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Qimen Joey Yap vs Qimen Dougles Chan

A couple of days when I was teaching a group coaching in Qimen to my Qi Men Dun Jia Student, one of the student who had learn a few months with me in Qimen was telling the group about his encounter with a friend who is a strong believer of Qimen Joey Yap. The person who had also learn Qimen from Joey Yap and apparently with his impression of how popular Joey Yap is in Qimen, he believes Joey Yap more comparatively.

So the story goes like this, he asked one of my student about some divination and Qimen Destiny chart for himself and my Qimen student use a different way to do a Qimen Divination and Qimen Destiny which I have modified and adjusted, hence, he felt that the method of the Qimen taught by me (Dougles Chan) are not correct and so challenged the accuracy. (The Bazi reading is not done yet).

Hence, my Qimen student was very cool and ask the person who had learn qimen from Joey Yap before and said, why not we go through the process and decide later whether it is really accurate or not, let us not be too judgmental and decide who is more accurate. (Joey Yap Qimen or Dougles Chan Qimen?)

After which he agrees and continues with the reading by my student and he read the divination and qimen destiny and the results was astonishing.

He was totally in disbelieved the information generated by my Qimen Student and realized that the accuracy are far more accurate compared to what Qimen Joey Yap had taught. After which he started to understand his life and destiny much better and deeper compared to last time.

Dougles Chan Comments on the Qimen Joey Yap incident:-

In the Qimen world, we need to understand that why we are teaching Qimen Dunjia, some information are good, some are not, but as long as it is able to help people, it is a good tool, there is also no need to compared who is more accurate.

The next question to ask is, is it helpful? If not, can we make it better? So comparing me (Dougles Chan) with Joey Yap Qimen is not appropriate as what I teach about Qimen is doing good to the mankind and society and the Qimen used had nothing to do with Fa Qimen.

The school of thoughts in the Qimen Dunjia knowledge are quite different though.

I thank the student to compared me with Joey Yap but let us end the debate who is better, there is no need to compared. The law of attraction will attract whoever is the right wavelength.

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