mui kee congee reviews, location and photos

Address                               :  Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #01-12, Singapore 228208

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Phone                   :  +65 6737 2422

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Reviews               :  1.         Garett Lee

Already 3 times here and it never disappoints, and only gets better! I have tried the beef porridge, the pork porridge and the frog porridge. All of them are absolutely delicious, with the frog porridge taking the top spot! My first experience of tasting porridge with that “wok hei” flavour – tasty and interesting! The dough fritters are always served hot too! There’s also a claypot dish called Abundant Harvest which is a mixture of celery, lotus root, black fungus, sweet corn – so yummy! Highly recommended!

2.        Chan lenger

            The congees tasted great and reasonably priced. The service was great and quite fast. The only downside was that one of the congees quickly became cold.

3.        Jeremy Chia

            Got takeaway. Pretty fast and the food holds up well as takeaway. Really, really delicious food. Congee is great, the beef brisket soft and full on flavour, the fried bean curd is a hidden gem.

4.        WEI HUANG

            Staff were very attentive and good at recommendations. Wok Hei congee is the special here which gives savour beyond comfort.
It is lovely to have a savouring instruction!

5.        Arc Chua

            Love the meatball congee, the raw fish, the claypot frog leg. Simply delicious

6.        Le 8

            Long queue porridge at Shaw centre. Originated from Hongkong, Mongkok. Theu serve 16 varieties of congee. Smooth texture with wok hei. Ingredients are fresh!

7.        Alan Koek

            Ho Sek! 好吃!
Hong Kong style congee. Service staff are friendly, and patient. The waiting time is short too.
Thumbs up!

8.        David Yuen

            This place served some delicious HK congee and side dishes. The fish cake and congee has an uniquely HK taste. Fried bean curd skin is also another must try (subject to availability). Dine here couple of times. Prices quite reasonable. The queue outside can be quite long during peak period.

9.        alzx05

            First time here, food were great. The you tiao and fried beancurd are remarkable.

10.      Vincent Goh

            Very delicious porridge. Service is so so. Table are typical HK style small. Eat and go place.

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