can take a look at the chart which is an app that generates the Qimen Chart of a person, we will just input the date and time of the person, regardless of male or female, the chart will be generated based on a specific set of formula. (Remember to adjust the timing when necessary.)

The birth chart of a person born in the year of 1982, May 4th, 9:51 am.

In order to read the chart, we will be identify the DAY column and see what is the symbol, in this case, the symbol is DING.

We will identify the person basic character fist.

The next step we will need to do is to look at where DING is located in the 9 boxes.

We notice that the DING is located in box 8 and box 3.

Within box 8 and box 3, there are also multiple symbols and each of this represents the chracter of the person.

Let us take Box 8, there is a symbol called – Serpent, when we see this symbol, we can very much understand that the characteristic of the person usually will be worrisome and many times will wonder and think too much. As a result, creating pressure to oneself.

We can also conclude that the people always think to themselves and if these activities are not managed properly, he or she will likely have alot of undue pressures to themselves that will lead to more illness and problems.

You see, just based on ONE symbol, Serpent itself, I will be able to see that this person character which surprising can be very accurate, The meaning of serpent can be alot more complicated and in-depth but I will cover 1 point only today.

As we look further, within the box, we can see that there are also other symbols which represents a certain character.

Let us go to box 8 again and see that there is a symbol under bandit – With this symbol, I can identify that this person is someone who is able to lead big companies and organization, meaning that if you put him or her to lead a company, the company can grow very fast and furious, however, noting that the symbol also indicate that the person loves to spend money, when you were to put him to lead in a company, the financial will need to be managed by another party, else the company finance will have problem.

Let us look at his Wealth Fortune basing on the same Qimen Chart

Box 3 – Represent the person himself

Box 1 – Profit Box/Business

When we look at the box 1, which represents the profit box, Box 1 is located at the WATER element, Box 3 represent WOOD element.

In this aspect, basing on the 5 element rules, Water element produces Wood element, meaning that profits will also goes well with the person.

This chart is a very good chart if the person were to focus on generating profit as a focus in him/her life. The big picture is that the fortune is already fixed and he or she will make money regardless.

The condition is that he/she must be involve in activities that will be involve in business.

The Career

Box 7 is the career box

Box 3 is himself

Box 7 which is the metal element, and himself is the wood element.

Basing on the rule of 5 elements, Metal element cuts wood element, which is not a good sign.

Meaning that if he/she were to be looking for a job, he will face alot of problems, which will lead to health issue, and on top with his Serpent character which will think too much, the person will create more health issue in the long run. This is further enhanced in Box 7 where this is a “problem” symbol which identify as possible health issue.

Hence, he/she will never achieve greatness in the career and will only prospers when do business or profit making activities.

Of course we can further understand more relationship basing on the chart and the 5 element relationship which we can inteperate one by one and we can uncover many areas of his wealth, health and relationship basing on the boxes and relationship.

So if you are looking to get your fortune told by a fortune teller, maybe you can get a Bazi consultation using Qi Men Dun Jia.

To learn Qimen DunJia course, do check this link.