Top 10 Makeup Artist Marketing ideas that Works!

Are you a makeup artist that is looking for good and workable marketing ideas? You have come to the right place! Hello, my name is Dougles Chan, I am the SEO Master Shifu, an SEO Coach and SEO Consultant.

In this article related to Top 10 makeup artist marketing ideas, I not only touch based on the marketing ideas only in SEO, I will also touch based on activities related to online marketing and offline marketing so that you can choose which one you prefer to use for your marketing activities.

Offline Marketing Ideas for Makeup Artist

Referral Based Marketing – Do you have friends or people that you know would like to earn some quick bucks, you can offer them a certain percentage of your sales as a commission. For every done deal, you will pay them a straight off fee just by introducing the potential wedding couples to you and provided that the wedding couples engage your services. By doing so, you not only encourage your “referral” that they can make a small commission, they will continue to be the word of mouth marketing agency for you in the long run. One thing about this is that your skills for wedding makeup should be pretty good if not the couples make a complaint to your friends and the referrals and they will not be referring you new business next time.

Another enhance version of marketing idea for this is that you can also refer the same couple to wedding photographer and wedding videographer, by collaborating with the videographer and photographer, arrange a deal with them, likely they will also give you a commission for referring the wedding couples to them!

Business Network International – If you have a fairly good budget (Around $2000 per year) and you are good to do business networking with people, I would strongly encourage you to join this network group called BNI, in this business referral networking members, people will tend to refer you business without expecting any commission and as it is the largest referral organizations in the entire world with 74 countries as of 2019 May. The number of good and qualified referrals from the group can be plentiful if you follow the system and attend the meeting every week. I have personally benefited plentiful in BNI Singapore and would encourage you to be part of the team.

Collaboration with Related Trade – You can collaborate with industry such as wedding planner, wedding photographer, wedding videographer, bridal shops, events companies, hotels, venue providers, etc. The objectives of the collaboration are not about giving commissions as above mentioned but to do joint promotions, joint advertisements, join events, this will not only have multiple exposures and also lower your cost of advertisement and promotions.

Free Tryout – In the course of your journey where you are unknown in the market, where people do not know your skills and ability, try giving free sessions for people or potential customers. Of course, it may not be very rewarding at the very beginning, take it as an exposure, gathering testimonials and some networking with such activities, when more are more people get to know you and your markup skills, you can keep this to the minimum.

Online Marketing Ideas for Makeup Artist

Blogging – You can use blogging to talk about your skills, your work and how you do makeup for your clients, remember to share the articles in Facebook and other social media which you are active in doing. In this way, not only it helps to have some exposures of your ability to your audience, it helps in have some traction from Search Engine too. Some free blogging platforms are blogger and WordPress.

Create a Google Business – It is advisable to create a Google Business account and add related information on your services, add photos, your blog post. Add related keywords on your makeup artist business so that Google can make your Google business page appears when people who are searching for it shows your page. This Google business ranking will very much depend on how Google thinks you are related and relevant, it is not easy to change the rankings.

Blogging with SEO Purpose – When you are writing articles, you can intentionally use some basic makeup artist keywords such as best bridal makeup, best makeup artist for wedding, best wedding makeup artist, bridal makeup etc in your article, if you continue to promote the articles, there is a chance that it may appear in the 1st page of your local Google listing, then you will have more people coming to visit your website and also send you enquiries on your makeup services. If you do not know what is SEO, check here.

Facebook Paid Marketing – If you do have some budget, I would recommend such marketing techniques where you use Facebook ads as a reachout to potential customers. However, take note that this can be pretty expensive, hence do be careful on using this is the number of competitor is very high who also use this as a platform for advertising. This applies to Instagram too.

Google Ads – This is the pay per click advertisement where you show your ads to Google users who search related to a makeup artist or relevant keywords. Take a look at some of the actual advertisement where makeup artist places the ads in Google. You can start an account from

Professional Website – If you have some budget and I would advise you to put some focus to create a website, whether it is professionally done by a website designer or done by yourself. As it is the shopfront and it showcases your portfolios and prices, it is important to have one nicely done. Do take note that having a website is a show of “status”, that means you are not just any part-time or freelance makeup artist, it adds a lot of credentials on yourself and brand yourself as a professional makeup artist.

Below are some good makeup artist websites

Here you go, 10 of the makeup artist marketing ideas for you. Hope it helps! If you do need any marketing consultation or advise, do let me know at +65-93880851, Dougles Chan @ email

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