How To Position Yourself As The Best Feng Shui Master In Your Country?

Today, I will share with you some techniques and strategies to become the best Bazi consultants or Feng Shui masters in your country.

The first one is you have to position yourself as the best. How can we do that?

Positioning yourself at a certain price:

If you are a newbie, of course, it is fine for you to give you consults about Feng Shui for free. From that, you can get a lot of testimonials. Then, you can position yourself at a certain price. Remember, you should not give a cheap price because when it is too cheap, basically, people will think that you are not good enough to ask the Feng Shui consults from you. From that,  you can make yourself from average to best. You also can make yourself more famous by telling people that I specialize in a particular trait such as Feng Shui, or Bazi, or even Qi Men Dun Jia, or any other Chinese metaphysics.

Your skills must be the best:

However, of course, when you position yourself as the best, your skills must also be the best. You must read a lot of books. You must get to know a lot of masters in your industry in your country, overseas, or in China, Taiwan, etc., so you can learn from them. It is always true that you never know what you do not know. The knowledge of Feng Shui or Bazi is so wide. Even just a small thing that you do not know can change a lot.

So, always be humble and position yourself as the top person in terms of pricing, knowledge, and specialization. Specialization means that you do not do everything. A lot of people do everything, they give courses, do training, are consultants, or do Feng Shui – it’s everything. But they are not specialized in any aspect. Imagine that you just do Feng Shui and specialize in it – that’s all! From there, people will believe that you are the best at what you do.  

Writing and sharing:

Hence, the next thing is that you need to do a lot of writing, in terms of blogs or articles. For example, I have a lot of articles about Feng Shui marketing, website design, branding, etc. When you share all this information with the public, you tell them that you are knowledgeable and you are not afraid to share. You are a giving person. From there, you can attract the relevant kinds of customers. By sharing my information and not being afraid to share it, I actually get a lot of customers. However, the question is whether the other person really acts on it, which is another story. 99% of the people who see my articles may not even act on them. This is something very sad, but it works.

Your website – easy to read:

The next thing is your website. If you have your own website, make sure that it is easy and simple. When you see my website, everything is simplified. Because we are taking into account all the customers of every age, they can be teenagers, adults, and the elderly from everywhere. Your website must be easy to search, easy to read for everyone. More spaces between lines, I do not use a lot of spaces but do not try to make everything together. I also try not to add too many photos in an article in order to help the readers read all the information easily. Moreover, you always need to check your website loading’s speed – the faster, the better. It makes your website easily ranked.

Search engine automation:

Next is to try to use search engine automation. It is the best and the best way to get a lot of customers in the long-run. People always go for pay per click in terms of Google ads, but it can be very expensive and competitive. From there, in the long-term, it costs a lot.

In the long-term, try not to use Google ads, but instead opt for search engine automation, which helps you get a lot of customers. This is my experience for the last 20 years in search engine automation. Apparently, I can get a lot of new clients.

Social media:

The next thing is social media. Social media is too large, such as Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, etc.

In terms of Facebook, I do not really recommend using it too much for the purpose of interaction, just to let people know you are there. Just do some presence there, do some activities, put some pictures, share some stories. That’s all. You should focus on something else.

In terms of LinkedIn, you have to get more professional people to come to know you.

Your professional image:

The next thing we are going to talk about is your professional image. You do not really have to dress and act like a Feng Shui master. You do not have to get a Bagua, you can carry it as a photo. Just be yourself! There is a perception of a Feng Shui master that says you must dress in Chinese customs, have a mustache, and carry a Bagua map with you. No way! This is a modern world! I don’t really get a Bagua for myself. There is no need.

You must be different:

Positioning yourself as the best Feng Shui master in your country means that you are different from the rest. From there, people can identify you and want to get a service from you.

So, these are some things I can share with you about how to become the best Feng Shui master in your country.