10 Ways To Use Crystals

Do you believe in crystals? Do you want to use crystals? We have some fantastic usage of crystals. Find out the best ways to use crystals here! Read more!

Crystals have gone to the next level. From Rihanna’s collection to Victoria Beckham’s purse! From the roads of Hollywood to the ornaments of progressive women! It’s like 2020 may not be everyone’s but crystals’ year for sure. The best part is just not this year, the entire decade per se.

Everyone around the world hasn’t stopped blabbing about the wonders crystals bring into our lives. On the other hand, some of you aren’t much clued up about the usage of these gems! We got that covered. Check out ten different ways to use crystals to get closer to the peace of mind celebrities like Victoria Beckham have (minus a heartthrob husband)-

Wear them

Time to bring your A-game in fashion. Crystals come in so many stunning shapes, colors and forms. Each of them looks uniquely gorgeous. To keep your mind centered and close to heart, just wear them!

Customize a crystal pendant, earrings, bracelets, and rings as well. Pair them up with your regular outfits for regular use. One great thing about crystal jewelry is that they never go out of fashion. How about wearing it on a date night?

Let it catch bad dreams.

A dream catcher catches bad dreams-well that’s what novels and of course the Twilight saga taught us. How about a dream catcher with your crystal?

This way you can have a good sleep. At the same time, you’ll be healing even in sleep. If you can’t find one in the shops, you can customize yours. How? Just attach it with the dreamcatcher with thread or wool. Go wild with your creativity.

Check Pinterest go get fun DYI ideas.

Carry them

Carry it with you whenever and wherever you go out. Put your crystals in all your bags or purses. Even if you switch between bags and purses, you’ll be keeping close contact with your crystals. It will radiate positive energy the whole time you’re out.

For further assurance, you can take them out of your purse and keep them in your hands as long as you want. This way, you won’t miss out on protection even after being outside the home. So, what’s in your purse today?

Decorate your home

Would you like to decorate your home with crystals? Get a handful of your most favorite crystals. Pour them all in a bowl in any room. The room will automatically look artistic.

Here are some ideas to decorate the bowl-

Put all your crystals in a wooden bowl. Add sand to it. You can add some other things to it, such as flower petals, flowers, painted wood pieces. For best results, add tealight or scented candles.

Put your crystals in a bowl. Add water to it. You can add a few drops of paint to it. Or keep the water clear. Add some flowers or flower petals to it.

Bathe with them

After a tiring day at work, everything feels dreading. On days like that, recharge yourself with crystals. Many people tried and were in awe of this therapy.

A long bubble bath can take all your stress away from you. To make this process more soothing and effective, bring in your crystals.

Toss your crystals in your bath and see the magic. If you practice this ritual for a few days straight, you will start to notice the changes. Start bathing with your crystals today.

Disclaimer: Some crystals don’t work in water. It’s better to look out for the ones which function well in water.


Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how amazing mediating feels!

It calms us, directs us, and heals us in so many ways. In ancient times, people meditated for days to gain focus.

In recent times, meditation has become widely popular. From celebrities to workaholics-everyone is moonstruck. To have precise focus while meditating, use your crystals. You can hold a crystal in either both of your hands or in one. Receive refreshingly positive energy from crystals to focus better.

Sprinkle around you

Keeping a close distance with your crystals can easily elevate your mood. Spread out crystals around your entire place. So, wherever you are in your home, positive energy will radiate towards you-just like the movies.

Keep some crystals near your workspace. For this, you can focus better and give your best energy to work.

Keep some crystals in your bedroom to wake up to positivity every day.

Sleep together

I slept with a crystal- that’s what Katy Perri said.

One becomes the most vulnerable while sleeping. Make sure you’re guarded even when you’re asleep. Put your protection crystal under your pillow or right next to it.

If you have sleeping difficulties such as light sleep or insomnia, you can find the most suitable crystals for you can place it near you while sleeping.

Some crystals also shield you from the evil when you are asleep. As we have spoken about catching your nightmares, you can have crystals protect you even in your dreams.

Crystalize your journal

Keeping a journal is one of the purest acts of practicing positivity. Writing all your intentions and goals directs you towards a positive and healthy mindset.

A crystal shapes you towards your best version while radiating positive energy. To make this practice work in its best course, place your crystal on your goal list. The crystal will energize the whole process and help you meet your goals faster with a positive mindset.

Rituals to go by

Crystals can always shape you towards the best version of yourself. What seemed like a distant dream before can be easy to acquire now. If you want to heal your deep-rooted emotional turmoil, forgive and forget what’s in the past then you can do a crystal ritual.

Get your hands on the malachite crystal. This steller green beauty can help you heal. Hold it close to your heart for 11 minutes and let go.

In conclusion, trying to be better is healthy. We know that you are working to be. It is the most precious gift you can give yourself and the whole world-a happier you. Seek happiness and find it with the crystals which will serve you right. Use them in your daily life in these ways for the best and fastest results. Here’s to healthier you—a happier soul.