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How Many No Are You Willing to Take for An Answer?

Have you ever tried to approach what you wanted and needed and the answer given to you is a straight – NO?

Have you approach someone that you really like and the other party doesn’t seems to have the slightest interest at all?

How about approaching a potential client and he seems totally not impress by your sales pitch.

How about going for countless interviews and seems no one would want to give you the job you are looking for? Most people, after encounter the first few NOs, they will be disheartened and perceived that that is not really meant for them, they will find reasons and excuse to justify that it is “destined” to be that way. They will find other alternatives to satisfy their own need and wants. Perhaps lowering their standard and asking for lesser than the initial expectation.

Probably, because of the lowering of the expectation and standard, most of them will feel short changed and will not be happy but pretend to be happy because they will not want other people beside them to see through them. Such kind of lowering of standard will eventually push their confidence lower and lower their self esteem.

However, if you look at the picture clearer, what IF you are able to identify WHY they other party say NO to you and HOW to approach it in such a way that they will say a YES? What if this could happen? Most of the time, how people solve this problem is that they approach an expert or someone who had gone through the same cycle, with that; they could perhaps find a better way to solve the problem and get a YES.

Another solution is by using trial and error and a NEVER say die attitude. You will consistently approach and try to get a YES by using a different method and strategy until you find a YES, the journey might be long and tough but if you continue to push further and understand your mistakes, fine tuned your methods and strategies, eventually you will be able to get the other party to say YES to you.

Let me quote you a few examples:

Remember the actor RAMBO? Do you know Sylvester Stallone was being rejected by over 1,000 agents before he was been ask to take up the role as  RAMBO and after which he become so famous that he continued to act in the other series of RAMBO films.

How about Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) do you know Colonel Sanders was being rejected exactly 1,008 times before someone accepted his chicken recipe? Well you can see what happen to KFC now…it became a GIANT chain store all over the world. (Well, although I don’t really recommend eating their chicken!)

Another example from my real life, I was fond of a women and I told her that I have the intention to make her my wife, but she outright rejected me and told me I am not his type of men she is looking for. After which I continue to court her sincerely for many months. Eventually she was touched by my sincerity and honestly and now she is my wife with 2 lovely son, Teddy & Scott.

You see, in life there are so many NO that will appear in your life, how will you handle it? Will you take the NO and give up just like many other people? Will you continue to be persistent and go towards what you are looking for? Will you change your techniques and strategies so that you can really make it, will you have the courage ask someone to help you?

Life is a choice, a NO can be a YES when you push it hard enough, sincere enough, playful enough, honest enough. A diamond rock will eventually be cracked into two pieces if you hit it hard enough and long enough.

Never take NO for an answer….you deserve more than what it is now.

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