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COLORFUL AND LAMINATED, this two poster set, is perfectly suited in a massage therapists office or other clinical setting. They can be used to aid in locating client pain areas, as well as client education.

PERFECT FOR STUDENTS becoming RMTs to learn trigger point locations. 
CLEAR AND CONCISE, these posters give accurate representation of both trigger points and their associated principal and spillover pain areas. 
ORGANISED to make it easy to locate trigger points and referred pain areas (not always next to each other), these charts are essential for accurately explaining how trigger points work to clients.

TRIGGER POINT ONE: Anterior Body, Head, Neck and Arms 
– Trigger point is defined in this chart, as well as, how to distinguish between principal and spillover pain areas. 
– Both back and front of hands and feet are shown to complete the body reference points. 
– A full Anterior diagram gives a better visual reference when locating muscle groups.

TRIGGER POINT TWO: Posterior, Arms, Legs, Hands and Feet 
– Different levels of intensity are explained in relation to pain and what to expect. 
– A labeled diagram of the spine makes it easier to show your clients the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral parts in relation to the trigger points and underlying muscle tissue. 
– A full Posterior diagram gives a better visual reference when locating muscle groups.

LAMINATED CHART; 24 x 36 inches.

The reason you will find our fitness posters in Community Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, High Schools and Military installations is we work to a higher standard. Quality is important.

– Our posters are designed and created by fitness experts with University degrees in Exercise Physiology and Human Kinetics
– We put a lot of thought into providing safe, efficient exercises while also educating users on proper exercise technique and terminology. 
– In order for the images to be precise, we only use personal trainers or aspiring exercise physiologists who have an understanding of proper body positioning (proprioception) to be fitness models. Experience has told us you cannot replicate proper form using non-fitness models. 
– Posters are printed on 100lb. gloss paper and then laminated for durability.

About the Author

Becky Swan B.H.K, B.A.H. Sc, CAT(C)

Rebecca Swan (Becky) is a certified Athletic Therapist and is the Fitness Coordinator for the Vancouver Police Department. She plays a vital role in not only keeping the members in top condition, but she also works with them on injury prevention, care and rehabilitation. 

As an Athletic Therapist, Becky has the skills and expertise required to prescribe high level condition programs as well as manual and active rehabilitation programs to the injured members of the VPD. Becky works as a therapist with various sports teams such as the U20 Canadian Womens National Soccer Team, the Canadian Womens Sr. National Field Hockey Team and provincial soccer teams. In her spare time, Becky stays fit while training for marathons and ultra-marathons, often combining the training with raising money for various charities.

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